The best extensions for Kodi (2019).


Kodi is a media center (the literal translation of Media Center), which brings together within a single platform all your videos, photos and music. Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, you can read files present on your computer or to use extensions to gain access to more content via the internet.

We have gathered for you the best extensions to make the most of the opportunities of Kodi. Most of them are directly accessible from the directory of the software, for others you have to find online the latest version available.

Also check out our guide using Kodi and our tutorial to update the software.

Best extensions for Kodi : movies and TV.

Exodus Redux.

It is the most popular application for watching videos. Created by the same developers as Genesis, his sophisticated interface allows easy navigation and nice in the videos library.

Unfortunately, the application does not distinguish between the content shared legally and the other, you will need to exercise judgment to stay on the good side of the law.

Kodi and Tech Advisor do not encourage piracy, and you should not use the extensions listed in this article that in order to access legal content. Note also that in the past Exodus has transformed some of the computers of its users in a DDoS botnet (networks of computers infected by a virus).


Stream All The Sources, or Salts, is a very good alternative to Exodus. This extension brings together the contents of various web sites and even allows access to videos in HD. To use Salts you will need to create an account (free) on


Phoenix is an extension of a very popular that provides access to a catalog of videos that is updated regularly. The contents are organized by categories, and you can simply navigate between them.


PlayOn allows you to integrate Netflix to your Kodi. This extension has the advantage of enabling the recording, in MP4 format, all content on Netflix. You can watch them on any screen or even on the move.


Given its popularity, it is not surprising that several extensions allow access to YouTube. We recommend that you try the one developed by Bromix.


With Navi-X, watch playlists of videos created by other users on the web. Warning, this application can give you access to illegal content, and navigate with caution.


Twitch is the platform video destination for gamers, but not that. Explore all the channels from Twitch due to its application Kodi.

Best extensions for listening to music .


Music lovers will not be surprised to see the SoundCloud at the top of this list. This famous application provides access to an incredible catalog of music from around the world (with recordings of very good quality).

TuneIn Radio.

Stream any radio in the world (they are not all but almost) using TuneIn Radio.

MP3 streams.

As its name implies, MP3 streams, you can listen, in streaming, MP3 around the world. The pieces are well-organized and you can browse the library by genre, top albums, new releases ..

The best extensions for Kodi : games, sub-titles, and organization.


This application, which impresses with its simplicity of use and its sophisticated interface, you can access your personal library (music, series, videos, pictures) from Kodi. For the moment, this extension for Kodi is available only to subscribers of the Plex.

Dbmc (Dropbox) and Onedrive.

Integrate Dropbox to Kodi through the application Dbmc. Many extensions allow you to integrate other Cloud such as Microsoft OneDrive.

Addon Install.

This application facilitates the installation of other applications ! Simply.


If you are curious and want to know your habits of viewing, then download Trakt. This application saves your media consumption, you can share this information with your friends and helps you discover new programs.

BSPlayer and Subscene.

Need subtitles ? BSPlayer and Subscene are two extensions that make it possible to download subtitles for your movies and series favorite.

Picture Slideshow Screensaver.

Turn your TV or your computer screen into a digital photo frame by installing this extension.

ROM Collection Browser.

Kodi has a number of applications with which you can do just about anything, and even go back in time. Finally, almost, since this application allows you to access the best video games of the 80s like Pac-Man or Super Mario World !