The best internet browsers (2020).


Which internet browser is the most popular ?.

Google Chrome.
Apple Safari.
Internet Explorer and Edge.

When you first power on your computer, tablet or phone, you have only a single access to the internet : the default browser. It is often Internet Explorer, or if you have purchased a PC that runs on Windows 10, Microsoft Web Edge.

It’s the same thing with an iPhone or an Android device, by default you will be on Safari or Google Chrome.

You can download as many browsers as you want. If you don’t know which one to choose then you should refer to the statistics of W3Counter January 2020.

So you can see what are the most popular at the current time :

Google Chrome is, therefore, by far the most used, representing well over half of internet traffic, followed by Safari (still far behind).

The pair IE and Edge comes in third place, with Firefox in fourth place and Opera in fifth, with about 3% of the web traffic in the world.

As expected, Google has strengthened his lead, this may be related to the changes made in February 2018. Google has blocked and removed the ads that were in violation of the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads. The overall experience of the user is improved and the loading time is, to him, accelerated.

Firefox, by contrast, has lost its advantage over IE and Edge, and returned to his fourth-place usual.

Microsoft has redesigned Edge by using Chromium (open source version of Chrome). However, it is unlikely that users switch to this browser.

Now, here are the Top 10 browsers, with versions used :

Browser market share July 2019

What is the best internet browser ?.

We can’t always rely on statistics. All the more that surveys and studies may show conflicting results. On the other hand, this is not because the higher number uses a certain browser that it is “the best”, this is only one measure among others.

Previously, we reviewed the Web browsers, comparing the speed and in evaluating them according to their characteristics. However, the problem with this approach is that they are constantly updated, which means that these results are quickly outdated.

Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and others add, change, and delete features in their updates. In addition, even if a browser is more efficient than its competitors (safety, features..), they are all free and you have the option to install and use an unlimited number simultaneously.

They are all effective and they will allow you to save your passwords and apart from Internet Explorer (and to some extent Microsoft Edge), they sync your data, your bookmarks and tabs between multiple computers and devices.

They are all compatible with extensions, you can add specific features, shortcuts and widgets.

If a specific extension is not available on your favorite web browser, then simply check if it is on another. Similarly, if a Web site does not display correctly. What are the main reasons why we use more than one browser.

The best is probably the one that works on all your devices and share bookmarks, connections, tabs, etc, so that you can resume where you left off on any device. Chrome does this, as does Safari (but this is only useful if you have Apple products).

Comparison of web browsers.

The following table summarizes the main characteristics of the most popular internet browsers.

Chrome Firefox IE Safari Edge Opera Sync Cloud Yes Yes Not Yes Yes Yes Download manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Private browsing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Full-screen Mode Yes Yes Yes Not Yes Yes Vertical tabs Yes Yes (ext) Not Not Not Yes Custom Extensions Yes Yes Yes Not Not Yes Platforms Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes MacOS Yes Yes Not Yes Not Yes Linux Yes Yes Not Not Not Yes Android Yes Yes Not Not Not Yes iOS Yes Yes Not Yes Not Yes Details Rendering engine Blink Gecko Trident WebKit Blink Blink Javascript V8 Spider Monkey Chakra Nitro V8 V8 Open Source Yes Yes Not Not Not Not Website Google Chrome Mozilla N/A Safari Microsoft Edge Opera

The best web browsers to alternative.

The navigation on the internet is not limited to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. There are many alternatives to search engines the most popular, here are a few.

Avast Secure Browser.

Avast is well-known for his antivirus software, he now has a new web browser that is based on the open-source project Chromium. You will enjoy it for security features and confidentiality, enabled by default.

If you have already installed Chrome, the browser of Avast will automatically bring up your bookmarks and sites you visit frequently. Avast Secure Browser includes, among other things, a VPN, a Mode of banking, a password keeper, a protection against malware, etc


This is the Russian equivalent of Google Chrome. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. By default, this is Bing search, which is used, but you can change this to Google, Yandex or other. It is based on Chromium and supports extensions, but less than Chrome or Firefox.

Comodo IceDragon.

Like Yandex, Comodo claims to be a secure Web browser that protects you from bad sites, which secures your connection, etc It is also completely compatible with plugins Firefox.


Developed for the chinese market, Maxthon has built on its additional features : many tools, bookmark, image capture, customization..
There are so many functions that it takes a bit of time to get used to.

If your criterion is the most important thing is the privacy, then we suggest you Firefox Focus (Android/iOS). It will not retain any trace of your searches and pages visited.
To provide even more anonymity and security during your browsing, please don’t hesitate to use a VPN like NordVPN.