The best free VPN (2020).


Whether it is for your online security or to access content that is geographically limited (Netflix, Hulu, Pluzz ..), there’s a VPN for you.

Due to certain restrictions (number of servers, quantity of data..), the free VPN of our selection are intended for casual use. Check out our ranking of the best subscriptions VPN if you are looking for a service most complete.

What is a VPN ?.

A VPN or “virtual private Network” in proper French, is a system that allows you to send or receive data across a private connection, using a network the internet.

In a professional setting, the VPN are often used for security reasons (to avoid being spied on) or to allow employees to access their computers remotely.

As the VPN can hide the geographic location of a computer, many users use to view sites that would otherwise not be accessible from their country of residence.

Suppose you are a French living abroad and you want to watch videos of the platform Pluzz, Arte, Netflix.. Thanks to the installation of a VPN on your computer, you can pretend that this last is found in France and enjoy all the television programming is hexagonal.

Free VPN vs VPN paid : what is the difference ?.

Usually, the free VPN have a restriction of data and/or a slow connection, which is not really practical if you want to enjoy Netflix US from France or Belgium.

Also, as soon as you exceed the data limit you’ll either need to uninstall it and find another free VPN or pay for more data and options.

You will be so much more satisfied by a VPN, paying a free. However, we recommend that you install the trial version before paying, this will help you have a general idea of its use and its effectiveness.

In our extensive testing of the VPN, both free and paid, it is obvious that you will be much more satisfied if you are willing to spend a few more euros per month, and the service NordVPN and ExpressVPN have proven to be the most effective.

Now, let’s discover what are the best free VPN for your PC or Mac !

1. ProtonVPN .


ProtonVPN is the only service VPN, to our knowledge, that is completely free of charge, is not supported by advertising, does not impose speed restrictions and offering data in unlimited.

The service applies a policy of zero log, protects your data in accordance with the laws of switzerland and encrypts it with the AES‑256 algorithm.

Note, however, that this VPN is very limited since it can only be used on one device only, and it only gives you access to three servers (Usa, Japan, and the netherlands).

2. Windscribe .


The free version of Windscribe is correct. It includes a firewall, adblock, and allows encryption of your data. It is even possible to install it on an unlimited number of devices.

You have access to 10 servers (Usa, Canada, Uk, Hong-Kong, France, Germany, netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Romania), without restriction of speed and its bandwidth is rather generous (10gb/month) in comparison to other free VPN.

There is no guarantee that you access to Netflix and other streaming video services.

3. . VPN

For its subscription free, offers you 2 Gb of bandwidth, to enjoy it you simply need to fill in an email address. However you will be limited to 5 servers, to which the United States, which gives you the ability to access american websites without being blocked by your location.

If you refuse to give an address, then you will not be entitled to 500 Mb, and access to 3 servers based in the netherlands, Singapore, and Canada.

Hide.I didn’t record your activities and will not sell your user data, you have to know that it is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and it has an app Amazon Fire TV.

4. TunnelBear .


United states, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan.. TunnelBear gives you free access to all its servers with the exception of those based on the australian territory.

This VPN has a connection speed that is very reasonable (12Mb/s) but its use is limited to 500 Mb/month ; if you are efficient then it should be enough.

You can always try to win up to 1 Gb of data by promoting the service on Twitter (write in English and be funny).

Beyond 500 Mb, you need to subscribe to an unlimited subscription fee.

5. Hotspot Shield .

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another big name in the world of VPN services. However, it is limited in a number of areas, for example it offers only 15 Gb of bandwidth/month and 500 Mb of data/day..which means no binge‑watching Netflix. In addition, you will see a lot of advertising because they support Hotspot Shield.

Also, be aware that it is restricted to a single server (with the free account) and most importantly, its speed is much lower what you can get with the offer Premium.

6. Opera .


Did you know that the last version of Opera includes an adblocker and a VPN ? This is not an extension but a feature full-fledged internet browser.

This VPN is free, you have no form to fill out or software to download, and even better there are no restrictions of use.

Go to Settings → Privacy and security → activate the VPN. Nothing more simple !