The best DVD and Blu-Ray player for Mac.


Apple has been one of the first manufacturers to no longer include DVD drives in its laptops, and this new design has quickly extended to the iMac. Which means that if you want to extract music files or videos saved on your CD, DVD, or making copies, then the only solution was to buy an external drive, the SuperDrive from Apple itself.

To this day, there are other, here are 4 that might appeal to you.

Drive DVD external Pioneer BDR-XD05 .


The brand Pioneer is as a reference for technology enthusiasts. The leteur external BDR-XD05, small and light, is able to read and write to all BDXL, it supports BD-R triple, quad layer, BD-RE (rewritable) to triple-layer, as well as the Blu-ray, DVD, and CD standard.

Among its interesting features include the silent mode, automatic (Auto Quiet) which adjusts the speed of rotation of the disk and the mode, PowerRead, which, according to Pioneer, helps the reader to manage the disks slightly scratched.

The USB 3.0 cable is included and as a bonus, you will receive the Cyberlink Media Suite 10, but the latter is only compatible with Windows. For your Mac, we recommend the free program VLC through which you will be able to view your Blu-ray.

Patuoxun drive DVD burner external .


If you are looking for an external drive cheap is used only for watching DVD’s and read CD’s, then look no further than the Patuoxun is the one you need.

For a little less than 20 €, you get a DVD burner that can be used to create backups of your system or access a video/music library more broad.

Be aware that a USB 3.0 cable is provided, and if you have a recent Mac, you’ll need a USB Type-C to USB-A.

Player/DVD burner LG .

Lecteur DVD LG GP57EW40

Just like the Patuoxun above, the GP57EW40 LG is an appliance that is inexpensive and lightweight. It is not compatible with Blu-Ray, but it reaches write speeds of 24x for CD, 8x for DVD+R and 6x for DVD+R double layer, although it has a USB 2.0 connection.

LG includes its function Silent Play, which control the rotation speed of the drive and keeps the drive quiet during use.

Simple, cheap and reliable. No bad surprise.

Topelek Reader and burner blu-Ray external .

Topelek Lecteur et graveur BluRay externe

For almost the same price as the Apple SuperDrive, there is the drive Topelek that allows you, in addition to CD, DVD, burn and read Blu-ray discs. Its design is quite similar to that of the SuperDrive, it is just as elegant, and its thin size will not weigh in your bag.

It also is sold with a USB 3.0 cable, which, if you have a recent Mac, it will be necessary to add an adapter or hub USB Type-C to USB.