The best password managers (2020).


On the internet, all kinds of sites require that you create a user account : email, Facebook, Netflix, Paypal, eBay ..

Obviously, the more accounts, more passwords, the more difficult it is for all to remember.

Then to do the more you lose, why not use a password manager ? This digital safe will allow you to store all your passwords in a single location. You will have to memorize your master password.

1. LastPass .


LastPass is considered as the best password manager on the market.

Its online portal is simple to use and its search tools are very efficient.

It even has a feature that allows you to enter an emergency contact. This means that you authorize his access to a trusted person, in case of theft of your laptop, for example.

The basic package is free, but to take advantage of the advanced features, it will cost you $3/month (2,72 €).

2. Dashlane .


Dashlane is a simple and effective service. It generates complex passwords and automatically logs you in to your accounts.

It informs you of suspicious activity detected on your accounts, offering you to change your passwords, and calculates their strength.

It is also equipped with a digital wallet to save your different methods of payment, and when you make an online purchase, Dashlane will automatically your data.

The desktop version of Dashlane is free but if you want to use it on your tablet and on your smartphone, then it will be necessary to subscribe to the offer Premium (39,99 €/year).

This version also incorporates a VPN, to ensure a better protection of the Wi-Fi network, and lets you store an unlimited number of passwords.

Dashlane is also available on Linux, Chromebook, and Microsoft the Edge.

3. NordPass .


NordVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market, the company behind NordVPN has introduced a password manager may be a dedicated called NordPass, which is just as impressive.

It is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera, but not on Safari unfortunately. However, it works with browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave, for example. There are also applications for Android and iOS.

Once configured, NordPass can automatically fill in login information when you visit websites or open apps. In a short time with the application, this process seemed to us to be reliable and fast. NordPass can also automatically generate complex passwords, and assess the strength of your identification codes.

NordPass provides the ability to securely share the common accounts (id, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Velib’, etc.) via the Shared Items.

With the free version, you get access to basic functions limited to only one device and do not have the sharing feature.

You can enjoy a free 7-day trial to the Premium service to 2.49 $/month (or 2.26 €), the payment to the year returns to of 29.88 $ (27,15 €).

4. KeePass .


KeePass is a free software, free, which is recommended by the French State. It has the certification of the National Authority of information Security (ANSSI).

Let’s be honest, the interface of KeePass is not the most attractive, but with this manager, your passwords will be under guard.

Note that KeePass is also available on Linux.

If the security of your data is paramount to your eyes, then KeePass is for you !

5. Sticky Password .

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is a password manager that uses the encryption algorithm that is used the most in the world (AES‑256).

Sticky Password is also compatible with the biometric technology. If you lock your smartphone with your fingerprint, then you will be able to identify you in the same way on Sticky Password.

Level performance, the free version and the Premium version are equivalent. Side features, the Premium (26,95 €/year) allows you to make a backup of your cloud, synchronize your mobile devices with Wi–Fi, and quick access to the service priority Assistance.

6. RoboForm .


RoboForm is one of the oldest password managers on the market, and it always has also good reputation !

With this manager, your passwords are well secured since it uses also the AES‑256 algorithm.

RoboForm can be used on PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, and it is even supported on removable disks.

If you want to sync all of your devices, then choose the version Everywhere.

7. Keeper .


Keeper is a solution which can be suitable as well for private individuals and companies. Its software auto-generates complex passwords and saves them. It also performs the automatic entry of your user names and passwords on the platforms and portable devices used.

The manager Keeper has a sharing feature, it allows you to store it on a cloud your files and access them whenever you want.

To connect to your applications and web sites, you have the option to use the fingerprint or Face ID of your smartphone.

Notice to businesses, Keeper can provide you with a quotation, in order to know the annual cost of your subscription to the service.

Keeper offers discounts on its service to students.

8. 1Password .


Based in Canada, 1Password is another well-known service, available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Like many, it stores your passwords in a secure vault that can only be unlocked by your master password. Thanks to the AES-256 encryption, your data will be doubly protected.

By the way, its extensions to web browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Opera) allow you to fill in identification fields and online forms more quickly.

1Password has a handy feature called the Travel Mode. It gives you the option to delete all the sensitive data of your device, store it on the company’s server and restore them.

You get a free trial period of 30 days, then you can either subscribe to its offer of 2.71 €/month (32,52 €/year), or to a family account for 5 users to 4.53 €/month (54,36 €/year).