The best headphones and headsets are not expensive (2020).


To find your happiness in terms of headphones and earphones audio, it is important to know their specific for this please do not hesitate to render directly on our buying guide to the result of this comparison.

Check out our buying guide to the nec plus ultra of headphones and headsets and our selection of the best Bluetooth headsets.

1. Soundmagic E11 BT .


The wireless E11 BT are beautiful ; they are lightweight (25 g) and their design in aluminiun with a matte black finish is refined.

Soundmagic does not skimp on the sound quality of E11BT because he has equipped a speaker of 10 mm and a DAC 24-bit. The sound is clear, sharp, with just enough bass impressive.

They work with the Bluetooth 5.0, and you have three commands to manage the music directly from the neck.

The battery has a battery life that stands out, you can get 40 to 60 hours of listening via a charging only two hours.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots .

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

For such a small budget, the design of the Redmi AirDots Xiaomi has nothing to envy to that of headphones more expensive. In addition to look of a matte black quite pleasant, they are placed in a carrying case with an elegant design. It protects and recharges your headphones when not in use.

They are compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0, thus allowing a connection without flaws and fast and with any device.

Thanks to microphones inside each earpiece, it is possible to make and receive calls with your Airdots to the ears.

The battery life is 4 hours of listening, after a single charge and 12 o’clock with the housing.

3. SoundMagic E11C .

SoundMagic E11C

The headphones E11C of the brand SoundMagic are of very good quality and do not commit an excessive spending.

In addition to having a stylish design, they are comfortable, are controlled via three buttons (volume and on/off), and they are compatible with iOS and Android.

Cables, copper plated, permit a transmission of signal maximum in eliminating the interference.

These headphones have versatile offer a superb listening experience with balanced sound and immersive.

4. Life Q10 Soundcore from Anker .

Casque Bluetooth Life Q10 Soundcore

The Life Q10 Soundcore of Anker is a headset hybrid the entry-level price range but with superior performance.

It is a model of circum aural design tri-color (red, gray, and black), which changes styles more traditional than adopt the competing brands.

Thanks to its pads shape memory and imitation leather, it is very comfortable to wear. You will enjoy its hybrid side, which allows you to use it in Bluetooth or in wired mode. A very nice asset, especially when the battery of your device falls flat.

However, there is little chance that you are facing this situation because of the autonomy of the Life Q10 is 60 hours !

To learn more about the Life Q10, take a look at our test.

5. Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2 .

Rock Jaw Alfa Genus V2

Why is he our number one ? For its excellent price-quality ratio. These in-ear are ideal to listen to podcasts and music of all genres.

Its audio filters interchangeable do you switch from low to high frequencies in less than a minute ! And all this with clarity and accuracy.

We love these headphones for their price, their sound quality and their design.

6. Tribit QuietPlus ANC .

Tribit QuietPlus ANC

Although the system of active noise reduction of the Tribit QuietPlus ANC is not as powerful as the one of its competitors, it is still quite effective, especially if we consider its price.

The QuietPlus is a quality balanced audio, it has a battery life of 30 hours, charging via USB-C, its Bluetooth connection is reliable? and the icing on the cake? its port is very nice. Finally, you will appreciate that it is foldable.

7. SRS MA650 Wireless .

RHA MA650 Sans fil

For just less than € 100, the SRS MA650 are impressive. Although some may be discouraged by the design of these intras, we value the life of their battery, the comfort of their headsets, which can be adapted to all shapes and sizes.

However, the biggest strong point of these SRS is audio performance, it is clear, sharp and the bass notes are sublime. The removal of passive noise is incredible.

8. OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2 .

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

Headphones OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2 are a beautiful update of OnePlus Bullet Wireless.

While also lightweight and comfortable, this pair of intras solid metal, features a design that is a little more advanced with curves more elegant.
As the OnePlus Bullet Wireless, they are equipped with magnets which, when clipped together together, stop the music automatically.

The biggest change is on the sound side since they have been equipped with three speakers. In addition, they are compatible with the Bluetooth 5.0 as well as with the codec aptX HD for better stability of the signal. Thanks to the technology of noise reduction Qualcomm the cvl, during your calls, the sound is, without a doubt, of much better quality.

Their autonomy is, she is always as impressive as for 10 minutes of charging you get 10 hours of listening.

9. OnePlus Bullets Wireless .

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are light and comfortable. We were charmed by some of its features, such as the Magnetic Control pause or continue the music (available only for the OnePlus 5, 5T, 6 and 6T).

Be aware also, that, thanks to technology Dash Charge, you can charge the OnePlus Bullets in 10 minutes.

The only downside of these headphones is their sound quality, which is only adequate, but less than 70 €, you can’t ask for too much.

Keep in mind that it is better to use with smartphones equipped with the technology aptX, which means no iPhone.

10. Headset supra-aural wireless Hër .

Casque supra-aural sans fil hër

The stereo Bluetooth headset of the German brand Hër offers a very high quality sound with a sleek and compact design.

This headset is mostly bought by the female for its soft colors and its minimalist design.

Its range of bass and treble is well balanced, which makes the daily listening very pleasant. It is also resistant to perspiration, a strong point for followers of the sport.

The battery life is very high (21h), however, its Bluetooth performance could be improved by adding more range and minimizing interruptions.

Earphones with remote and microphone.

With this type of headphones is no need to leave the phone out of your pocket. Try it is adopt it. They allow you to move from music to another, control the volume, and thanks to the microphone, take calls without touching your smartphone.

Headsets, circum-aural.

Helmets “circum-aural” (over-ear) are roll, they completely cover your ears and rely on your skull.

These headphones give you bass, very intense, a very good sound insulation, and with them, you’ll have virtually no loss of sound.

The size and weight of these headphones are its only disadvantages. Also, before buying, it is best to try.

Headphones supra-aural.

The helmets are “supra-aural” (on-ear) are in the headband and pads. They perch on the ear.

We appreciate these speakers for their size and weight, but also for their loss to its minimum.

In-ear headphones.

These headphones, which fit in the hollow of your ear, are the most used. Indeed, their small size and light weight, offer more portability.

The sound quality of these earphones is of very good quality, the bass is very clear, and you will have a good sound insulation.

The noise isolation.

Insulation is one of the main criteria in choosing a pair of headphones. It created a kind of barrier around the ear to prevent any outside noise to enter and interfere with the listening. For this, the in-ear are the ideal.

The circum-aurals also provide a very good insulation.
For just about 50 € more, you can find models with active noise reduction, such as the Philips SHB9850NC, that is to say that a sound, inaudible to the ear, will cancel the noise around.