The best games of football.


What could be better than a game of football between friends ? If you don’t know which one to choose take a look at our selection of the best soccer games on console, computer and phone.

FIFA 19 .


The football games on console do not cease to evolve and, once again, EA Sports creates the feeling with FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 , has the game engine Frostbite, it is designed to develop new features such as modes scripted, that remind us of Football Manager. Frostbite also brings very good graphics, facial and improves the overall experience of the game.

FIFA 19 is one of the best football games ever made. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, you can also get it on Android or iOS.

PES 19 .


Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 lives unjustly the popularity of FIFA. However, PES 2019 was still an excellent game in the series Pro Evo and have been for a long time.

FIFA holds the license to use the majority of the physical likeness of the official players, their names, teams and stadiums, which is not the case in PES.

But for hardcore fans of the round ball, the gameplay has been improved significantly. PES is faster and more fluid, it is certainly a little less realistic, but it is still very enjoyable to play.

PES 2019 is, dare we say, the choice of the connoisseur. It is playable from a PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Football Manager 2019 .


Football Manager 2019 is a management game of a football team only playable on computer.

This tactical game based on the statistics is a classic, as much to warn you that this game is addictive.

Indeed, choose a team and manage there according to statistics. You are going to be at the head of a large team, like a Mourinho or a Zidane, discover new talents such as MBappé and encourage the teams from the lower leagues to win a Champions Cup.

Football Manager 2019 is available on PC and Mac.

Dream League Soccer 2019 .


Dream League Soccer 2019 is the only game that can compete with FIFA mobile. This is a great mobile game, you will be able to create a team with the best players in the world, and even build your own stadium.

This is the perfect game for lovers of football.

Dream League Soccer 2019 is available on iOS and Android.