The best iPhone cases 8 and iPhone 8 More.


Given the price of the iPhone, it is better to invest in a protective case ! Therefore, we have selected for you the best cases for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 More.

Note that as there is only a tiny difference in size between the iPhone 7 and 8, many shells can be used on these two models.

1. Silicone shell for iPhone 8 Apple .


We love the simple design of this silicone shell for Apple because it combines protection and comfort of use.

The hull comes in twelve colors and is compatible with wireless recharging, which means that you don’t have to remove it to charge your iPhone.

The edges of the hull back a little on the front of the phone which protects the screen slightly. We recommend that you still use a protective film on it.

For the iPhone 8

For the iPhone 8 More

2. Leather shell for iPhone 8 Apple .

Coque en cuir pour iPhone 8 d’Apple

The leather shell for iPhone 8 Apple is elegant and refined. Like the previous model, its interior is microfiber and its edge back discreetly on the front of the phone.

Compatible with the wireless charging, it is available in twelve colors, and our favorite is probably the color Havana (very chic).

3. Speck Presidio Grip for iPhone 8 .

Coque Presidio pour iPhone 8 de Speck

The hulls of the range Presidio of Speck are manufactured to withstand drops of 3 meters, so these are not the finest that there is. That said, they are still light and we love the ridges that allow you to well catch the phone.

4. Shell ultra fine gel Olixar .

Coque ultra fine en gel d'Olixar

If you want to protect your iPhone without hiding its design, then this shell is fully transparent you will like. It is ultra thin (0.3 mm thickness), slip-resistant and compatible with the wireless recharging.

5. Etui Nodus .

Etui Nodus pour iPhone 8

Nodus offers holsters in saddle leather including the back, magnetized, allows you to hang them nearly anywhere. In fact, their shells are provided with a magnet to attach it where you want it (in your car, kitchen, etc) and then on which you can then snap your iPhone.

6. Etui iPhone 8 Torro Leather Wallet .

Etui en cuir pour iPhone 8 de Torro

Torro is an american brand that manufactures carrying cases leather case for smartphones.

We particularly like this model because it well protects your iPhone while also serving as a horizontal support (very convenient for watching videos).

7. Mujjo Leather Case .

Coque en cuir Mujjo

Mujjo has recently reworked its range of cases in leather, and now uses a casting system that allows you to create products that are perfectly adjusted.

They are available in four colors : black, champagne, grey, skin.

8. Snakerhive Leather .

Étui en cuire pour iPhone 8

Snakehive offers a large collection of iPhone X8, and they are available, in France, on Amazon.

Available in 11 colors, these models in nubuck leather are used for both slip-case, card holder, and support.

9. UAG Plyo .

Coque de protection iPhone 8 UAG

If you are going to a trek (or you’re just very clumsy), we found the shell of the laptop made for you.

Sturdy and lightweight, this accessory is compatible with the wireless recharging, which is always a plus.

10. Peel .


You are looking for a shell that protects your iPhone 8 without adding volume ? Then, the shell Peel is made for you.

With only 0.35 mm thickness, it has been designed to perfectly fit the shape of your iOS.

The logo of the brand appears nowhere in order to keep a minimalist design and put your iPhone in value.

In addition, you will not have to remove it for charging as it is compatible with Qi.

11. Tech21 Evo Check .

Tech21 Evo Check pour iPhone 8

The hull Evo Check Tech21, made of rubber, is sturdy and attractive. It is very easy to set up, remove and it is very thin.

Its sides are coated with a material called FlexShock absorbs very effectively with each impact.

The hull Tech21 Evo Check, scientifically tested, to resist falls of over 3 metres.

12. Caseology Parallax .

Caseology Parallax pour iPhone 8

Thanks to a material combination of polycarbonate and TPU 3D, the hull Parallax of Caseology combines protection ( Military-Grade) and aesthetics.

Her back, soft to the touch, is textured with a geometric pattern that provides a distinctive design and offers a better grip.