The best games for Android.


Want to play on your smartphone or your tablet ? Here is our selection of the best free games on Android !

1. Fortnite .


Fortnite is now available for download on Android, but not on all.

If you have a smartphone or a tablet Samsung Galaxy for example, you will be able to play Fortnite and access mode Fortnite Battle Royale to 100 players, which is also playable on PC and consoles.

You don’t know Fortnite ? The concept is simple : find weapons and equipment and fight until you are the last fighter.

Fortnite is without a doubt, the game Battle Royale the most popular one at the moment, it continues to evolve in offering new game modes.

2. PUBG Mobile .


The game PUBG Mobile type Battle Royale is available on Android since march, 2018.

As soon as the game starts, you have to find weapons, ammo..and face your enemies (players online). You win the game if, and only if, you are the last survivor.

The shooter is easy to manipulate. Once you’re accustomed to the various mechanisms and controls displayed on the screen, you will defend like a real soldier !

3. Final Fantasy XV .


We are fans of Final Fantasy XV on console and PC. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, to our surprise, we were not disappointed. Its graphics are also incredible, and one has the impression to play on our PlayStation.

On the mobile version, the open world is smaller, and some of the missions have been simplified.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is free, and then as soon as you’ve completed the first chapter, the other 8 are paid.

It is not without saying that with such graphics, the battery of your smartphone will be in high demand. Load your Android or get a battery nomad.

4. Frame 2 (4,99 €) .


In Framed 2, you need to put in order the thumbnails of the comic. They will allow your friend to get through every section, and to escape its pursuers armed.

The vignettes are not easy to put together and errors are frequent.

His artistic side and his cryptic script will seduce you for sure. If you like puzzles and puzzles, then Framed 2 is without a doubt for you.

5. Pokémon GB .


Pokémon GO is an application that you download on your Android smartphone, but you play in the real world thanks to augmented reality.

The goal of Pokémon GO is to locate, catch, fight, and exchange Pokémon, you’ll also be encouraged to bring other players around.

According to the creator Niantic John Hanke : “For the first time, the Pokémon shall wander in total freedom in the real world. Pokémon GB will allow players to catch Pokémon in parks, commercial areas, on pavements and in rural areas deserted throughout the world. Imagine discovering a Squirtle, hidden near a lake in San Francisco, a Bulbizarre to the Shinjuku station, or a Pikachu under the Eiffel Tower”.

6. Super Mario Run .


Super Mario is finally available on mobile ! After its launch in December, the exclusive App Store, you can now play Super Mario Run on Android.

Super Mario Run is easy to control, thanks to a gameplay one finger and a simple technology. Although the download is free, note that to unlock its full version is paid.

7. The SIMS .


The Sims Mobile arrived on Android, this mobile version looks very similar to the one on the PC and Mac.

The Sims do you say nothing ? It is a jhad a simulation of life, you create characters, start a family, interact with other characters, hold feasts, etc

In summary, it is you that holds the reins.

Warning, this game is time consuming..

8. .


This game should be in our list. is a contemporary interpretation of the greatest classic of all times : Snake. This is pretty much the same concept, except that instead of walls you need to avoid the other players.
Big and small will love !

9. Crossy Road .


In Crossy Road, cross the roads without getting knocked down by cars, boats, animals, dinosaurs or anything else.

You will not believe it but you will be addicted to Crossy Road.

10. The adventure Layton (17,99 €) .


Adventure, Layton is by far the game the most expensive of our selection. But, il will surely appeal to fans of Professor Layton on Nintendo 3DS.

In The adventure of Layton, you’ll be the daughter of the professor, Katrielle Layton, and will be in search of his father, in the streets of London. You will be asked to complete puzzles and mini-games.

You’re a fan of math problems, puzzles, illusions, optical ? So, don’t hesitate and download The adventure Layton.

11. Jetpack Joypride .


Barry Steakfries is the Ethan Hunt in the mobile game : missions, new gadgets, and of course jetpacks ! A simple game, fun and addictive !

12. Words between friends .


Words with friends is a Scrabble played against friends, online players or a computer.

This game will wake up the competitor in you. Refer to the statistics and prove to your friends that you are comfortable with the words as a writer.

Do not play if you are of an impatient nature, because of the need to wait for each opponent to have formed his word.

13. Plants vs Zombies 2 .


There are many levels and worlds in Plants vs Zombies 2. In each level, there will be new zombies and new plants. They are your army, they will do anything to defend you with their attacks.

You cannot finish a level and the game that if you beat the boss.

14. Dumb Ways To Die 2 .


Dumb Ways To Die 2 is in the same style as the mini-games Warioware : fun, full of actions and the ways in which the characters die are super funny !

15. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (7,99 €) .


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is THE game to have on their Android, in addition it is very easy to play on touch screen.

San Andreas brings to the stage the story of Carl Johnson. He lived in a city malfamée (gangs, drugs, corruption), his mother is dead, murdered, his family is being torn apart, and his friends are no longer what they were..

In the Face of all this violence, Johnson has no other choice than to take control of his life.

As on console, you’re going to “borrow” cars, fly planes, form a gang, etc

16. Last day on earth: survival .


If you’re a fan of the series, The Walking Dead, then you’ll love Last day on earth: survival. In the year 2027, Earth is infested with zombies, you must remove them and survive as long as possible.

Be a strategist, earn skills and create weapons more sophisticated.

Be aware that you are not only human. To increase your chances, form a team with other players online.

One tip however, do not give your trust blindly.

17. Asphalt 8: Hry Pre .


No comparison of games is not complete without a racing game. Asphalt 8 hry pre is one of them.

In hry pre, choose your racing car (Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 911..), and race on over 40 tracks across the world.

18. Hill Climb Racing 2 .


Hill Climb Racing 2 is another racing game but a little different from Asphalt.

At the wheel of your 4×4, climb, descend hills and cross bridges.

Throughout this course tumultuous, collect coins to improve your mount, do a full tank of fuel, but also to unlock other cars.

Do not ride too slowly as you will run out of gas. If you are driving too fast, your 4×4 turns.

Much to be honest with you, Hill Climb Racing is not any rest..

19. War Wings .


Are you tired of puzzles, games, racing or shoot ’em up (kill them all) ? What do you think of a good aerial combat ?

In War Wings, you’ll face airline pilots around the world. Take the height, slalomez, aim, and shoot ! Attention to the crashes !

War Wings is surprisingly entertaining.

20. Super Stickman Golf 3 .


Notice to all lovers of golf, the third edition of Super Stickman Golf is sensational. There are new routes, hints of madness, game modes, and even a golf fashion avian !

See you on the green, aim and swingez !

21. Bejeweld Blitz .


Bejeweld Blitz, you must match sets of three gems in 60 seconds. Each day, there are new missions to accomplish, boosters, and plenty of other rewards to be won.

Challenge opponents and improve your score to achieve the 1st place in the ranking.

You win bonus if you’re fast or if you matchez more than 3 gemstones.

Bejeweld Blitz is open to all public. Its simplicity will make you totally addicted.

Know that you can measure yourself against your friends on Facebook.

22. Candy Crush Saga .


Candy Crush Saga is a mobile game the most popular of all time (93 million players). The rules and the rewards are almost the same as Bejeweld Blitz.

The difference is that there are hundreds of levels, and that these latter are growing in complexity. For certain, you are timed, and for others, it is necessary to achieve the best score.

The opportunity to see what level your friends are Facebook, pushes you to be competitive.

23. Clash of Clans .


Put in place the ultimate Clan with your own army made up of Barbarians, Archers, the Riders of the pig, Wizards, and much more.. Defend your village and let off the King Goblin.

If you like Clash of Clans, play also Clash Royale !

24. Bad Piggies .


The creator of the Angry Bird back with a new game that will make you addicted ! Bad Piggies is a puzzle with a lot of action : not to be missed.