The best gifts for fans of Harry Potter.


Alohomora ! This magic formula tells you something ? If yes, then you are at right place. This article is a true grimoire for those who have followed closely (or even remotely) the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends.

Magic wand, sorting hat, figurines of the characters from the saga.. we have gathered the best gifts to be given to the fans of the most famous wizard of the last two decades : Harry Potter.

1. Advent calendar Harry Potter Funko Pop .


The month of December is fast approaching, so it’s time to prepare to find the advent calendar was perfect !

So this year, forget the chocolates and sweets, we have best to offer : the Advent calendar Harry Potter signed Funko !

Every day, open a new window to collect your favorite characters in minifigure !

A lovely way to wait until the evening of Christmas..

2. The Sorting Hat Magic .

Choixpeau Magique d'Harry Potter

If you do not know to what house in Hogwarts you belong, the sorting hat, to him, was his small idea, and it will be a pleasure to make you know.

As in the film, it is once placed on your head that will tell you if you are brave like a Gryffindor or wise like a Ravenclaw.

3. The box full of Harry Potter DVD .

Coffret Harry Potter L'intégrale

What’s better than a good hot chocolate and a big blanket in front of a marathon of Harry Potter ?

The box full of the 8 films of Harry Potter are on sale on the Fnac !

Whether you want to watch the saga again, or get to know your children and your loved ones, this gift set is the classic gift ideal !

4. The Cluedo Harry Potter .

Cluedo Harry Potter

Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Periwinkle or Professor Purple, all the characters of the Cluedo have left their seats to students of Hogwarts, as Malfoy, Hermione, and many others.

Between spells, mystical sites, weapons, and magic, your skills as an investigator will be put to the test during this part of Cluedo Harry Potter.

Then, will you find the man or woman who has bewitched Ron in the Ministry of Magic ?

5. Magic wand light Harry Potter .

Baguette magique lumineuse de Harry Potter

That would be a wizard without his wand ? Warner Bros has created a superb replica of the famous magic wand of Harry Potter.

It lights up when you inhale and turns off the same way. It is supplied in a box to the effigy of the witch.

Note that it takes 4,99 € in addition for delivery costs.

Fnac also offers models of the wands of Hermione, Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort, however they do not light up.

6. Box official, Harry Potter .

Box officielle Harry Potter

For less than 30 €, get the Box, official Harry Potter with, inside, all it takes for your toddler to make his entrance to Hogwarts.

There will be a T-Shirt from the house of Slytherin, a mug polynectar, a scarf Hogwarts, a miniature POP and a pin sorting hat, all for less than 30 €.

7. Nintendo game Switch LEGO Harry Potter .

LEGO Harry Potter Collection

This game brings the universe of LEGO and the magical world of Harry Potter.

Cast spells, win your duels, go to school, immerse yourself just in an incredible adventure in controlling your favorite characters.

8. Printer photos and videos Harry Potter Magic .

Imprimante Harry Potter Lifeprint

With the printer Harry Potter Magic, print out your photos and videos by Bluetooth via your smartphone. It works with the technology without ink ZINK.

As if by magic, and a bit thanks to the Photos app Lifeprint (iOS, Android), your photos come to life on the screen.

You can also choose to modify it by adding filters, stickers, and more.

9. Harry Potter, the game .

Harry Potter, le jeu

Thanks to this game, show your friends that the world of Harry Potter has no more secret for you.

To do this, answer the 1000 questions and face all the challenges which you are charged, however be careful to not let the owls get in the way..

10. LEGO Harry Potter – The Great Hall of the castle of Hogwarts .

LEGO Harry Potter La Grande Salle du château de Poudlard

With LEGO, re-enact the iconic great hall of the castle of Hogwarts. This pack is composed of a set of 10 figures and a structure with 4 levels.

Whether you’re wizarding or muggle, you’ll love the build of this mystical place in its minutest details !

It is a gift you must for Harry Potter fans.