The best games of society.


There’s nothing like a game of company to share a good time between friends or in family, far away from the screens !

The board games of our selection is play with cards, dice, or both.

1. Meeting cosmic .


Reissued since the late 70’s, Encounter Cosmic is the game the oldest of this selection.

You begin the game with five planets, 20 spacecraft and a map alien you showing your special power.

The aim of the game is to land your ships, with diplomacy or by force, on five planets outside your stellar system.

You receive an initial hand of eight cards, some of them will be the cards to attack with a number.

When you encounter another alien, you play each of your turn a card face down, and turn it in at the same time. The player who has the highest number wins the duel.

You also have cards for trading. If you and your opponent play it, then you will be able to enter into a contract that will be win-win.

However, if one of the players is bluffing and plays a card to attack instead, then it will win automatically. Very often, both players opt for the lie.

Is this a battle where you have chances to win, or is this the time to play a bad card ? If an opponent can guess what you’re going to do, then he may try to play a lower card, in which case you might be able to win..

Encounter cosmic is a very fun game. If your friends like the conversations at the table, the bluff and the rules are weird then this game is for you.

From 12 years | 3 to 5 players playing time : 60 to 120 minutes | difficulty : medium

2. Photosynthesis .


Photosynthesis is a game of strategy and movement. Its decoration represents a small island on which your mission is to plant trees to control the field to a maximum.

To score points, make sure that the trees are sufficiently exposed to the sun so that they would arrive at the end of their life cycle.

To counter your opponents, think about the best strategy to steal the rays of the sun and their shadow.

2-4 players | ages 10 and older | 30 60 minutes | Difficulty : Easy to medium

3. Takenoko .


In Takeno, the emperor gives you the mission of taking care of the giant Panda.

You will be in charge to build him a bamboo grove so that it is always full. Each turn, choose two actions from five, while respecting the constraints imposed by the emperor.

Your 5 options will be to enlarge the garden,digging an irrigation channel, move the gardener with the bamboo, move the panda to eat or to take a new mission.

Shape the garden and always keeping an eye on the animal.. to say the least.. greedy.

2-4 players | age 8 and up | 45 minutes | Difficulty : Easy

4. Pandemic .


Pandemic is the only game to be entirely cooperative to our selection.

The goal is to eradicate 4 terrible diseases that spread through the world. Each player has a specific role : doctor, scientist, researcher, specialist of the quarantine..

You browse through the planet to treat the sick and prevent spreading. To win, you absolutely must find remedies.

Remember, this is a game in a team ; everybody loses or everybody wins !

The game Pandemic is also available on iOS (5,49 €).

From 8 years | 2-4 players | playing time : 45 minutes | difficulty : medium

5. Carcassonne .


Carcassonne is a strategy game in which you must build the famous city of the same name.

In turn, the players draw tiles (roads, rivers, close, ..) and the place in the game consistently (like dominoes). The principle of the game is to establish your hegemony and win the most points possible.

Don’t forget to place your supporter on a tile before a player’s opponent does. Carcassonne is incredibly interesting because it is necessary to guess what are the tiles remaining to be one step ahead.

If you like the games tactics, then Carcassonne is for you.

The game Carcassonne is also available on iOS (10,99 €).

From 8 years | 2 to 5 players playing time : 30-45 minutes | difficulty : easy

6. High-Voltage .

Haute Tension

You do not let confuse by the many mental calculations or the environmental issues because High Voltage is a game to be very rewarding.

You need to produce electricity by using different resources (oil, coal, waste, nuclear, or renewable energies) and to build power plants and cities.

The more you can feed these cities into electrical energy, the more you earn money.

This gain is then reinvested in the purchase of plants that are more powerful, or fuel power plants more eco-friendly.

High-Voltage mechanisms of the game really ingenious, as a system of supply and demand that pushed prices up, especially if a resource becomes popular.

We recommend that you do not take the head of the game too early, because it can quickly turn against you.

From the age of 12 | 2 to 6 players | playing time : 120 minutes | difficulty : difficult

7. Love Letter .

Love Letter

Love Letter is a very simple game, perfect for short parts, and by far the most convenient to carry. In the small red bag, you will find 16 cards, the rules of the game and pawns.

Each card represents a courtier, more or less close to the Princess prisoner. Sudden rivalry and bluff, you’re going to try to send him a love letter.
This game is outstanding, full of twists and turns.

If you want to play before Christmas, we advise you around the store. It is difficult to get online.

From 10 years | 2 to 4 players playing time : 20 minutes | difficulty : easy

8. King of New York .

King of New York

In summary, King of New York it is the dice game Yahtzee but with monsters !

Each player takes control of a creature film (King Kong, Godzilla ..) and, one after the other, throws 6 dice, which are marked with the symbols corresponding to actions.

Try the everything in order to be the last survivor and win the most Victory points.

King of New York is a game that is simple, fast, and it is highly recommended for strategists.

From 10 years | 2 to 6 players | duration : 40 minutes | difficulty : easy to medium

9. The Adventurers of the rail Europe .

Les Aventuriers du Rail Europe

The Adventurers of the rail Europe is a simple game and very nice.

Each player starts the game with 45 cars and maps destinations. The goal is to take possession of roads, ferries, tunnels etc, in order to set-up your rail network. It must connect the european cities listed on the card that was drawn. What is not won in advance, since it must be done in a continuous manner, and this without derailing you by your opponents !

From 8 years | 2 to 5 players playing time : 30 to 60 minutes | difficulty : easy

10. Betrayal at House on the Hill .

Betrayal at House on the Hill

The games are of more appeal to a spirit of competition and cooperation, and with Betrayal at House on the Hill you will not be disappointed..

In this horror game, each player represents one of the 12 characters and explores in team a spooky mansion to discover, as new parts (entrance hall, dining room, strong room, basement, catacombs..).

Each time you enter a room, you draw a card (event, object, luck). It then triggers a scenario horrible that requires you to throw the dice to determine if you will be favorable .. or not.

However, these events were almost all something in common, one of the members of the group will prove to be a traitor. The latter must comply with different rules.

And, this is where the game takes a new turn when this will be a single player against many.

The teams are trying both to understand what is the purpose of the other, and how to break it.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game very fun but very unpredictable.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is sold only in English, but the rules in French are easily findable online.

From 12 years old | 3 to 6 players | duration : 60 to 120 minutes | difficulty : medium

11. Scotland Yard .

Scotland Yard

In the game Scotland Yard, in reference to the HQ of the police in london, a player embodies the gangster fugitive Mister X and the others are the detectives. The goal ? Stuck Mister X and put behind bars. If at the end of the game, Mister X is still running the streets of London, then he wins.

Love the semi-cooperative and strategic of Scotland Yard. In effect, it is necessary to disclose any information to other players. The detectives can move freely, and take the transport with an unlimited budget. While Mister X must exercise the utmost discretion in order not to be spotted. He will always have to keep an eye on the map to escape its pursuers.

Scotland Yard promises you of good times you do you ever getting tired.

From 10 years | 3 to 6 players | duration : 45 minutes | difficulty : medium

12. Catan .


The board game Catan is made up of hexagons. Each of them represents a field (pasture, fields, mountains, forests..) with resources to exploit. With the hexagon forest, you start your production of timber, with the mountains you can extract the ore, etc

You will need to develop cities, roads, ports and other structures from these resources. The winner is the one who has the best hexagons, and which accumulated the most victory points.

Be careful, do not you fly by your opponents !

Also play with Catan on your iPhone and your iPad.

From 10 years | 3 to 4 players | duration : 60 to 120 minutes | difficulty : medium

13. Celestia .


Go on an adventure with your team members in the cities of Celestia.

This game takes place in a flying boat that you need to assemble with parts pre-cut.
At the beginning of each round, the players put their pawns on the inside to indicate that they are on board. Throughout the passage, the crew is faced with situations more dangerous (storms, pirates, birds, killers..), which must be overcome by the captain.

Each roll of the dice, the adventurers must decide between : to stop on the nearest island, to recover a reward, or to stay on board at risk of not fulfilling their mission and, therefore, not be rewarded at all.

The question is, the captain there the right cards to fight and keep his crew safe and sound ? Who will be the lieutenant of the most evil one ?

You can add to Celestia, an extension of the game, this allows you to have more cards, but also some additional bonus, different rules for the different characters. There is also the possibility for non-captains to be able to give a helping hand.

-2 to 6 players | ages 8 and older | 30 minutes | Difficulty : Easy

14. Splendor .


The precious stones are the theme of Splendor, a deck of cards fast and surprisingly competitive.

You need to buy, thanks to your chips, precious stone, and gold, of the development boards which earn prestige points or bonus. These will help you get your next cards are less expensive.
As soon as you have enough, a noble visits you, which earns you prestige points.

Our advice is not to have eyes bigger than the belly, do not spend too much time you create a fortune, because with the time this will not earn you more.

The first player to reach 15 points wins the game, and you will find that things speed up quite stimulating when an opponent is approaching the amount of the loot.

From 10 and up | 2-4 players | playing time : 30 minutes | difficulty : easy