The best HDMI cables.


The HDMI is a digital standard that ensures the transfer of images and sound from one electronic device to another.

As for any other connection, each HDMI has different characteristics.

Whether you opt for an entry-level model or the most expensive, before you make your choice, it is important to consider its design, its sustainability and its compatibility.

For information on how to choose the HDMI cable that will best meet your needs, we have prepared a selection of the best in the market.

Guide to buying HDMI cables .

High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is the standard unchallenged in terms of video and audio. This is the the most popular cable used to connect a games console, a PC, a set-top box or even a speaker to a TV.

Therefore, there are a countless number of HDMI cable on the market.

Our first advice is not to let yourself be seduced by the promise brand marketing. HDMI cables are all basically the same, regardless of the range. The Premium, as the Kordz or Wireworld Starlight 8, are not going to optimize the image quality, but rather the safety of the transfer of the image, if you are looking for this then we will advise you.

One of the things to keep in mind is that the video standards are evolving rapidly, the 4K and HDR are already beginning to give way to the 8K.

So, if you always use the cable provided with your TV a few years ago, it may be that it does not work with a video source to 4K resolution and it is therefore not compatible with your Xbox One X or a Blu-ray player Ultra-HD.

To verify this, connect to your tv, if it receives a signal, recognizes the 4K or HDR and displayed without distortion, then banco ! Otherwise, you need to buy a new one.

Compatibility and certification.

A lot of HDMI cables are incompatible with the same standards, some are suitable for 3D, while others are in the 4K.

The HDMI certified high-speed work with the HDMI 2.0, but also with the previous standards, it is the so-called backward compatibility.

Among the different versions of existing cable, the most common are 1.3, 1.4, 2.0 and 2.1.

1.3 : streaming Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1200p/60 Hz → ideal for TV traditional.
1.4 : 4K broadcasts, 24 Hz , 4096 x 2160p and Ultra HD, 30 Hz , 3840 x 2160p → ideal for 3D.
2.0 : broadcast in 4K, 60 Hz , 4096 x 2160p, which is compatible with the standard HFR → ideal for 4K.

You can also choose between 3 certifications :

Standard : HD 1080i, 720p/60.
High Speed : Full HD and 4K, 1080p/60, 1080p24, 2160p/30.
Premium High Speed : HD and 4K 2160p/60.

Sustainability .

To take advantage of your HDMI cable up to a maximum of time, look at its connector. In order to avoid the wear and tear, opt for gold-plated 24-carat gold for example, it offers a better resistance to corrosion.

For the robustness of your accessory, choose a sheath in reinforced PVC.


The length is an important criterion because with a cable long enough, you will not have to carry an extension cord.

However, if the distance between your devices is really important, so put a point of honor to choose a cable excellent composition.

In fact, the longer it is the longer the transfer speed slows down. So be watching for the quality of the product pour benefit from a high performance.

1. HDMI cable AmazonBasics .


Our first recommendation is also one of the cheapest options on the market, and yet high in quality.

Available in sizes from 1m to 15m, the cable AmazonBasics offers everything that is expected of a HDMI.

Thanks to its material gold-plated 24-carat gold, it is strong and rigid, which allows him to manage an effective transfer, without any loss of signal. It works with Ethernet, 3D, 4K and ARC. Thus, you can use it on your tv, DVD player or games console.

2. Cable Syncwire HDMI .

Câble Syncwire HDMI

This cable Syncwire has HDMI 2.0, it has a bandwidth managed by a power of 18 Gbps. .

It is capable of transmitting both 2 video streams and 4 audio streams at the same time.

As for the Amazon model, its connector is gold-plated to ensure reliability in the reproduction of images and sound.

According to the brand, the Syncwire is resistant to more than 3000 bending to 90 degrees, a result that proves clearly its durability.

3. HDMI cable, UGREEN .


This HDMI male UGreen is with a cable, angled 270°, it is therefore ideal for the connection of devices in places narrow. Outside, it has been designed in TPE to protect it from damage and wear and tear.

With a bandwidth estimated at 18 Gbps of power, it handles as easily of HD content, 4K 60Hz, 3D, or Dolby True. You’ll enjoy quality images with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 × 1080, on a frequency of 60 Hz.

It is compatible with versions 2.0, 1.4, 1.3, and 1.2.

4. HDMI cable 2.0 Laptone .

Câble HDMI 2.0 Laptone

It is a HDMI cable male to male end of 3.8 mm in thickness. The cord has been made from aluminum and copper, its top is protected by a net out of woven nylon.

This Laptone works with HDMI 1.4, Ethernet and is backwards compatible with earlier versions. It transmits a stream video 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels, or 2160p) at 60 frames/s.