The best gifts for Star Wars fans.


You want to make fun of a Star Wars fan but you can’t make a choice among the huge amount of products (toys, gadgets, robots, Lego..) ?

Luckily for you, we have done the sorting, and spent long hours testing games and Star Wars gadgets. Take a look at our selection of the 10 best gifts for the fans of the Saga of all ages.

1. Sphero R2-D2 .


Sphero has created the best Star Wars gadget with this droid R2-D2. It is fully controllable from its mobile app.

You can make flashing lights, trigger animations, sound effects typical R2D2, rotate its head independently of the body. It can even watch the Star Wars movies with you and react.

2. Kit Droid Inventor of littleBits .

Kit littleBits Droid

With the kit Droid Inventor of littleBits, your child can create his own droid R2D2. It will also control via different modes (auto-navigation, Force, management, etc.).

According to its implementation of the blocks e, the droid will carry out actions and missions Star Wars.
Your cherub will be able to customize it with the stickers provided and even put a flower pot in the place of the head.

3. Sphero BB-9TH .

Sphero BB-9E

The head of the astromech droid BB-9 is equipped with LEDs, powered by induction through his body. BB‑9 is provided with a base training (droid trainer) with which you will be able to play mini‑games, augmented reality.

The application you will use to control it, direct it, he can also watch the Star Wars movies with you. And, if you are not comfortable with the purchase of a droid enemy then there is the version of BB-8.

4. BB-8 Light .

BB-8 Light

The BB-8 Light is a lamp with acrylic, when it is lit it produces a 3D effect.

It adapts very well as a small ambient light or to display amongst your personal collection.

5. Propel Drone Quadcopter fighter Tie Advanced X1 Star Wars .

Propel Drone Quadricoptère de combat Tie Advanced X1 Star Wars

The drone of combat Star Wars for Propel is a superb replica of the ships in Star Wars. It is even equipped for combat lasers in multiplayer, up to 12 people. This drone will animate your evenings among Star Wars fans.

Here is the manual in French in pdf format.

On Amazon, you will also find the drone Propel Star Wars 74‑Z Speeder Bike.

6. Bluetooth speakers Star Wars C-3PO .

Enceinte Bluetooth Star Wars C-3PO

Bluetooth speakers C-3PO of ACWorlwide (under license) has an excellent build quality. It will enable you to play your playlists with a very good sound and also to communicate, as it can serve as a speakerphone for your calls.

The eyes of C-3PO light up when you start the pregnant. Its recharging is done via USB. We grant you, it is rather expensive but its audio quality is worth it.

If you lean to the dark side, know that there is a version of Darth Vader. Otherwise, there is the hunter of the Empire, the TIE Fighter.

7. Chopsticks Star Wars Luke Skywalker (EP6) .

Baguettes Star Wars Luke Skywalker

Show your support to the Force by eating your noodles with these baguettes sabre laser.

They could also be useful to deter the little troublemakers in the canteens.

8. Desk lamp Millenium Falcon .

Lampe de bureau Faucon Millenium

With this desk lamp Millenium Falcon (under license), you’ll be happy for sure ! It has a height of 60 cm, the 3 points of flexibility for perfect positioning and it is powered via a USB cable 3 m

9. C-3PO ballpoint Pen .

C-3PO Stylo à bille

It is a luxury product, but we love it. The ball-point pen C-3PO of the mark Cross is modeled after the famous golden body of the droid, and the details have been engraved on it.

It is sold in a beautiful presentation box. According to us, this is the perfect gift for all fans of Star Wars and writing.

Be aware that there is also the pen nib Star Wars C3PO.

10. Lego Star Wars – The Millenium Falcon raid of Kessel .

Lego Star Wars - Le Faucon Millenium

The Millennium Falcon is a set of more than 1,400 pieces. If you are buying for a child, then he may need your help, and if you buy it for yourself, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. (It wants one also !)

This particular version is called the Millenium Falcon the raid on Kessel, as it is the ship that we see in the film Solo: A Star Wars Story, before it is worn out and deteriorated.

If you have it mounted in a record time, then go to the Collector’s Edition, it is made of 7 500 coins.