The best keyboards for Mac (2020).


If you don’t like the keyboard of your Mac, then it is time to change it ! When one spends hours on his computer, it is important to find a keyboard that is pleasant to use.

There are several types such as the keypad membrane, chiclet or mechanical. Some even have media controls and shortcuts macOS.

In this article, we have selected the best keyboards for Mac.

1. Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad .


Did you know that the Magic Keyboard was the large-format ? We prefer by far to use this model because it incorporates a numeric keypad (essential if you often work on spreadsheets or databases).

In addition, as the arrow keys of the keyboard between the numeric keypad and the letters ; the space bar, the keys Command and Alt were enlarged (which is more practical for typing to quickly).

Finally, this Magic Keyboard has no fewer than 19 function keys, which are used, for example, to control the playback of the music or switch to Preview mode.

In addition, this keyboard is now available cordless and its battery lasts up to one month between each charge.

It is also sold on Cdiscount.

2. MAC keyboard Bluetooth and USB Aluminum .

Clavier Bleujour CTRL

For a keyboard office macOS elegant, there’s the keyboard CTRL-hybrid Bleujour, a French manufacturer that also designs compact machines and SSD external.

The CTRL is a keyboard where the design has not, of course, not been overlooked, but his typing comfort, that add is very light and quiet. It can pair up to 3 devices and be used with a USB cable (supplied), and, finally, it includes a numeric keypad.

Be aware that you can use it with a Windows computer also and it is available in several colors (blue, fuchsia, black with a shade of dark grey, white..)

3. Apple Magic Keyboard .

Apple Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard from Apple is a wireless keyboard with a built-in battery to recharge using a cable lightning (provided).

Thanks to its small size and its sharpness, you can take it with you anywhere (vacation, business trips..). It is compatible with your iPad, iMac, MacBook, and even with your iPhone.

It is a keyboard very responsive whose keys have been optimized to deliver a strike light and fast.

To save time, the Magic Keyboard connects directly to your iMac via Bluetooth, so you will not need to look for it in your settings.

Its portability, its keys and its discreet design are the major advantages of the Magic Keyboard. However, for 99 €, we regret that it has not the backlight.

4. Logitech Craft .

Logitech Craft

Designed for the creative, the Craft is the latest, and very probably the biggest, wireless keyboard from Logitech. It is very nice to use and exceptionally quiet compared to other similar models.

We appreciate the attention that has been paid to the details. For example, the keys of the Craft are backlit but only light up when your hands are near the keyboard.

Of course, the main feature of this keyboard is the jog wheel control. It is supremely practical because it gives access to different features and shortcuts depending on the application that you are using : Chrome, Photoshop, Illustrator ..

The Logitech Craft is an excellent option for designers, but not only them.

Find it also on Logitech Craft on RRCA.

5. Novodio Bluetooth keyboard iSynch .

Novodio iSync Keyboard

To replace the keyboard of your mac, we recommend the iSynch of Novodio, a brand offered by MacWay (business alsatian specializing in the sale of products and gadgets tech’).

It is 3 times less expensive than the Apple keyboard, it is very lightweight and is perfectly suited to the environment macOS and iOS. Moreover, its design echoes that of the products of the californian brand.

Be aware that it can also be used with Windows devices and Android, however, some keys may not work ; it is better to make use of it only with a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

The iSynch is a membrane keyboard bit noisy, the buttons are fine, nice and wide enough for a nice and quick hits.

You’ll appreciate its connection speed Bluetooth 3.0 and the possibility to combine up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Protection is provided, in order not to stain the keyboard but it makes the keys less sensitive and slows down the typing, as well as 2 AAA batteries.

Our only criticism would be that it is slightly too long..

It is also sold on Cdiscount.

6. LogicKeyboard Final Cut Pro X .

LogicKeyboard clavier Final Cut Pro X

Some software, such as Final Cut Pro, often work with dozens of keyboard shortcuts and learn them by heart can be a real headache.

To avoid this problem, LogicKeyboard has created a keyboard specially dedicated to creative applications, the Final Cut Pro X – Mac ALBA Keyboard. This last is end, aluminum and looks a lot like the Magic Keyboard Apple.

It offers all the functionality of a traditional keyboard, but its keys are color coded and the most important commands of Final Cut are listed directly on the keys.

If you like this concept but you don’t want to buy a new keyboard, be aware that there are “skins” (overlays) made of plastic, which may be asked on your Apple keyboard.

7. Belkin Wireless YourType Numeric Keypad .

Pavé numérique sans fil YourType de Belkin

If the keyboard came with your iMac you should be but you just lack a numeric keypad, then we recommend the YouType Belkin wireless. It is a bit expensive, certainly, but we like a lot its design.

In fact, as it is the same size as the Apple keyboard, you can ask the YouType next to it and switch easily from one to the other.

This numeric keypad also has the advantage of adding a few function keys-additional (from F13 to F16).

Note that this keyboard is wireless and it works with two AA batteries.