The best iPhone.


In this ranking of the iPhone is preferred by the general public, we have taken into account the age of the model, its size, its price, and of course its performance. So, which is for you ?

If you intend to buy a new iPhone, we suggest you wait for the Keynote from Apple in which the brand announces and presents the new phones. The output of these models will certainly result in a decrease in the price of the previous.

Also, be aware that Apple has an agreement with Amazon, you will find of iPhone sales on the ecommerce platform.

1. iPhone 11 Pro Max .


The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the successor of the iPhone XS Max, but of a different kind. Side view, it presents a screen OLED HDR Super Retina of 6.5 inches and it is very bright thanks to the technology TrueTone.

At the rear, it is equipped with a triple objective square-sensor wide angle, ultra wide-angle and telephoto lens, that capture snapshots of a quality breath.

In addition, if you are vloggeur for example, you can record your videos in 4K.

The 11 Pro comes with a processor A13 Bionic highly efficient which helps the battery to keep 5 hours more than the iPhone XS Max.

2. iPhone 11 Pro .

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apart from its screen of 5.8 inches and a battery life of 4 hours only, the iPhone 11 Pro is identical to the model 11 Pro Max.

In fact, it is also topped with a triple goal of 12 Mp and has a OLED display HDR Super Retina. A camera at the front has a sensor TrueDepth compatible with the 4K, you’re going to love this iOS for videos and selfies at idle.

Note that it is also armed with the chip A13 Bionic.

3. iPhone 11 .

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is equipped with the most features, high-end models Pro 11th generation. However, it was not a triple but a double objective on the back and its screen is an LCD Multi-Touch 6.1-inch display with the IPS technology integrated.

Its camera has two sensors of 12 Mp, a wide angle the other ultra wide angle lens, and a module TrueDepth for the objective to selfie.

Don’t worry, the lack of a third goal does not diminish the exceptional quality of your photos.

As for the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 11 is rewarded with a processor A13 Bionic and a protection rating of IP68.

4. iPhone XR .

iPhone XR

In spite of a high price iPhone-XR is still the best iPhone for consumers.

It is distinguished from the iPhone XS and XS Max by the size of its screen of 6.1 inches, bigger than the XS but smaller than the XS Max. It is also equipped with a single goal.
Apart from this, it has essentially the same characteristics, such as the powerful processor A12 Bionic.

Finally, it has the best battery life and comes in six colors. Do not hesitate any more, it’s not worth the money !

5. iPhone XS .

iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is the iPhone the most complete and the most powerful ever designed. It is with outstanding performance, an excellent OLED screen and a new golden colour to seduce you.

The double sensors photos are very powerful, they allow you to achieve beautiful portraits and use the Face ID, since there is no home button.

6. iPhone XS Max .

iPhone XS Max

Sold from 1255 €, the iPhone XS Max is the most expensive and the largest iPhone ever created.

Its screen of 6.3 inches is one of the main differences with the XS, with its larger battery.

If you need a larger screen to play games or watch movies so we recommend, if not the XS is enough.

7. iPhone 8 More .

iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is a very powerful phone.

Unless you’re planning to do any video editing or recording of music from this phone, one has (yet) find it hard to justify its price.

Of course the iPhone 8 Plus is of excellent quality, its screen is top and it can charge wirelessly, but most users don’t particularly need this.

The camera of this model is more powerful than the one of the IPhone 7 More, but unless you are a professional photographer, the new feature Portrait Lighting do not appear to be essential.

8. iPhone 8 .

iPhone 8

If you want a more recent model, then head over to the iPhone 8. From its glass back, it has the same design as the iPhone 7, and it has a better battery, screen, True Tone and wireless recharging.

Thanks to its smart A11 Bionic, the iPhone 8 can without any problem run the programs and video games for the most demanding