The best series Canal+ (2020).


For the fans of series in all genres, the encrypted string is a reference.

After our selection of the best series Netflix and Amazon, we have decided to make a special Canal+, in the hope that it helps you to see more clearly !

Our selection is eclectic and includes a series of packs : Canal+, Canal+ Series and Canal+ and The pack Cinema Series.

The series CANAL+ streaming


The pack Canal+ allows you to have access to the series original Creation of CANAL+, from your computer or tablet.
This pack is from 19,90 €/month, without a commitment that the first month is free.

For access to more of the series, you can subscribe, without commitment at Canal+ and the pack Film Series. It will cost you a total of 36,90 €/month.

Otherwise, there is Canal+ Series (launched in march 2019). You will gain access to a plethora of series that are original creations and international (Braquo, Hippocrates, Killing Eve..). His offer is without commitment and begins from 6,99 €/month, the 1st month is offered.


Note that OCS and Netflix are distributed by Canal+. The subscribers to the pack, Cinema Series (explained below) will be free of charge of Disney+.

The series of Canal+ on the TV.

To be able to watch the series on your TV, you will need to subscribe (one year or two years) at the 2 offerings mentioned above. Regardless of which one you choose, you get a free month trial.

Pack CANAL+ → 1 year 24,90 €/month, 2 years at 19.90 €/month.

CANAL+ and the pack Cine series → 1 year 41,90 €/month, 2 years 36.90 €/month.

If you have a subscription to Canal+ Series (provides only digital), then you will have to go through AirPlay or Chromecast, so you can stream your favorite shows on your TV.

CANAL+ on multiple screens.

Both packs include the application myCanal, which gives access to the contents of the string from multiple devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Note that, to enjoy it you must have compatible equipment and a broadband connection.

With this option, you can see The desktop of legends on your tablet and another member of your family can watch Hippocrates on his smartphone. Download the app on your Android or iOS device is free.

Watch the series in CANAL+ from abroad.

For subscribers of Canal+, note that it is possible to watch your channels from abroad, and this is thanks to a VPN an extra charge (“virtual private Network”) or free of charge. The latter lets you change your geographic location.

As well, you can pretend to be in France and continue to make evenings series even away from home ! We recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Without further ado, here is our selection !.

1. The Loudest Voice .


The Loudest Voice retraces the career of Roger Ailes, a media consultant who has worked with the powerful business man Rupert Murdoch, before launching his chain of information is Fox News. His career is at its peak, but it is suddenly braked by sex scandals. There then follows a descent to the underworld..

Russell Crow, metamorphosis, embodies Roger Ailes.

2. The War of the Worlds .


Astronomers have detected a strong field electro magnetic which seems to come from another galaxy, and that would prove the existence of intelligent alien life. Only a few days later, there is virtually no trace of life.

Who are the survivors ? What lies there behind this invasion ? Who to trust ?

3. The collapse .


In this series of anthology, we follow different fates, characters, and families) in the face of the collapse of our civilization. How will they feed, move, survive ? Protect themselves from each other ?

The collapse is a beautiful series that makes you stop and think about our life style and our modern society.

4. The Wild .


Managed to Fouad, a young famous actor fiancé to Jasmine, the daughter of the candidate Idder Chaouch favourite in the presidential election.

Everything shifts when Idder, on the day of the election, is the target of a shooter belonging to the family of his future son-in-law..

The link between Fouad and the family of Jasmine will he be strong enough in the face of this tragedy ? Who is the responsible ? What is his motive ?

5. Fly .


Fly is a thirty-year-old Parisian who draws us into his daily life and makes us experience all emotions. This series is the French adaptation of Fleabag (british series available on Amazon Prime).

If you are looking for the lightness , then Fly is the series for you.

6. Undercover .


Undercover is a police series in belgium that is inspired of real facts. You will follow two undercover agents, Bob and Kim, whose mission is the dismantling of a trafficking in ecstasy. To do this, they must approach one of its largest producers, Ferry Bouman, who leads a rustic life. Their mission looks more difficult than it looks..

The advantage of Undercover is that she is able to very well to mix drama and humor.

7. Office of the Legends .


The action takes place within the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE), in the department called : the Office Of the Legends.

This section of the DGSE monitors to the distance of the “clandestine” agents of French infiltrators in foreign countries, working under a false identity. Their mission is to identify and connect with people that can be sources of information. One of their main rule is to abandon their legend when they return from their mission. However, their best agent is not going to respect it. This transgression added to the removal of the agent Cyclone in Algeria will jeopardize the department and its agents, sources, his family, but also France.

8. Brassic .


You like the humor in English ? Then, you will be served with Brassic !
Vinnie, who suffers from a bipolar disorder, and Dylan are friends of very long standing that nothing can separate them. But, it was not to mention that the girlfriend of Dylan, tired of his life, decides to leave the city.

He is now faced with a dilemma : follow or stay with his gang of friends with which he made the 400 blows ?

A comedy set against the backdrop of misfortune social, which reminds us of Shameless.

9. A Christmas Carol .


London, Christmas eve 1843, Ebenezer Scrooge, a businessman, insensitive and lésineur, force his employee, Bob Cratchit, to stay work. Once home, Scrooge receives the visit of the ghost of Jacob Marley, his former partner. The latter warns him of what may happen to him if he does not change his way of being.

Note that this mini-series is performed by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders).

10. The Young Priest .


Lenny Belardo, a young cardinal of 47 years, was elected Pope in favor of a betrayal. He decides to conduct his pontificate under the name of Pius XIII, and in new practices, that is termed.. not very catholic..

11. The Twilight Zone – The Fourth dimension .


Here is the version 2019 of the legendary series of science-fiction The Fourth dimension, which has been upset generations. We are again immersed in the stories frightening and beyond belief.
Each episode has its director and its actors.

12. Chimerica .


Go to Middle-Earth with Chimerica, thirty years after the uprising in Tiananmen square, an american photographer sets out in search of the man who had drawn up the face of the char.
A mini british series which, as its name indicates (more or less), plunges us into the sino-us relations and the role of the fourth power.

13. City on a Hill .


We are in Boston in the 90’s. An FBI agent wormy must associate with an attorney for a black american, a representative of the justice honest and right. This duo improbable has for objective to bring down the crime rate in the city of Brooklyn.
The addition of those methods work diametrically opposed will its evidence ?

In front of the camera we find Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge (Black Mirror, The Lady Killers) and one of its producers include Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, or even Tom Fontana (Oz).

14. Hippocrates .


With the series of Hippocrates you will enter the world in the hospital. You are taught 3 internal without experience and 1 medical examiner, that during the sudden quarantine of doctors holders, are in charge of an entire department and its patients.

Will they be able to work in a team, and to make medical decisions without guidance ?

15. The little Drummer girl .


The little Drummer girl is a mini-series based on a novel of the same name by John le Carré.
Charlie, an actress, met Gadi while vacationing in Greece, an israeli intelligence agent. It is far to imagine that it is, in fact, his recruitment by the Mossad. His role ? It infiltrates a terrorist group in palestine.

16. Chernobyl .


Even less than 30 years old have heard of it..The explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, which tragically occurred on April 26, 1986, is chronicled in this series of the same name. Every moment, every cause, the result is traced..

17. Catherine the Great .


With Catherine the Great, immerse yourself in the Russia of the Eighteenth century and discover the years of the reign of Catherine II, which extends the Russian empire with the help of her lover, strategist, officer, Grigory Potemkin.

18. Vikings .


If you like the norse legends, so let yourself be carried away by Vikings. You will be a witness of the feats of arms of Ragnar Lothbrok, a warrior and navigator semi-legendary.

Not approving of the decisions of his superiors, he decides to mount her own expedition to conquer the West and seize all the riches that are strewn in his path.

However, even the combatants, the most distinguished and respected of his people have their weaknesses..

19. Baron Black .


Black Baron is a very good political thriller, broadcast since February of 2016 on Canal+.

At the dawn of the second round of the presidential campaign, Philippe Rickwaert, the adviser to the socialist candidate learns that a control of the financial brigade is expected at the HQ of the party.

This control could put the light on a diversion of the funds of the campaign.. If the pot aux roses was discovered, who will take the responsibilities ?

According to The World, it is “the best series in French policy occurred to date”. In addition to the Channel, the daily newspaper The Guardian considers this as “a perfect mixture between House of Cards and The sopranos”.

20. Gomorrah .


Inspired from the book of Roberto Saviano, Gomorrah is a thriller Italian that portrays the mafia world neapolitan.

Two clans, two families vie for control of trafficking that is alive in their city. Don Pietro Savastano, the head of one of the clans, is about to pass the torch to his son Genny. But, finding it still too immature, he decides to put it under the leadership of Ciro, his right arm.

The conflict intergenerational ensues, will it sound the death knell of the clan Savastano ?

21. The Revenants .


This series combines the styles of fantasy, drama and horror.

Nothing seems to disturb the tranquility of a small town mountain.. up to the arrival of new inhabitants. Their peculiarity ? They are all dead since a few years and come back to resume their lives where they had left off.

Stephen King is a big fan of Ghosts, and did not hesitate to make it known on his Twitter account : “I look at The Ghosts. Terrifying and sexy. It is funny to see a tv series foreign that has not been americanized. [..]”

22. Killing Eve .


Eve Polastri is a brilliant agent of MI‑5 (british secret service) who one day has a mission to unravel a murder perpetuated by the finaude Villanelle, a killer to pledge a little psychopath.

A game of stalking has been established between the two talented women, obsessed by the one and the other.

Killing Eve is a thriller, very entertaining, in which we find the actress Sandra Oh, ex-interpreter of Dr. Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy.

23. The Twelve .


The twelve (The twelve) jurors will have the difficult task of deciding the sentence, or not, of a school director accused of a double homicide.

24. Trillion .


The world of finance is infested with sharks. Chuck Rhoades, a federal prosecutor in New York, has the habit of attacking the rich investment fund managers. His bête noire is the bold Bobby Axelrod.

The two men will absolutely use all means to crush the one and the other.

25. Guyana .


As its title indicates, the plot takes place in this department of france located in south America. It follows Vincent, a student at the School of mines of Paris, which part do an internship in a mining company. However, the candor of the young intern will soon face the harsh reality of the traffic gold.

26. American Crime Story .


American Crime Story is a series called the anthology of which the seasons are independent of each other. Each of them traces of the events that shook the United States.

The first season, the only one that exists for the time being, is dedicated to the famous trial of O. J. Simpson, accused of having killed without ex-wife and her lover.

The themes to be discussed in the next three seasons are already known : the killing of Gianni Versace, hurricane Katrina, and the case Lewinsky.

27. Years and Years .


Years and Years takes place about 15 years ago, through family Lyons, living in Manchester, we observe the changes of the british society, and this is without counting the arrival to power of the controversial Vivienne Rook, who once was a celebrity of a rebel..

28. Calls .


The series Calls is based on phone calls and phone messages, but not any..

This are the soundtracks to people in distress who bear witness to tragedies. These calls are all connected, and to announce a Revelation. This thriller will have you tremble to the sound of the voice.

You’ll recognize probably the voice of Kyan Khojandi (Short), Mathieu Kassovitz or Marina Foïs.

29. Breeders .


Paul had thought it was a man quiet and attentive until the day where his fatherhood, he shows the opposite..

30. Flowers .


Flowers is a mini-series-british black humor, as we love them ! We are immersed in the daily life of this family with the very poetic name : Flowers. But in this family, nothing will ; the father is depressed, his wife is deranged and their fake twins hate each other. To top it all off, the neighbors are just as mad.

Note that the mother of a family, is interpreted by actress Olivia Colman (the inspector Miller in the series Broadchurch).

31. Soon .


ZeroZeroZero is another series inspired Italian book by Roberto Saviano as was Gomorrah. Arrival on 9 march.

Validated, a young rapper, full of talent is seen validated by an icon in the middle, the cooperation of 2 artists quickly turned into a dangerous rivalry.