The best music streaming services.


Subscribe to a streaming service music is a great way to discover new artists, explore different genres, or listen to the great classics.

On the market, you will find, among others, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music. The choice is not missing but how do I know which platform has the most to offer ?

To help you choose, we’ve put together these music streaming services have to offer and what differentiates them.

Comparison of the music services in streaming.

The services of music streaming, all look the same more or less. When you sign up to one of them, you get often a wide range of music, playlists, themes and recommendations based on your tastes.

Many of them also include podcasts and even videos as with YouTube service Music Premium, which is the most advanced in this area.

Whichever service you choose, it will be suggested to subscribe to a Premium plan at $ 9.99 / month or Family 14.99 € per month.

In addition to paid subscriptions, some of these platforms also offer a free version like Spotify and Deezer. However, they are very restrictive, for example the listening off-line is not possible, the advertisements are broadcast between the pieces, and the music selection limited.

To know which streaming service music suits you best, we recommend that you take advantage of their free trial.

1. Spotify .


Spotify is the streaming service of music the most popular in the world, with more than 200 million active users per month.

It puts at your disposal a large collection of online music, with playlists, determined upstream, to highlight new titles or the classics you might like.

Among the features recently added include podcasts, videos and sharing playlists with your friends, which gives even more credit to the platform in Swedish.

In addition, Spotify has managed to seduce thanks to its different subscriptions. Its free version, it gives access to millions of songs, but only in random read, and these ones are interrupted by commercial breaks.

To select the songs you want to listen to, their order, without interruption and offline, opt for the Premium subscription at $ 9.99/month. You will find the same benefits in the package for Students, with a discount of 50 %.

There are also Spotify Family, which offers six Premium accounts for a monthly fee of 14,99 €.

Why choose Spotify ? For sharing playlists.

Spotify on iOS and Android.

2. Deezer .


Deezer is a French application for listening to streaming music. It exists since 2007 and has grown to become the largest repository of music on the market, with 53 million shares.

In addition to the albums, EP (Extended Play) and singles, Deezer also has a selection of podcasts, radio and sessions specially recorded for Deezer.

Its function Flow features of the music style that you enjoy based on the songs you listen to on a daily basis and your playlists.

If it takes you the envy of all the singing, transform your listening experience karaoke with the words that appear on your phone !

Deezer Free you get to enjoy a random play online, but being cut off by advertisements.

Deezer Premium, at $ 9.99/month (with a month’s free trial), and Deezer Student, 4,99 €, have the same features as listed above. The formula Deezer Family, which is 14.99 €/month, allows you to create 6 profiles.

By subscribing to Deezer Hi-Fi, at a price of 19.99 €/month, play music in CD-quality FLAC (16 bit/44.1 kHz) on your computer or your audio system.

Why choose Deezer ? For Deezer Hi-Fi

Deezer on iOS and Android.

3. Apple’s Music .

Apple Music

Apple Music service is the music streaming the most used in the United States. In addition to being available on iOS and MacOS, it is also compatible on Android and PC.

Its catalog has over 50 million songs gives him a slight advantage compared to Spotify and Google Play Music.

Apple Music reports each week of songs according to the songs that you listen to regularly. Also, take advantage of playlists that are generated by those that your friends liked, thanks to a Mix between friend.

Your iTunes library is directly integrated into the search results, so it is included in your reading lists.

Every day, 24h/24, the radio Beats 1 offers exclusive content such as live performances, interviews with artists and videos.

The icing on the cake, in addition to being highly versatile and complete (music, radio, video content), Apple’s Music is free for the first three months, follow this tip to enjoy 3 more months.

Subscriptions Student, 4,99 €/month, and Individually at $ 9.99/month, have identical functionality : listening with or without an internet connection, no advertisements, access to original content, etc

The Family package is 14.99 €/month, allows you to have six accounts (one for each member), as well as the sharing of music and iTunes purchases.

Be aware that it is possible to transfer your playlists between Spotify and Apple Music.

Why choose Apple Music ? To listen to the radio, the Beats 1.

Apple Music on iOS and Android.

4. Google Play Music .

Google Play Music

Google Play Music has an inventory of over 40 million songs, and offers playlists, radio stations, thematic and allows you to listen in offline.. It is still an independent service, but it should soon merge with YouTube Music.

With Google Play Music at $ 9.99/month, you get all of the previous features, a free subscription to YouTube Music Premium and a discount for the Family plan.

With its free plan, you can import more than 50 000 titles from your own library and go to different radio stations or music ratings.

Why choose Google Play Music ? For the subscription automatic and free YouTube Music Premium.

Google Play Music on iOS and Android.

5. YouTube Music Premium .

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium combines a music streaming service with a large selection of videos.

You’ll also have the playlists in Audio mode only, the ability to download music in offline and without advertising. You can also browse on your phone while listening to YouTube in the background.

The most interesting with this platform is that most of its titles are already published in video format on the famous platform, which significantly extends its catalogue of songs.

To save your battery and your data, turn off the images videos and do not take advantage of the audio.

With its free version, access all the contents, however, interrupted by advertisements. Note that these may not be downloaded and that the function of Music in the background is not available.

Whether it’s a Premium package at a price of 9.99 €/month or a subscription to the Family bundle for 14,99 €, all of these restrictions cancel out, and you’ll get a month’s free trial.

Why choose YouTube Premium ? To listen to YouTube even with the screen turned off.

YouTube Music Premium on iOS and Android.

6. Amazon Music Unlimited .

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited

If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, then you already have access to Amazon Prime Music and its 2 million titles. Premium Music Unlimited puts at your disposal more than 50 million songs, offline and without advertising.

You will find standard features such as playlists, radio themes, recommendations ..

For 3.99 €/month, ask Alexa (Amazon Echo and Fire TV) to play Amazon Music Unlimited, and at the sound of your voice choose playlists based on your moods, or songs based on words that you know.

As for its competitors, Amazon Music Unlimited individual is €9.99/month and the Family subscription is 14.99 €/month. You can also take advantage of a free trial period of 30 days.

Why choose Amazon Music Unlimited ? If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, and for its compatibility with Alexa, Amazon Echo and Fire TV.

Amazon Music Unlimited on iOS and Android.