The best free software for Windows.


Certain Windows programs can cost over a hundred euros. If you intend to use them daily, then you may see this as an expense. If this is not the case, then there is a equivalent free that will surely meet your needs.

The best free software of text processing .


You do perhaps not need a full office suite, but only of a word-processing program.

In case you would not know it, be aware that Windows WordPad to his system. It has, of course, less features than Word (track changes, inserting footnotes..) however, it is amply sufficient for the drafting of documents.

Otherwise, there is also the program LibreOffice. Also, if you want a program that copies the interface of Microsoft, then have a look of Kingsoft Office Suite Free.

In addition, the editors PDF free to convert a file in format .doc ou.xls for the change.

If you want to use Word but without buying the software, then run-you review this article.

The best free photo editing software photo .


Photoshop is the software of reference for the photo editors, however, to make some savings, you can use Lightroom 6 or Photoshop Elements 2018, they are both available on Amazon France.

Otherwise, there are applications such as, which can be used off-line, or PicMonkey.

Also, don’t forget the software Paint and its functionality 3D Paint.

In addition, if you have a phone or a tablet, take advantage of the photo editing application free Photoshop Mix, it also supports layers.

The best free antivirus .


Opinions are always divided on free antivirus software, and as for their paid versions, their tests results will change often as manufacturers update their databases and algorithms.

Microsoft has integrated the antivirus Defender on Windows 8 and 10, but this does not prevent you to install other.

The best mail box for free .


The choice of a messaging service is very personal, any recommendation is subject to debate.

Some people swear by Mozilla Thunderbird and other by Incredimail, since the invention of email.

Most uses neither the one nor the other, he prefers to services such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

If you want to change, then refer to our comparison of best mail boxes free of charge.

The best free backup software .


The backup of important files is paramount, but time-consuming. The online storage services allow us to synchronize files without lifting a finger. However, none offer enough space to store all of the data on a PC.

The good news is that there are backup software free, one of our favorites is Easeus ToDo Backup Free.

However, if you have less than 50 Gb of files, we recommend that you take a look at Mega. With this cloud service, you get a free 50 Gb of storage space.

You can browse our selection of the best Cloud, you may be able to find your happiness.

The best free software of video editing .


Windows Movie Maker has bowed out from January 2017, anyway many users found the tool too limited.

Fortunately, there are video editing software free, such as HitFilm Express or Blender.

The best free VPN .


VPN services are not only for anonymous browsing on the Web. In fact, thanks to these it is possible to access its contents, which are normally restricted to a geographical area.

However, the free VPN have two major disadvantages, the advertising and the limitation of the speed of data downloads.

Our advice is to opt for their paid versions against a few euros per month. We have compared several VPN and our choice leans rather on NordVPN.