The best headphones and headphones Lightning (2020).


The firm Apple surprised everyone when it rang the death knell of the jack of 3.5 mm on its range of smartphones (from iPhone 7).

What is it that explains such an abandonment ? The reason is simple, Apple wanted to reduce the weight and thickness of its new models.

This change of direction has disappointed millions of users, and to make them accept the new iPhone come with EarPods with a Lightning connector instead of a connector to audio output 3?5 mm.

However, these EarPods do not offer the best sound quality. Therefore, many prefer to buy another pair of headphones or an audio headset and some opt for the AirPods, but the Bluetooth does not equal the audio quality of wired.

Adapters Lightning.

With the release of the iPhone 7, 8, and X, Apple supplied a power adapter output jack 3.5 mm to Lightning. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the iPhone XS and later models

However, you can always get on Apple, amazon, Cdiscount, Amazon or from audio specialists, such as FIIO I1. Some manufacturers, like Audeze and Bowers and Wilkins, manufacture their own cables Lightning.

If you are an audiophile, use an amp-DAC (digital to analog converter) such as the popular range ifis, Chord Mojo or FIIO, it give a real boost acoustics.

The advantages of the Lightning.

Walking around with adapters and additional cables is not the most convenient, especially when on the move.

So, the easiest option is to get headphones with their own Lightning connector. This ranges from simple in-ear earphones models hi-fi top of the range.

Headphones lightning have the advantage of an audio format, a traditional 16-bit (CD quality) to 24 bit, high resolution, comparable to the original master recordings produced in the studio.

If you are looking for earphones or headphones are not too expensive, please do not hesitate to take a look at our selection.

1. SRS MA650i with Lightning .


SRS MA650i are headphones Lightning of good quality, which have excellent sound, at a reasonable price.

Their design aérophonique leaves an impression of top of the range with an aluminium construction to finishing, discrete and chic.

Their cable has a look at both rubber and braided. They are light and comfortable, especially thanks to 8 pairs of ear tips provided.

These intras have an excellent acoustic insulation, the exterior noise will not be an annoyance. The transducer dynamic 380.1 custom gives a sound with frequencies ranging from 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

These SRS MA650i are powerful and can be adapted to all types of listening : music, audio books or even podcasts.

2. Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature .

Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature

Let’s get right to the point, the Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature does not include really a Lightning connector, but if you can afford 899,99 € for these high-end headphones, not to mention 1 155,28 € for an iPhone XS, for example, then 45 € more to get the cable Lightning is not expected to cool you down.

What is handy with this cable, BandW, it is that it replaces the standard cable of 3.5 mm, so you will not embarrass by other adapters.

It also includes a remote to listen to your music and a converter/digital to audio (DAC) of high quality.

The helmet P9 is expensive, but the quality is evident both on the aesthetic and sound. The earpads and head band are soft leather, the foil provides a certain elegance, it also helps to stop vibrations that could affect audio.

3. Moshi Avanti LT .

Moshi Avanti LT

The headset Avanti LT Moshi is at the same time with a cable Lightning detachable for Apple products and a cable jack provides compatibility with a wider range of smartphones or audio devices.

This headphone is made from textile fibers as well as stainless steel and it is available in various colours (black, camel and red). It is compact and folds up towards the inside to slide easily into the carrying case provided for this purpose.

With a frequency range of 15Hz to 22kHz and its digital to analogue converter, it delivers immersive, high-quality. In addition, it is compatible with Siri which you can connect at any time.

4. Earphones urBeats3 .

Écouteurs urBeats3 avec connecteur Lightning

The headphones UrBeats3 have been cleverly designed, their cable is flat and sturdy, which allows you to avoid the knots when you put them in your pocket. You can even keep them around your neck since they are magnetic.

As one might expect from Beats, the bass from these in‑ear are powerful and impactful. The mid and high frequencies are quite satisfactory.

The UrBeats3 lend themselves very well for a workout at the gym and for a jog.

5. Moshi Mythro LT .

Ecouteurs Moshi Mythro LT

The headphones Avanti LT Moshi are of a superb quality, and this for less than 50 € !

The DACS (digital to analog converter) built-in supports the audio files of high-resolution 24-bit, and the frequency range of 15Hz – 20kHz means that the Mythro LT based a little more on the bass than most of the intras in the same price class.

LT reproduce perfectly the notes of the instruments and the harmonies are respected, without forgetting that the bass are powerful.

Our only criticism would be the build quality of these headphones, but given the cost, it was necessary to sacrifice an element.

6. Audeze sets 10 .

Audeze iSine 10

The sets 10 of Audeze boasts a similar design to its older brother, the sets 20, but it has been launched at a lower price.

It comes with a cable with a Lightning connector and a standard audio cable of 3.5 mm. Thus, in contrast to most of the helmets Lightning, you always have the option to use these headphones with other devices.

They use, them also, the system planar-magnetic with which you’ll achieve a clean, fine and precise.

These headphones have a large range, up to 10 Hz for deep bass, which is outside of many lower-priced products. In addition, they can reach up to 50 kHz for audio files in high resolution.

7. Libratone Q Adapt Lightning In Ear Headphone .

Libratone Q Adapt In Ear

The Q-Adapt In-Ear Libratone is really lightweight and compact, it weighs just 20 g ! You decide whether or not you want to be completely isolated from the din of the surrounding, by changing the level of noise suppression.

According to Libratone, this feature draws little in the battery of your iPhone, you should be able to listen to it all day.

The sound quality is rather good for in‑ear in this price range. If you are looking for headphones to be effective and of a small build, so do not hesitate.

8. Pioneer RayZ More .

Pioneer RayZ Plus

Pioneer offers a product very different from other headphones Lightning, in fact the RayZ the More you serve, not only to listen to the music, but also recharge your iPhone or iPad.

The headphones RayZ Most are equipped with the function of noise removal. They also have the mode HearThru, which lets the ambient sound seeping in, it is activated via the app or their Smart Button.

Just as the AirPods wireless Apple, the RayZ Most are able to detect when they are removed from your ears and automatically put your music on pause. They resume the reading as soon as you replace.

More importantly, the RayZ Most are of a sound quality, a perfect balance of bass and treble are adjustable via its application.

9. Nuraphone .


Although the Nuraphone are wireless, the brand has developed its own Lightning connector, to 39,95 €. You can use this headset with a number of different cables, including Lightning.

The Nuraphone is not the most comfortable we’ve tested, but the sound is unique.

The first time we have used a range of tones was played to create a profile of hearing (your sensitivity to low and high frequencies). Your favorite songs, therefore, have a custom sound.

10. Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset .

Ecouteur Lightning Ambeo Smart Headset

The Ambeo Sennheiser is a bit less than 300€, this is not a simple pair of headphones with a Lightning connector.

Sennheiser speaks of the Ambeo like headphones smart you provide, at the time, listen to music and record the sounds that surround you.

At first glance, the Ambeo looks to intra-atrial conventional, with wings that cling to the helix of your ear. Nevertheless, the sound that comes out of the Ambeo is singular, rich in detail and warm. All styles of music stand out perfectly well.

They include the technologies of noise reduction and listening transparent (Clear Hearing). This allows you to let external sounds and surrounding.

On the cable, you will find 3 microphones, two of which are used to record immersive 3D sound, which you can then add it to a video taken with your iPhone.

Thanks to the application Ambeo, it is possible to adjust the audio.

11. EarPods with Lightning connector .

EarPods avec connecteur Lightning

It would not be possible to have a list of the best headphones and headsets Lightning without the EarPods (29 €) from Apple.

They marry perfectly to the ears of music lovers and the audio is distributed in a balanced manner. Via the remote control, adjust the volume, move from one music to another and pick up/hang up incoming calls.