The best free games for PC.


1. League of legends .


League of legends is another MOBA that is experiencing a tremendous success since its release in 2009.

The game could, very schematically, be summarys as well : two teams of 5 players fight to the elbow-to-elbow in order to destroy the enemy Nexus.

Players must develop a strategy of fight, train, collect items, and overcome many obstacles to achieve their purposes.

League of legends is available here !

2. Neverwinter .


Neverwinter is a great MMORPG game based on the mechanisms of Dungeons and Dragons, and where you will face your opponents by group of 5 players.

You will be plunged into the heart of Neverwinter, one of the cities most famous campaign of the forgotten Realms. It was destroyed because of an attack of the witches and the eruption of a volcano, so she needs to be rebuilt.

However, its recovery is hampered by the forces of evil.. Then, to prevent the chaos to reign, and save the city, you’ll have to fight, complete quests and avoid all the pitfalls.

3. Dota 2 .


Dota 2 is currently one of the MOBA (arena of battle in online multiplayer – in good French) the most popular on the internet.

The idea behind the game is fairly simple : the teams compete in order to conquer the enemy base.

Players can choose between a hundred characters, each with characteristics and specific powers. The association of the different openings on the same team makes the game all the more interesting as it is unexpected.

Dota 2 is available on Stream.

4. Spaceplan .


Spaceplan is a game of type clicker, games in which the player clicks to repeat.

You will be in the skin of an astronaut in orbit around a mysterious planet. Most of your systems are damaged, you drevez then click to move forward and repair your “solar panels”. For this you will need to grow potatoes, these are used to produce electricity.

Yes yes, you understood well. you can use also to build probes to explore other planets.

This game minimalist is very fun and of course it is totally free.

Be aware that Spaceplan is also available on iOS and Android.

5. Bejeweled Blitz .


Bejeweled Blitz is played via Facebook, and looks a lot like the Power of 4.

To collect points, you need to align the maximum of jewels of the same color. When you have completed a line, the line disappears and is replaced by the jewels of the line above.

You get bonus points if the line that you train more than three gems, if you form two lines, a stroke etc.. Simple and addictive.

6. World of Tanks .


World of Tanks is a ‘ massively multiplayer online game (or MMO in English), which showcases the vehicles of the army at the beginning of the 20th century.

Players can choose from a wide selection of vehicles and armed before being let loose in a virtual world in which there is a epic battle.

They entirely control their vehicles, their weapons, and are able to communicate with other players through message or chat.

The goal is to beat the opposing team and capture their bases. Play free to World of Tanks thanks to the platform War Gaming.

7. Warframe .


Warframe is a video game pulls in the first person, developed by Digital Extremes.

Players are dropped into a virtual world, where as warriors ancient/ninja (the Tenno) they must address three groups : the Grineer, the Corpus and the Infested.

Players, in teams of 4, must complete missions such as stealing data or assassinate people enemies high ranks. Each is equipped with three weapons that can be exchanged with those of the killed enemies.

8. QWOP .


QWOP is funny, challenging and very addictive ! In this online game, you play as Qwop, the sole representative of your country in the Olympic Games.

To win the race, you must use the keys QWOP to actuate the legs of your champion. It is much less easy as it seems. Almost 30 million users have tried, and you ?

9. Team Fortress 2 .


Team Fortress 2 is a shooting game in first person extremely popular. Created in 2007, it is still regularly updated, and remains the second free-to-play the more used on Stream.

In Team Fortress 2, two teams compete for a same goal. If you think it is simple, you’re wrong.
Each player can choose among 9 characters, each with his qualities, his defects and his weapons ! Mode 16 x 16 players is particularly intense, especially the first time !

10. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft .


For those who are looking for something a little different, we present to you : Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft. Released in 2011, Hearthstone is a collectible card game online developed by the creators of World of Warcraft.

Available on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android, this game is automatically syncs across the different platforms. You can start your game on PC, resume on your iPad and finish it on your Mac at the office.

Players start the game with a set of maps of the fundamental, but may fall on some specimens more rare or even buy.

11. Agario .


Eat or be eaten. is remarkably easy to play, and oddly satisfying.

When you start the game, you’re just a small cell that cannot absorb that of the smaller than oneself. Then, you grow up, and you can divide (for speed). The goal is to become the largest cell in the game.