The best gifts high tech for children.


With the approach of Christmas, you always wonder what could bring joy to the children. Robot car remote controlled, we have found for you some of the best gifts high tech to drop under the christmas tree.

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1. Anki Cozmo .


Cozmo is the one of the robots the most intelligent that we’ve tested. It is small but it offers an impressive number of sophisticated features, such as facial recognition, mini games, or an Explorer view. Three cubes LED, with which it can interact, are also provided.

It is compatible with iOs or Android, its app is free.

Cozmo is a robot very attractive, the children will love it.

2. Tablet writing Nobes .

Tablette d'écriture NOBES 8,5 pouces

The Nobes is a tablet writing 8.5-inch on which your little ones will be able to draw like on a piece of paper. To erase their work of art or correct their mistakes, they will only have to press the button on the side of the tablet.

Thanks to this gift creative and respectful of the environment, your child will give free rein to his imagination, all the while saving paper.

3. Console ETPARK .

Console de Jeu Retro FC ETPARK

This console retro games, which sports a LCD screen of 2.8 inch, is lightweight and compact.

It offers 400 classic games like Mario, Tetris or Contra. It can be connected to your tv via the AV output and it is possible to play a second player.

The battery life is 5 hours, your child will be able to enjoy it without too much abuse.

4. The Factory of Stories .

Frabrique à Histoire de Lunii

The manufactured Stories of Lunii offers 48 fantastic adventures to listen to. Children can also create their own stories by choosing the hero, a place, a secondary character and an object.

It is also possible to download new stories from the site Lunii. In this way, your toddler will never run out of stories.

For their well-being, the Factory of Stories makes no wave, as it works neither with the wifi nor the bluetooth. To add new stories, you just need to connect it to your computer.

5. Mercedes remote-controlled Electric .

Mercedes Électrique télécommandée

How would you like to see your child behind the wheel of a superb Mercedes ?

This car remote control is designed for children from three to eight years and can reach a speed of 7 km/h.

There is a safety belt, a remote control, allowing you to drive it yourself, and you can even listen to the music.

A true sports car !

6. Amazon Fire 7 .

Amazon Fire 7

You can offer the Amazon Fire 7 (16 Gb) to your mini you (from 10 years), it is very easy to use. Its battery lasts 8 hours, or one day of use.

In addition, if you add an SD card, you can record up to 256 Gb of data, so do not hesitate to download apps, eBooks, or stories to listen to.

For a controlled use, there is the possibility to put in a parental code.

7. Griffin KaZoo MyPhones .

Griffin KaZoo MyPhones

Headphones Griffin KaZoo are both fun and easy to use.

There are several models of animals, including a penguin, or a monkey. They are specially manufactured to maintain an acoustic pressure at a level recommended for children.

8. Anki Overdrive starter Kit .

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Create his own race track and guide his car through a smartphone it is possible !

With the Anki Overdrive Kit, you can configure the layout of your course and the help of your smartphone, while an angle (like a steering wheel), you can control your car.

The basic kit comes with two cars and enough parts of circuits. If you want to get more, they are available on Amazon.

A edition official Fast and the Furious is also available, it includes two cars straight out of the movies, characters and audio clips.

Note that the application is unfortunately only available in English.