The best photo retouching apps for iPhone.


You want to improve your photos taken with your iPhone or iPad ? Be aware that sur l’Apple Store, there are many applications that allow you to edit your photos and apply filters. We have selected for you the best of them.

Afterlight 2 .


Afterlight (3,49 €) is the perfect application for those who wish to add their photos of the effects of light, shades of color, text, various exhibitions..

The frameworks proposed by Afterlight will bring more punch to photos of everyday life, especially if you want to share on Instagram.

You can also use light leaks (light leaks) to give a style more authentic to your photos.

Camera+ .


The app Camera+ (3,49 €) allows you to edit photos and take. It offers a lot of functionality to the user, and its interface is customizable.

Camera+ stimulates your creativity : insert frames, text, make color correction,..

To improve photos taken in low light, use Clarity, it will enhance the quality and sharpness of your shot.

Its feature iCloud Lightbox syn, it serves to synchronize the backup your photos retouched automatically on all your iOS devices.

Enlight .


In 2015, Englight (4,49 €) has been elected as the best app of the year. In fact, thanks to its features, your pics will become real works of art.

You can mix the images for effects such as double exposure, add text.. You will definitely impress your friends and subscribers Instagram.

FaceTune .


FaceTune (4,49 €) has been the app number one in over a hundred countries. It is one of the best apps that we have tried to edit portraits and selfies. FaceTune offers a range of tools in Photoshop.

With FaceTune, whiten teeth, erase blemishes, improve skin tone, remove red-eye, etc

It is also possible to tinker a little more advanced, such as applying blur effects, frames or filters.

Instagram .


Instagram is THE platform for sharing photos online.

At its inception, Instagram n’accept images that are in a square format, now, all sizes are allowed.

In addition, you can use the presets to improve your photos.

Layout from Instagram .


If you are already a user of Instagram, then you are surely going to love the Layout. This app allows you to assemble multiple images into one, and then to share it.

ProCamera .


The application ProCamera (6,99 €) mimics some of the techniques of slr (DSLR) such as long exposures or continuous shooting mode.

However, we regret that this app has already paid includes in app purchases.

Retrospecs .


The interface of Retrospecs recalls that of the software of the 80s-90s. With this free app, your shots will have the style of Sega Genesis, Commodore 64, Atari 2600..

You will find an impressive range of presets, and you can create your own.

For even more retro effect to your photos, add animations (flashing, mixing images etc.). When the final render please, it only remains for you more than the exported in GIF format or video.

Snapseed .


Become free, Snapseed offers excellent tools for editing photos, performing as well as paid applications. With Snapseed, automatically correct your images, align them, crop them, give them a Retro look and feel, Black and White, or reproduce the style of film photographs.

Snapseed is an application very easy to use, just swipe the screen to apply the different filters and edit your photos.

It is also very easy to import and export, and this without impugning their quality.