The best Nokia smartphones.


The Finnish manufacturer Nokia has been able to return to the front of the stage due to its acquisition by the firm of countryman, HMD. She has not only managed to give a second youth to the legendary Nokia 3310, but it has also been able to develop a new range of smartphones. Today, Nokia offers both phone bases, and very sophisticated.

Discover now our comparison of the best phones of the famous-brand scandinavian.

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1. Nokia 8 Sirocco .


The Nokia 8 Sirocco is the best Nokia you can buy at this time, but it is also the most expensive.

We love its curved design and end that is closer to that of the Galaxy S9. In addition, it has a storage capacity more than acceptable (up to 128 Gb with 6 Gb of RAM).

However, we regret that it has kept the Snapdragon 835, it does not have a headphone jack and microSD card slot.

2. Nokia 7.1 .

Nokia 7.1

The Nokia 7.1 is a better build quality than the Moto G6, and thanks to Android One, you’ll enjoy an excellent experience and software more secure.

You will be not only captivated by its battery 3060 mAh, but also by its two sensors photos back, with which you will take beautiful shots.

If its long notch and its price does not bother you, then the Nokia 7.1 could be your next smartphone !

3. Nokia 5.1 .

Nokia 5.1

The Nokia 5.1 does not adopt the design of a phone for less than 150 €. On the contrary, his body in aluminum (6000 series) brings an elegance worthy of a Premium. In addition, at this price, you’ll also screen FHD+ (18:9) 5.5-inch.

Its performance is, overall, satisfactory and lends itself perfectly to a basic use. By cons, if you like to play on your phone, then it is unlikely to be suitable for you..

4. Nokia 7 More .

Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia More 7 is of a very good quality of construction, and its 3 cameras are, surprisingly, effective.

The quack with the 7 Plus is the autonomy of its battery (3800 mAh), according to Nokia it will take 2 days, however this has not been our case. At the end of the day, we had 30 %, which is far too little to last 24 hours without charging..

The processor of this Nokia has very good games demanding, but curiously, he is having some difficulty in processing simple tasks.

The Nokia Most 7 is a phone to be satisfactory, however you will find performance more balanced in other smartphones, and at a lower price.

5. Nokia 4.2 .

Nokia 4.2

The Nokia 4.2 is the proof that Nokia can still produce good devices and combined with the Android interface One it provides a comfortable experience. This smartphone is modern and complete offers solid performance and heterogeneous, with cameras above the average, and a battery with the impressive battery life.

However, its screen is low resolution, its system of unlocking, and its design disappoint. You can find the also on Cdiscount.

6. Nokia 6 (2018) .

Nokia 6 (2018)

The Nokia 6 (2018) or 6.1 does not look exceptional but it is a smartphone mid range solid on all levels.

For less than 300 €, you have a smartphone, well designed and with good technical characteristics.

Its main competitor is the Moto G6, which provides similar functionality.

However, these two products differ in their processor, the Moto G6 (Snapdragon 450) is less rapid than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 the Nokia 6.1.

The strong point of this Nokia is its robustness. Its weak point is its lack of waterproofing. In addition, we regret that at this price, it is not equipped with a camera with double lens.

7. Nokia 5 .

Nokia 5

Motorola is known for building smartphones less than 200 € and Nokia would also like to get a place on this segment of the market. The camera of the Nokia 5 is satisfactory, its performance and its design are remarkable.

Our only disappointment is the screen resolution of (1280 x 720 pxl). However, we can skip it, because at this price it is difficult to find such a good device.

8. Nokia 3310 .

Nokia 3310

Notice to nostalgic to the early 2000s, the Nokia 3310 is back !

Its new version is not perfect but we still love it as much. The screen of the Nokia 3310 is a 2.4 inch and its physical keyboard big enough to write comfortably.

The strong point of this model is its battery, you will be able to play long hours at the legendary Snake game.

Also, be aware that it has a 3G version.