The best mail boxes free of charge (2020).


The choice of a mail box depends on a number of factors (operating system, habits, needs..

So, if you are a user of Windows, Microsoft Office, and you own a Windows phone, the easiest way would be to use Outlook.

Similarly, if your phone is an Android and you use Google’s services (calendar, etc) then Gmail will be a no-brainer.

Zoho has similar features to Gmail and Outlook, and it can be used on iOS or Android. this mail box will meet, especially professionals in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Yahoo! is a good service but some will regret certainly his lack of versatility, just as with iCloud, which is dedicated exclusively to iOS users.

Finally, if your main criterion is the level of security in Tutanota would be more suitable for you. Please do not hesitate to take a look at our comparison of best mail boxes secure.

1. Google Gmail .


The new version of Gmail has been redesigned to integrate the presence of a new sidebar that offers you the functions that Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks, for example.

In addition to reorganization, new services such as an offline mode or the ability to manage its emails without having to open them, has emerged. On the other hand, if you do not have the time to process your messages, you can put them in the queue to process them afterwards.

Secure the most out of your trade by programming the deletion and the expiry of your messages in their mailings.

In addition, Gmail automatically filters your e-mails according to their importance, different activities, ads, and forums. It is a very interesting approach.

And why not customize your account ? Change the theme or even upload the picture of your choice as the background.

The interface on Android and iOS is slightly different, but well-designed and easy to use.

In addition to having more configuration options than most other services, it is possible to import your e-mails and contacts from other accounts.

This is a great service that we highly recommend.

2. Microsoft Outlook .

Outlook (Web)

The website Outlook is very similar to the traditional application. The page is separated into three modules. A column on the left gives you access to your letters, your drafts, your outbox and your records, while the central part presents you the list of your messages and a preview of those.

Outlook allows you to create rules in order to make automatic classification of your e-mails. For example, you may decide that the messages containing the word “meeting” should always be moved to a specific folder that you have named “organization”. This feature is particularly handy when you use Outlook as your mail box professional.

This mail box allows you to use many online applications (Contacts, Calendar, OneDrive..) which, of course, the Office suite.

Thanks to these new features, Outlook has risen to the level of Gmail, and becomes the main competitor.

3. Yahoo! Mail .

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! Mail has a modern and interesting features.

As the majority of mail boxes, the interface is separated into two sections, a thin column to the left containing your folders (drafts, trash, etc..) and a central block where to display your messages.

The tool “Views-smart” is quite similar to tabs, Gmail. Here you can separate your mails into 7 groups : unread, With star (tracked message), People, Social, Shopping, Travel and Finance.

The search tool has been enhanced to search for all words in a message including the titles of the attachments, and if you enter a contact’s name, all your trading history will be displayed.

To attract new users, Yahoo! in rendering the import other email accounts very simple and offers 1 Tb of free storage !

4. Zoho Mail .

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail will satisfy the professionals as well as individuals.

The first advantage of this mail box : tools for collaboration. Zoho has implemented features specifically dedicated to the work team that will be very much appreciated in the business.

You can, for example, create discussion groups with instant messaging built in (very similar to Slack), leave comments and post “likes” to e-mails, tag people in messages ..

Zoho also provides access to a cloud where you can use software very similar to the Office suite, and Google Doc. Everything is there, from word processing to spreadsheet, through calendars, notes, a presentation tool like Power Point etc

The interface of this webmail is simple and clear. You can easily organise your emails into folders, in a tree structure, follow of the trade and create messages types.

Individuals will appreciate the privacy policy of Zoho. Unlike many other services, your messages will not be scanned by the company, and there is no advertising.

The free version of Zoho provides 5 Gb of storage for your email and 5 Gb for your documents. Beyond that, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription.

Mini tutorial : set up the mail box in French

On the home page, click the wheel (top right of the screen) and then click on General Settings (at the bottom of the page). There, go to the General tab and then click on Edit Profile. Choose English in the Language bar and save the change.

5. Apple iCloud .

Apple iCloud

When you buy a Apple device you have an iCloud account that includes a free email. The web version is a little disappointing compared to its mobile version.

On an iPhone and iPad, the mail application may contain several accounts, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! but the web version only gives you access to e-mails from iCloud.

Here also you can create rules to make automatic the organization of your messages. You can also give the VIP status to some of your contacts whose messages will be placed in your mail box VIP, ensuring that you don’t miss any correspondence.

The interface is presented in three columns, it is simple and effective. Some regret, however, that it is not possible to customize the presentation or that there are not advanced features.

Note that iCloud only offers 5 Gb of free storage.

6. Tutanota .


In the Face of the hackers, governments too curious and to companies that scan your e-mails, there has Tutanota.

Created by a start-up German, Tutanota is a mail box encrypted for individuals and professionals.

The company offers a basic free with 1gb of storage and various subscriptions. For example, for 1,20 €/month you get the advanced features (5 aliases, customization tools, automated rules to organize your messages..), and for 6 €/month you get 10 Gb of storage.

To ensure their safety, the messages sent and received via Tutanota pass through the servers that perform encryption before being distributed. It is preferable, but not essential, that your correspondent use the same e-mail encrypted.

Tutanota has not the interface more pleasant to use, but it remains clear and functional.

7. Proton Mail .

Proton Mail

Proton Mail is also a service that focuses on safety. Its servers are based in Switzerland, which allows him to have a strong protection against governments a little too curious, and his total encryption should keep hackers at bay.

There is no doubt, that it is a solution that is strong and secure, however, its free version has some restrictions, with a storage space of 500 Mb, only 150 messages allowed for each day, and a maximum of three folders in which the placed.

It is still a good option, especially if your needs are mainly based on sending simple emails.

To take advantage of 5 Gb of storage, 1 000 messages per day, a name custom domain, an autoresponder and other features, it will be 4 €/month.

ProtonMail is an email service that’s highly secure, however some users may find it too limited.

It is still a good option, especially if your needs are mainly based on sending emails.

8. GMX Mail .

GMX Mail

GMX Mail also has a interface interesting which can be customised with different themes.

Thanks to this service, you will be able to retrieve your email from other accounts, such as Gmail, but also import contacts from Facebook, Outlook, and CSV files (spreadsheets).

It offers a storage capacity free of 65 Gb, and the ability to send large attachments of 50 Mb, which is two times more than with Gmail.

The e-mails can be dragged from the inbox to other folders for better organization, and anti-spam filters can be created to automatically sort your incoming email.

It includes an anti-virus to protect your data and provides encryption of your messages.

GMX Mail is a service pleasant so that it has good features and is worth to be tried.