The best fans.


The mercury reached highs ? The heat begins to invade your interior ? To not leave you to wrestle with and find pleasant temperatures, why not take the plunge and you have a fan ?

If you have already had a glimpse of what it offers the market of fans, then you have probably realized that there are many characteristics to consider. To help you see more clearly, we have dissected the main types of fans and their specificities so that you find the one you need.

Desktop, on foot or in a column.

The first things it is advisable to dwell the style and the size of the fan. On the market, there are three main types : office (on base), on foot and in a column.

Desktop fans are smaller and designed to be placed easily on a table or a piece of furniture. They will usually keep you cool if they are near you, but will probably struggle to cool a whole room.
Also, many products of this kind are quite large and can occupy a large part of the surface of your desk.
However, there are smaller ones, some of which feed by USB but of course they are less powerful..

The fans on foot to adopt a circular design similar to those of office, but are larger (up to a height of 1m50 to 1m80) and more powerful. They are better suited to large rooms.
Their disadvantages are that they occupy a lot of space and are not so stylish to adorn your living room.

Finally, the fans in the column will tend to have a height similar to that of previous models.
However, their design is more slender, with elements of the fan installed inside the main body, rather than just having grids with propellers on the top, and be mounted on the foot.

Their aesthetic is, therefore, more worked, and they are more likely to be equipped with additional features such as purification of air.

With or without a blade ?.

You should be a fan with or without a blade ? Models with blades are of a standard design, while those without adopt the style popularized by Dyson. It is a new generation of fan.
Technically, they are not completely devoid of blades, as they are camouflaged on the inside and therefore not visible.

For their advantages (beyond their modern design), they are much less noisy and safer. In fact, no risk that your hair or hands of the children does not stand in the way of the propellers.

Their only drawback, and not the least, is that they tend to be very expensive, especially if you opt for a brand such as Dyson.

Heating, air purification..

Finally, many models have additional features that go beyond the simple act of blowing air. Dyson, for example, offers models Hot + Cool ventilation in the summer and warm in the winter, the two-in-one.

On the market, you can also find air purifiers, and fans combined. They filter the air, and then eliminate the pollutants and allergens before blowing purified air. The Dyson Pure Cool are a perfect illustration but other brands are riding on this trend.

There are also an increasing number of connected fans, some of them are even compatible with virtual assistants.
Thanks to them, determine a time of turning the power on/off, remotely control their intensity/swing, and go by Alexa or the wizard Google to turn on/off with your voice.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool .


This is the fan’s ultimate because, as its name indicates, the Pure Hot+Cool is a device two-in-one, which cools and heats your home. It can stay in your living room all year.

It also works as air purifier and features a small LCD screen, thanks to which you will get real-time information on the quality of your air as well as the basic details such as speed and temperature.

With its remote control magnetized, adjust all kinds of settings, from the speed of the oscillation (45 to 350 degrees). Many of his methods are very practical, like the night mode for a silent operation and a display to low brightness.

You can also install on your phone the application Dyson Link for further remote control and detailed data.

Fan of office/on foot Bionaire [BASF1016] .

Ventilateur de bureau/sur pied Bionaire [BASF1016]

This Bionaire is similar to the Honeywell (lower in our ranking), and it is a large fan on the foot that costs less than 100 € (depending on the site resale).
For this price you get a camera of very good construction (easy to assemble), stylish and with a plethora of features.

You will need space for a fan this size, and the Bionaire (BASF1016) has two blades, the larger handles a large flow of air while the smaller will direct it more precisely.
The height of the Bionaire is adjustable and can be tilted up of down with a wide area oscillation.

You have the choice between three fan speeds and have a timer that can be programmed for up to eight hours. All of this is controlled with the included remote, however, you will also find buttons on the Bionaire itself.
Finally, you get all of the modes breeze of the night, and sleep which “simulate the flow of natural air”.

We appreciate the design of the Bionaire that is not white as the majority of its competitors ; its finish silver gives him a side and more modern.

It is also sold on Cdiscount, Darty and Rue du commerce.

Honeywell HSF600WE4 Fan on the foot .

Honeywell Ventilateur sur pied

This Honeywell is a large fan on a stand, which costs less than 100 €, equipped with a remote control that lets you choose between 5 settings to change its speed and power.
If you choose to engage its standby mode, then you will see that it is barely audible. Its night mode, it will reduce automatically its light. Note also that it is programmable.

With its maximum height of 58.5 cm and its oscillation, it can effectively cool large rooms and surfaces.

If you want to power at a small price then Honeywell is for you.

In addition, it is sold on Darty and Rue du Commerce.

Dyson Cool fan table .

Dyson Cool ventilateur de table

The Dyson Cool is currently the fan is the least expensive of the range Dyson, and therefore the most sober. Of course, it is devoid of smart features (air purification, heating..), but you get a product without blade with remote control for
adjust its power, its oscillation, and the program (auto on/Off, time ranges..).

The Dyson Cool is efficient, silent and easy maintenance. It is also available via Cdiscount.

Dimplex 360 cooling fan .

Dimplex 360 ventilateur de refroidissement

The Dimplex 360 provides a cooling experience compact and portable, and the price is rather affordable (less than 70 €).

Not surprisingly, its main feature is that it rotates 360° ; with tilt of 90°, it refresh superbly a room full of overheating.
The timer offers you the possibility to turn off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of use, even if we would have liked the option for 12h..

Dimplex says that the breath of the fan extends up to a distance of 20 m. Although it is barely detectable at this distance, the entire piece has been cooled, and this, only a few minutes after its start.

The Dimplex 306 is relatively lightweight (2.4 kg), so you can easily move it from room to room.