The best iPhone cases XS, and iPhone XS Max.


Do you have an iPhone XS or XS Max ? Protect it with one of these 13 cases !

1. Hull Altra Moshi .


The hull Altra brand Moshi is understated and refined. It is stiff but its clean cut wife in the best shape of your controls (volume, on/off). Its removable wrist strap was designed to free your hands and you make daily life easier.

This hull was made from a material called polyurethane. Thus, you’ll have a better grip of your smartphone and you won’t have to worry about dropping it during your photo sessions.

In addition, it has a protective anti-fall tests have been certified by SGS (military grade), as you say, it’s solid.

The Altra is compatible with the wireless charging and with the wall mounting bracket magnetic SnapTo Moshi. It is available in 4 colors : Black Celestial, Pink Azalea, Mint Green, Beige Savanna.

Thanks to the hull Altra, protect your iPhone XS Max in any circumstance, and always with elegance.

2. Noreve .

Noreve housse cuir Apple iPhone XS

Noreve is a French brand that creates cases and hulls. Its high-quality products, genuine leather and hand-crafted, dress elegantly your iPhone.

Several models are available, you will have the choice of the finish of your leather (synthetic, sleek, nubuck, Saffiano..) and its color (black, beige, pink, grey, blue..).

This leather case fully protects your iPhone, back to the screen, passing by the edges. A magnetic system has been added in order to close the flap gently.

Inside it, you will find two slots for your cards, as well as a pouch slightly larger.

3. Casetify .

Casetify iPhone XS Cases

Casetify offers a rich range of shells and cases colorful, which will give a superb look to your iPhone.

In addition to being original, these shells are manufactured with an innovative material, the QiTech. It is an optimal protection for your iPhone, which will allow your smartphone to withstand shocks.

The case is durable and strong due to the presence of rubber on the sides.

You can choose among different finishes, or leave it up to your creativity and create your own case.

4. Shell Thin iPhone Totallee .

Coque Thin iPhone Totallee

The hull Thin Totallee sports a minimalist design that results in a protection ultra thin.

It is designed without frills to keep the original look of your iPhone XS Max.

You have the choice between a glossy, leather or matte. Regardless of the model, the shell Thin provides protection against scratch and shock by covering all the corners of your iPhone and, in particular, its objective photo.

In addition, it is compatible with wireless charging.

On the official website of the brand, all the options cost 29 $ (approximately 26 €), unless you opt for the leather which is a $ 39 (about 36 €). The shipping fee is 14.99 $ (approximately 13,44 €).

5. Hull Oxford Gear4 .

Coque Gear4 Oxford pour iPhone XS Max

Gear4 manufactures carrying cases-durable, reliable and simple design (all transparent). Her hull and Oxford includes technology D30, a material that absorbs the shocks and vibrations that can seriously damage your iPhone.

Their effectiveness has been proven after testing of drops of 3 meters of height.

On the inside of its flap, it is fitted with two slots for storing your credit cards. The transparent cover at the rear of the hull is made from the same material used for bulletproof glass.

It is also compatible with the wireless charging.

6. Spigen Case iPhone XS Max .

Spigen Etui pour iPhone XS Max

This case wallet Spigen allows you to store up to three blue cards and tickets. Its flap folds in to free your hands and that you can enjoy your videos without having to hold your iPhone.

It is a model made of synthetic leather and polycarbonate which is closed via a strap-magnetic. Once opened, you can attach the flap to the rear of the hull.

7. Case folio leather Apple .

Apple iPhone XS Leather Folio

In addition to its elegant design leather case folio Apple guarantees a good protection of your iPhone XS.

Its microfiber lining protects your device from all shocks and falls. Inside it, you can put your credit card, your driver’s license, or any other card.

Thanks to its front flap and back cover, it fully covers your and iOS and keeps them perfectly in place.

This case is compatible with Qi, which means that you will not need to remove it to charge your iPhone.

8. Shell Silicone Apple .

Apple iPhone XS Silicone Case

Thanks to her sides, slightly raised at the front, this shell, designed by Apple, secures the edges of your iPhone.

As is the case in folio, the lining is microfiber to keep your smartphone safe from scratches. Its satin finish is very nice and really pleasant to hold in hand.

However, you’ll need to add a protective film for the front.

Note that this shell is compatible with Qi.

You can also find it for sale on

9. Pure Clear Case for the iPhone XS .

Tech21 Pure Clear case pour iPhone XS Max

If you want to have a seamless protection ultra-thin, lightweight, and cushioning the shock with efficiency, then you will not be disappointed with this case from Tech21.

Note that this model works perfectly with the wireless charging.

10. Caseable Pouch .

Pochette Caseable pour iPhone XS

The pouch Caseable is perfect for those who want to bring more color and personality to their iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

You will find a ton of templates on their site and you can even create your own.

If you are not a fan of the pockets because it is necessary to extract the iPhone to use it, be aware that Caseable also offers shells, very original !

11. Nodus Shell Case II .

Nodus Shell Case II pour iPhone XS Max

Nodus offers holsters quality, hand-made and authentic leather, and they will, without a doubt, a lot of class to your iPhone XS/Max.

In terms of manufacturing, the Nodus Shell Box II is made of polycarbonate, to ensure an absorption of the shock, and the lining is microfiber soft to keep the screen of your iPhone XS safe from scratches.

We appreciate the fact that the Shell Case is provided with the Micro Dock III (magnetic media).

Note that this stylish shell is compatible with the wireless charging.

12. Hull Presidio Grip .

Speck Presido Grip World Edition pour iPhone XS

Speck is a brand that is known for its cases and robust. Its hull Presidio Grip offers two layers of protection, one is polycarbonate and the other rubber, the latter to absorb the shocks.

In addition, the shells Speck have the serious advantage of being guaranteed for life.

13. UAG Plasma Case for iPhone XS .

Urban Armor Gear Plasma coque résistante

The series Plasma – Urban Armor Gear (UAG) provides protection to military grade as it conforms to the standards of drop tests (MIL-STD-810G 516,6).

This shell is scratch resistant, and its edges are non-slip for a very good hold.

The Plasma is compatible with the wireless charging and Apple Pay.