The best scales are connected (2020).


More and more consumers are equipped with devices able to analyze their physical condition, to calculate the effort and take the role of the sports coach.

For many of us, exercise is a matter of weight loss and fitness more generally. However, the pride to be shed extra pounds does it mean as far as our body is healthy ?

To find out, there are the scales connected, they help you look at your body fat, your hydration, and other criteria important health.

The advantage of this type of scales is the digitization of data under shape of graphs, directly accessible on your smartphone, your tablet or your watch connected.

In this article, we have selected the 8 best scales connected in the market. Now, it is up to you to choose the one that matches your needs.

Take a look at our buying guide for the criteria that must be considered during the acquisition of scales and intelligent.

The best scales are connected.

1. Withings Body Cardio .


The Withings Body Cardio is a scale connected discreet design ultra-thin (1.8 cm) and available in two colors, black or white.

Very versatile, it offers a large number of statistical and practical information such as the weight lost/gained since your last weigh-in, your BMI and your bone density.

It has a unique feature called pulse wave Velocity (PWV), to monitor the health of your heart.

If you want to set goals, then install the app Health Mate, it will encourage you in your evolution.

The Body Cardio think even for future moms. With her fashion pregnancy, monitoring your weight is suitable to your condition, and valuable advice you are given.

Finally, sync it with your smartphone, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and set on all your devices Withings for a continuous follow-up.

2. QardioBase 2 .

QardioBase 2

QardioBase 2 features a minimalist design and circular, this balance is available in white or black. Under his tea glass, green LEDS have been incorporated to display your weight.

Apart from all the steps necessary to get to know your body composition, it also offers unique features such as Smart Return, which replaces the numbers by emoticons.

It assesses the indicators that are most fundamental such as weight, BMI, and body fat, muscle, bone and water.

QardioBase 2 recognizes up to 5 members of a family and follows their evolution. This scale uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share all the results directly on the app Qardio that accompanies it.



The MINIMI is a scale connected to the successful design, available in white or black, (26 x 26 x 2.7 cm) and for a small fee ( less than 50 €). Its smallness is its greatest asset but it does not stop there.

The MINIMI proves to be a perfect coach personal health, it analyzes your body composition in its minutest details, to know your weight, fat mass, lean, water, bone, visceral fat, BMI, MB and your age metabolic.

Thanks to its app, track your results and goals for health every day. Finally, be aware that it can recognize an unlimited number of users.

Our one and only regret is that weighing can not be done without your smartphone in hand..but for such a price and such an efficiency, this is only a detail.

For more information on this mini scales French, please do not hesitate to read our full test.

4. Eufy Corpsensé .

Eufy BodySense

The balance connected Eufy Corpsensé consists of 4 sensors automatic calibration to ensure reliable results.

It is equipped with 12 measures, including BMI, percentage of body fat and muscle mass.

You will find these indicators on the implementation Eufy. Thanks to it, you can store all your personal health data, and view your weight curve.

Corpsensé syncs with the apps Apple Health and Google Fit. Finally, please do not hesitate to create profiles for your loved ones. It is possible to register up to 20 users who will also be able to set goals and to follow their historical progress.

The scales Eufy Corpsensé is an affordable alternative to scales top of the range marketed by Fitbit and Withings, among others.

5. Fitbit Aria 2 .

Fitbit Aria 2

Aria 2 is a scale connected to the design is fine and elegant. Its surface is made of tempered glass, which guarantees a high resistance to shocks. It has a backlit LCD screen that displays some data.

This weighs in-person signed Fitbit calculates your weight and body fat percentage through an analysis of impedance bioelectrical. In effect, it sends an electrical current through your body to calculate your amount of lean mass compared to fat mass. All these information are then transferred automatically to your Fitbit account.

If weight loss is one of your fitness goals, then the Aria 2 is a great tool to combine with your tracker Fitbit, for example.

See also our complete test of the Aria 2.

6. Fitbit Aria Air .

Fitbit Aria Air

With its plate glass and rounded edges, the balance Aria Air displays a design classic and, like most of its competitors, it is available in black and white.

On the other hand, unlike them or the model Aria 2 from Fitbit, it does not measure the three indicators, namely, weight, fat mass and BMI. These are sufficient in the context of a simple fitness but they are limited to athletes and seasoned.

Thanks to its connection by Bluetooth, it configures itself very quickly with the Fitbit app. We also work with coaches electronic Fitbit for a follow-up more precise.

7. Eufy Smart Scale P1 .

iHealth Core

The model P1 Eufy shows 14 different measures, of which the standard (weight, percentage of visceral fat), but also the bone mass or age of your body.

On its app that is intuitive and very clear, you can immerse yourself in the detailed reports of all your weigh-ins and share with Apple Health or Google Fit. This way, you will keep in the same place.

With the P1, you can set goals for your process of fitness.

Finally, note that this balance Eufy P1 only supports the Bluetooth and that it is incompatible with the Wi-Fi.

8. iHealth Core .

Eufy Smart Scale P1

This scale iHealth Core may also be adopted by your family thanks to its synchronization via Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth if you prefer.

To graphically display, and statistically your most recent data, connect your iHealth Core to the app iHealth MyVitals. Access to all your history will help you to track your progress. In addition, the algorithm provides an estimate of your calorie intake optimum.

This wireless scale iHealth Core retains up to 200 measurements in its internal memory. Its little more ? With a simple pressure of the foot, it displays the temperature and the percentage humidity of the room in which it is located.

9. Koogeek S1 Smart Scale .

Koogeek S1 Smart Scale

In addition to being beautifully crafted in glass, with a metallic effect on the edges, the Koogeek S1 displays a coherent and reliable.

When it synchronizes with its application, it does not simply take your weight but it also gives details of your body composition, fat mass, muscle, bone, your visceral fat and hydration levels.

To keep track of your physical condition even more closely, be aware that you can connect the app with Apple Health or Google.

It can support up to 16 users, and all recognize them automatically based on their previous statistics.

Finally, the balance Koogeek has a mode dedicated to weighing babies and pets.

Buying Guide of the best scales that are connected .

The scales connected to control much more than your weight. Some models impédancemètres can also give you your body mass index (BMI), lean body mass and the percentage of your body fat.

When you are comparing the different results relating to your health, keep in mind that this is average. For further details, we recommend that you speak directly with your doctor.

The indicators to know


BMI : it measures your weight relative to your weight and size. The index BMI can determine your situation weight : anorexia nutrition, underweight, normal, overweight, and obesity stage 1 to morbid obesity.

Fat Mass : this is an estimate of the proportion of your adipose tissue, comparing the mass of fat with that muscle.
For men aged 20 to 40 years, 10% to 20% body fat is considered healthy. For women aged 20 to 40 years, it is recommended to have a rate of 19% to 26%.

Lean body Mass : it is the opposite of fat mass, it consists of muscles, organs and bones, rather than the essential fat or storage. A high percentage of lean body mass, stimulates the metabolism, which facilitates the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Visceral Fat : this is the fat that sits around your vital organs, it is one of the main risks for the long-term health.

Hydration : it represents the total amount of fluid in your body. The rate of water in the man reaches in average 60 % and women 55 %.

Bone Mass : bone density is a measure of health important because as the muscle, bone is a living tissue that can be strengthened through the practice of physical exercises and a healthy diet (calcium and vitamin D). For the most part, the bone mass begins to decrease after 40 years.

The basal metabolic Rate (BMR) : this is an estimate of energy (in calories) your body requires to function at rest.

The pulse wave Velocity (PWV) : the PWV measurement, blood pressure and blood flow. These data are usually regarded as clinical indicators essential to prevent heart problems and blood pressure.

The positioning of the scale.

To obtain reliable results, the place where you place your scale is important.

If you can, place it on a hard flat surface, not on a rug or carpet, unless the model that interests you allows.

The right time to weigh-in.

Your weight and % body fat change throughout the day, so it’s best to weigh yourself at the same time each day. As a reminder, we are lighter in the morning.

Allow multiple accounts.

All scales of our selection offer the opportunity to several people to synchronize their data with the dedicated app.

The scales use the Bluetooth to recognize the smartphone/account of each person, and thus determine who weighs at the moment T, based on the weight statement.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth ?.

The scales are connected can operate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The advantage of the Wi-Fi is that you don’t need to have your smartphone close to the balance, when you step on it.

However, the Bluetooth is usually easier to install it the first time and you don’t have to worry about the power of your Wi-Fi signal.