The best iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (2020).


Protect and personalize your iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max with our selection of the best shells and cases for protection. Whether you prefer a shell that is practical, minimalist or elegant, there’s something for all tastes.

1. Noreve .


Noreve is a brand terrace specialises in the creation of high-end accessories for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, etc, Its holsters are hand-made from noble material, such as leather.

His basic model to cover the iPhone 11 is sleek and light. It has a flap which closes magnetically to ensure complete protection and optimal use of your iOS. This last will be kept safe from scratches, dust and falls.

The cases Noreve are customizable, you can choose the finish, color (among 12), the lining, and even add an engraving. If you want, add on the back a compartment for your business cards.

2. Razer Arctech Pro .

Razer Arctech Pro

Thanks to its certification against shock, case Razer Arctech Pro offers maximum protection to your iPhone. Its raised edge are designed so that the screen does not shatter at his fall.

He is dressed in a layer of thermophène whose role is to dissipate the heat of your smartphone. The small punctures on his case, they aim to decrease its temperature, thus improving both its performance and the duration of its autonomy.

It is available on Razer and Amazon in black, white and pink.

3. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series .

Otter + Pop Symmetry Series

The hull Otter is atypical because of the presence of a handful PopGrip directly integrated to the rear, the design of which is interchangeable.

Despite this accessory is usually bulky, it keeps a look slender thus allowing you to slip your iPhone in your pocket without difficulty.

To provide protection worthy of the name to your iPhone, it has been designed in polycarbonate and from synthetic rubber. Its edges have been radiused and beveled. In addition, its resistance to falls has been tested by OtterBox and certified Drop+.

Finally, note that the shell Otter + Pop Symmetry is compatible with the wireless charging and that it is marketed in black (Black), purple (Mauveolous), mint (Mint to Be), violet (Lollipop) and marble (White Marble).

4. Novodio iPhone 11 Pro shock .

Novodio Coque iPhone 11 Pro antichocs Noire

Novodio is a brand offered by Macway, a company in alsace is specialized in the sale of products and high‑tech gadgets.

To protect up your iPhone 11 Pro from accidental falls, we offer the model impact resistant and rigid. It will save the four corners of your iOS, thanks to its raised edge, and its glass back by the robust design of the hull. Also, be aware that its rear part can be removed for more flexibility and lightness.

To not hide the beautiful color of your iPhone 11 Pro, not to cover it with fingerprints and protect it, put on the shell flexible transparent Novodio.

Otherwise, there is the black version and unassuming, that is, in addition, compatible with the wireless charging.

The three hulls are each 9.90 €.

5. Ringke Fusion X .

Ringke Fusion X

The outer edges of the hull Fusion X protect your iOS shock absorbing. This case has passed the drop test and high-quality military certified.

Plastic, with a back transparent and black edges, it will put the design and the color of your iPhone 11, in before.

At the front, it is equipped with a dual coating that protects your screen from scratches and promises a durability twice as long.

The icing on the cake, you can buy the Ringke Fusion X for 8,45 € on Amazon.

6. Moshi iGlaze Ultra Slim .

Moshi iGlaze Ultra Slim

Simple and effective, the iGlaze from Moshi is a hard shell thin and light refined finish brushed black.

It is fitted with a metal frame which gives it a high side of the range, perfect to accompany your iPhone 11. Its raised edge helps protect your screen when it is laid flat.

This case is compatible with the wireless charging and can be used with the system SnapTo Moshi for the hands free mode.

7. Snakehive Vintage .

Snakehive Vintage

The case Snakehive Vintage, nubuck and manufactured hand, protects your iPhone with elegance.

At the front, its flap is used to cover the screen ; on the inside, you will find three slots for storing your cards and a larger compartment for bank notes.

If you opt for a Snakehive then you’ll enjoy a sophisticated style and a very good protection.

It is available in six colours (chestnut, navy, black, bottle green, honey gold), customizable by adding your initials.

8. Soft Limitless 3.0 .

Mous Limitless 3.0

The holster Limitless Soft is rigid and the corners curl in order to protect a maximum of the screen without adding bulk. The lining on the inside is microfiber to prevent that, you find your iPhone scratched.

In addition, thanks to the technology AiroShock, the impacts of falls are amortized. You get a very nice design without having to sacrifice the protection of your iPhone 11.

You can choose between five finishes : aramid fiber, bamboo, leather-black, walnut and white leather.

9. Casetify Ultra .

Casetify Ultra

In addition to being very resistant, cases Casetify has a superb design. You can opt for a look that’s sleek and classic, or choose to embellish your phone with motifs more artistic.
If you prefer the authenticity, why not customize your shell and express your talents ? This will bring a unique touch and some fun to your iPhone.

They are manufactured from innovative material called the QiTech. It provides an additional resistance to shock and grip is more secure, thanks to its edges in rubber.

10. Tech21 Evo Check .

Tech21 Evo Check pour iPhone 11

The Evo Check Tech21 is available in four colours (blue, black, pink, and coral) with a plaid pattern minimalist.

This case features an antimicrobial technology which, in addition to protect it, keeps it clean.

The strength of the Evo Check has been proven in scientific tests, it has withstood drops of over 3 metres.