The best extensions for Safari.


Safari is the native web browser of Apple, it is used by the majority of iOS users.

Despite an evolution of its features, the installation of other extensions is sometimes essential.

All the Safari extensions approved by Apple can be found in the App Store (or extensions Gallery, Safari). To search, open the browser, go to the Safari menu, and then in Extensions Safari.

In Safari 12, for an application or an extension on the Mac to work, it must be certified by Apple and downloaded from the web page Gallery of Safari extensions.

In addition, Safari 12 blocks extensions from third-party sources, even if some continue to operate under the Mojave.

In this article, you’ll be immersed in the complex world of Safari extensions with a selection of the best of them.

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Adblock .


Advertisements abound more and more on the web. Being able to browse in peace, we recommend Adblock.

This extension allows you to block advertising banners, and the majority of pubs in the form of text, image or video.

We love that Adblock leaves the possibility of establishing a list of white site you agree to the ads.

Derpyme .


You regularly share web address on Facebook or Twitter ? To limit the size of these, we recommend that you Derpyme.

The extension is fast and easy to use. To generate a web address, shortened, simply go to the web page that you want to share and click on the button Derpyme.

DuckDuckGo .


Google is still the king of search engines, but more and more people are interested in services rivals such as DuckDuckGo.

Unlike Google or Bing, DuckDuckGo does not keep track of searches you make.

Firstly, you can set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine by going to Safari Preferences, and then download its official expansion. It offers many features such as blocking the trackers, advertising.

HoverSee .


HoverSee you can pre-view the content of a website by hovering with your mouse pointer.

It also allows you to “see beyond” the links when you’re browsing galleries such as Flickr or Imgur. HoverSee even works on YouTube and Vimeo !

Incognito .


You have searched on Google for “washing machine not expensive” and now all the pubs that you see on the net you extol the qualities of such or such a machine ? Are you tired ? You’re not the only one.

We recommend that you test Undercover. This extension will block most of the trackers from Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Waste No Time .


If when you work, you get easily distracted by the social networks, then WasteNotTime will please you.

This extension allows you to block access to any site, during a given period of time.

You have to make a report at the end of the week ? Block Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest every day from 8h to 18h !

Website Opener .


You visit the same websites every morning ? Save time with Website Opener.

Download the extension and save all the sites you want to see appear in a moment.

Once this is done, you will no longer have to click on the button of the extension to make them appear simultaneously, in different tabs.

SearchPreview .


When you run a web search, you will usually see a few images at the top of the results list, followed by simple textual descriptions of the following web sites.

If you install the extension SearchPreview, you will see a preview image of each web page present in your research. In addition, the extension works with Google, Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

Shut Up .


The comments that you see in the bottom of the articles or YouTube videos you depress ? Block them !

Available as an extension for Safari or iOS app, ShutUp prevents the display of comments on the majority of websites.

YouTube Lyrics .


If you listen to music on YouTube, then you’ll likely extension YouTube Lyrics by Rob Wu.

Thanks to this extension, you have to do is click a button to reveal the lyrics of the songs that you listen to on YouTube !

Resize Me .


When browsing the internet, we find ourselves quickly with multiple windows open and scattered everywhere on the screen.

In order to organize at best during shopping sessions, or multiple searches on the web, there are extensions used to resize the windows of your browser. The one that has managed to stand out from the others is Resize Me.

Very simple to use, Resize Me displays a toolbar on your Safari window, where it offers 6 different sizes, including full screen.

Thus, you can reduce or enlarge instantly the window on which you find yourself.

PanicButton .


PanicButton is an extension of practice in the case research embarrassing NSFW (Not Safe For Work = Not suitable for work).

If you don’t want as a colleague, for example, is aware of what you look at on the internet, then install PanicButton, you simply press the icon of the same name located in the search bar of Safari.

In this way, all your tabs will be hidden and will be replaced by a web page neutral, previously chosen. You will then be able to restore them or delete them.

If you want to, it is also possible to configure a keyboard shortcut. For more security, add a password to prevent anyone from restoring the previous actions.