The best photo retouching apps for iPad.


You are not satisfied with your photos taken with your iPad or your iPhone ? Be aware that the Apple Store is full of applications to help you edit your photos and apply filters.

We have selected for you 10 best of them.

Also discover the best apps for editing install on your iPhone.

1. 1. Affinity Photo .


Affinity Photo is one of the best photo editing tools on iPad. With this application, professional-quality, you can edit your photos, save them to iCloud, and import/export Photoshop PSD files. Be aware that the app is compatible with theApple Pencil.

You will have access to a wide choice of brushes (paint mixers), to an unlimited number of layers, masks and filters. Also change the effects and blending modes without altering your original image.

It is possible to make translations panoramic, zoom, and 360° around the images, to make corrections and adjustments to lighting.

If you want to improve portraits, do not hesitate to smoothing the grain of skin, remove red-eye, objects or touch up the hair.

With regard to the processing of images in a professional manner, you will be able to adjust the exposures, the balance of white, the shadows and highlights, create gradients..

However, its sophisticated features have a price. In fact, to install Affinity Photo on your iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and the new generations), it will cost 54,99 €.

Suffice to say that with this app, your creativity will know no limits.

Download Affinity Photo from the Apple app Store.

2. 2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom .


Lightroom is a service all-in-one with which you take photos, edit them and share them.

You have talent in photography or not, change your photos thanks to a wide range of advanced features (color, exposure, brightness, contrast,..). Attention they are not all free.

Note that if you have Lightroom installed on other devices you can synchronize your photos and photo edits without pay.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPad (free with in app purchases) from the Apple app Store.

3. 3. Plotaverse of Plotagraph .


This is the account Instagram of Grammy that we owe the popularity of the app Plotaverse.

This app is used to add an animation to your photos. These are no longer static and can be shared in video format or GIF.

It is also possible to add extra depth by creating a movement in the loop on a topic or an object.

Download Plotaverse (free with in app purchases) from the Apple app Store.

4. 4. Adobe Photoshop Express: Editor .


The free application Adobe Photoshop Express is specially designed for your iOS device.

It is a tool for quick editing and easy to use when you’re on the move. Many use it to edit photos taken with their iPhone or iPad and to create collages professional.

It is very convenient when you’re in need of photo editing tools with the features a little more flare-ups (cropping, auto-correction, elimination of defects, adding corrections..).

You can import and edit images in formats raw, create images, watermark, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Be aware that Photoshop Express supports the following formats of most camera manufacturers.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express from the Apple app Store.

5. 5. Google Snapseed .


Snapseed is an application for editing photos free developed by Google and specially created for the iPad and iPhone.

It provides all of the tools and filters and can be used for files .jpeg and .raw. It also provides some tips and tricks to take better photos and to better exploit its features.

With Snapseed, open and edit your photos, then save and export in jpg format.

Adjust the exposure and color manually or automatically, crop, rotate your images, play with filters, frames, brushes, white balance, etc

On Snapseed you will find all the basic functions and advanced editing to get perfect images. Moreover, its interface is simple and easy to use.

Download Snapseed from the Apple app Store.

6. 6. Pixelmator .


Pixelmator (5,49 €) is a very good application of drawing, painting and retouching photos. If you need to correct your images from your tablet, then it is made for you.

Pixelmator allows you to add effects, text, shadows, adjust curves, brightness, contrasts, blur your photo, and add layer styles, etc

The small catch is that Pixelmator limits you to edit images up to 100 megapixels, so we advise you to use this app on photos stored and taken with your iOS devices.

Download Pixelmator from the Apple app Store.

7. 7. PicsArt .


PicsArt Photo Collage Editor is an editing application and collage. It includes a drawing tool impressive as well as a function of brushes, which allows you to bring a touch of fantasy and surrealism in your photos.

You can enjoy full of tools to crop, stretch, clone, add filters, create stickers and share them with the community.

Download PicsArt (free with in app purchases) from the Apple app Store.

8. 8. TouchRetouch .


Although TouchRetouch from Adva-Soft (2,29 €) is not that the app is a photo editing strictly speaking, it is perfect for correct details that will spoil your shots (traffic signs, cables that exceed, bins, skin imperfections.).

You will also find video tutorials that shows you how to remove items that you don’t want to.

Download TouchRetouch from the Apple app Store.

9. 9. Recrop .


Recrop (2,29 €) is an application for iOS simple and effective, it allows you to expand the images according to their content. It works very well with backgrounds that are uniform (the sky, the beach..).

You can crop your image, straighten, rotate, and flip before you do the share and diffusiez.

We appreciate the simplicity of the user interface and if you have difficulties to edit your photos, then please do not hesitate to watch the video tutorials.

Recrop has the same developer that TouchRetouch (described above).

Download Recrop from the Apple app Store.

10. 10. Enlight .


In 2015, Englight (4,49 €) has been elected as the best app of the year. It is easy to use and thanks to its features, your photos will become real works of art.

You can mix the images for effects such as double exposure, add text, create graphic designs..

With Enlight, you also have a selective control on the tone and color. Use of gradient color and create monochrome photographs with the conversion of black and white photos.

In addition to make changes to the photo itself, it is possible to create effects such as paint and transform an image in street art or sketches.

Download Enlight from the Apple app Store.