The best free games for iPhone.


Transform your smartphone into a console with our selection of the best games for iPhone !

All applications cited in this article are free, but may contain advertising and in-app purchases (for example, you can pay to unlock a level, a character ..).

Our 15 free games for iPhone favorite ! .

1. Super Cat Tales 2 .


Super Cat Tales Original is a classic platform game, featuring a band of cats exploring a mysterious island in search of their congeners.

In this sequel, Super Cat Tales 2, they are back to foil the plans of invasion by a mysterious army of lead soldiers.

Full of surprises, this is a fun adventure made up a story nicely written. Your twink is jumping in all directions, trying to grasp the largest number of gold coins in levitate, which appear in the different levels of the game (over 100!).

While its bright graphics to give the impression of a return to the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), the commands in the Super Cat Tales 2 are quite modern.

Use your thumbs on each side of the screen to run, climb walls and jump like a cat ninja.

This game is a perfect blend between the platform and exploration, we recommend it totally. And anyway, who can say no to little cats cute ?

2. Pokémon GB .


With Pokémon GB don’t get locked up in the house, go on an adventure outdoors, in your garden or in the streets of your city ! Put yourself in the shoes of a trainer’s Pokémon and that can only be seen with the camera of your smartphone.

If you fall on a Florizarre or a Rondoudou, then throw a Pokéball to catch it, and ride your team to battle the trainers near you.

The type of Pokémon that you find in the game varies as a function of time and place, for example, you can find Water Pokémon near water courses, while the Pokémon Plant often hide in the parks.

More than 100 different Pokémon waiting to be found !

Attention, some are of great rarity and to capture them, you’ll have to be really motivated or even hard !

This game has generated a lot of unparalleled upon its release, it is very fun and can be played as a family or solo.

3. Beneath The Lighthouse .


What is there in a lighthouse ? In reality, it is not known, but in Beneath the lighthouse, we can tell you, it is hell !

In this game, you play as a little boy rondouillet to research his great-grandfather. Reasoned, the man must travel underground and caves with walls covered with spikes in order to accomplish its mission.

Between puzzle and action game, Beneath The Lighthouse is definitely worth a visit !

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne .


Asphalt 8: Airborne is a great racing game developed by Gameloft.

Choose your vehicle among a selection of 90 cars, browse cities in hyper-realistic and be the first on the finish line !

Small tip, don’t hesitate to push your opponents on the way, it helps ..

Joyful, colorful, fun .. This game does not take itself seriously, and it is so much better !

5. OCO .


The universe of OCO is a perfect blend of subtle gradations and geometric forms. It is composed of more than 100 levels to solve the tip of your finger.

It is a platform game rather cerebral, which requires precision to find the correct path through a maze.
As you progress through the world of OCO, you will put in place new strategies.

If you want, you can create your own landscapes and then share with an online community.

6. Cally”s Cellars 3 .


Cally’s Cellars is an excellent game, and we want to thank its developers for having let him free.

The story ? The parents of Cally just got kidnap by a scientific evil. She decides to make everything that little girls of her age would do : she takes his gun and sets out to free them.

We very much like the graphics slightly pixelated of Cally”s Cellars, very retro game.

7. The Battle of Polytopia .


The Battle of Polytopia is a strategy game in which you are the head of a unit of fighters.
During a thirty turn, you will be asked to explore, locate and expand your empire you allying or attacking other civilizations.

A big part of the game is based on the development of strategies and in making the best possible use of limited resources.

For the players lack of action, there is a domination mode in which you battle your opponents until only one tribe would survive.

8. Clash Royale .


Clash Royale is free – if you can resist the in-app purchases !

In a small arena, fight other players online and try to conquer their turrets. To win, you need to find the right combination of action cards and combat the attacks of your opponent.

9. Crossy Road .


Simple, intuitive, and colorful, you’ll become addicted to Crossy Road.

The aim of the game is to traverse an infinite series of roads, railways, rivers, while avoiding your character getting crushed like a pancake, and this for as long as possible !

10. It’s Full of Sparks (Sparks of life) .


In It’s Full Of Sparks, aware of imminent death, the firecrackers must find water in which to throw them before they explode. Unfortunately, they evolve a universe fraught with pitfalls.

Go to the pool by controlling your actions as well as by appealing to your logic and this over 80 levels of increasingly rapid and complex.

It’s Full of Sparks is a platform game magnetic pace.

11. Threes! Free .


Threes!, or three good French, is a strategic game, simple and addictive. In this game you will move the numbers on the bricks color.

You will need to embed the digits 1 (blue), the digit 2 (in pink) to make 3 (white). All other digits are multiples of three are created by building-in 2 white brick. 2+1=3 ; 3+3=6 ; 6+6=12, a child’s play !

12. Imago .


Imago is a puzzle similar to but more complex than Threes!. Don’t worry, the game will guide you in the beginning.

In summary, you will want to merge the boxes of the same color, then the same number, until they become too big and that they be made back into small boxes.

The goal is to get the largest number possible.

13. King Rabbit .


The subjects of the king of the rabbits (you) have been kidnapped ! In good monarch, you have to go in search of them, and release them, one at a time ! Attention of many enemies and traps will be on your way.

Gradually King Rabbit is complicated, and before you realize it you’ll have to learn to dodge venomous snakes, bombs, swords ..

14. Leap Day .


In Leap Day, a little guy with a yellow short. It runs by default, and you can only control his jumps. Tap the screen once, it jumps once, tap the screen twice ..

Your goal is to climb the most floors without falling and without getting knock out.

If you manage to collect fruit on the way, you will not have to start the level over again every time you die (and you die often in this game) !

15. Super Stickman Golf 3 .


The golf is a lot less boring than it sounds thanks to Super Stickman Golf 3.

According to the hat you wear, you get different powers that help you to criss-cross paths can no longer be special : dungeons, islands, moving space stations .. Play free on 20 pitches, and if you want more you will need to spend 2.29£ (or 2.58 €).