The best dashcam (2020).


For the past few years, the dashcam (or cameras) are allowed in France.

Note that the public release of the images that they capture are subject to the laws relating to the protection of privacy. It is forbidden to post videos without the prior permission of the persons appearing in, or without having hidden their face and license plate.

Also, if you want to use the images recorded as evidence in a road traffic accident, you must inform the other drivers involved that you have a dashcam.

In addition, when you travel in Europe, it is important that you be aware of the terms and conditions of use of the dashcam.

In article, we have gathered for you the best dashcam available on the market.

The result of this selection, do not hesitate also to take a look at our buying guide.

1. Next, the Basic Dash Cam 312 GW Electronics onboard .


The Next Base 312 GW is a very good dashcam, with it, you will get images of excellent quality (30fps and full HD).

It is easy to use and thanks to its magnetic bracket you can easily remove it and put it back in place.

It has a GPS, which is also very easy to implement since all its settings are pre-recorded.

2. VIOFO A129 Duo .

VIOFO A129 Duo

The onboard camera VIOFO A129 Duo fits discreetly to the front and to the rear of your car.

It records videos 1920 x 1080 p quality is very good and, thanks to its wide angle, it captures every detail. Its sensor front is a Sony starvis imx291 sensor that offers a vision of the night efficient and accurate.

This VIOFO has a polarizing filter which is used to protect the lens, reduce glare, as well as bring out the colours.

3. Viofo A119 V3 .

Viofo A119 V3

The onboard camera A119 V3 has a design similar to that of the A129. It adapts to your windshield with a lot of discretion, and due to its small size, you will have no difficulty to place it behind your rear-view mirror, a place to capture a panoramic view.

With its Sony sensor Starvis IMX335, the Viofo A119 V3 can record videos of up to 2560 x 1440 resolution at 30 frames per second.

In addition to its sensor, this camera offers a fast f/1.6, with a field of view of 140°.

Finally, with its parking and its feature of motion detection, even when parked, it keeps an eye on your car and records every event unusual.

To save a maximum number of images of your trips, please do not hesitate to add a SD card of 256 Gb.

4. Nextbase 422 GW .

Nextbase 422 GW

The Nextbase 422 GW is a camera embedded compact which is easily installed behind your rear view mirror using magnetic media.

It is equipped with a touch screen HD IPS 2.5 inches. Its angle of view is 140 degrees giving you a wide field of view.

Its video quality is excellent with a made perfectly clear, thanks in particular to its resolution of 1 440p and its objective F1.6.

It boasts of useful technology like the QuickLink Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Thus, you can synchronize your files on your smartphone, edit them, and share them via the application MyNextbase Connect.

In addition, it has a G sensor which automatically backs up your images.

This model 422 GW has GPS functionality, high precision and, for greater security, she joined the voice assistant Alexa, so that you can control your camera without letting go of the steering wheel.

5. Nextbase 522 GW .

Nextbase 522 GW

The Nextbase 522 GW is almost identical to the Nextbase 422 GW, of which the design is also compact and discreet.

What differentiates the model 422 GW is the size of its touch screen (3 inches) and its polarizer integrated. It automatically improves image quality by reducing glare.

Otherwise, it is equipped with the same objective F1.6 and has a viewing angle of 140 degrees, with a resolution of 1 440p.

Side features, the image of the 422 GW, it has the QuickLink, Bluetooth, and is compatible with Alexa, and the sensor G.

6. Nextbase 412 GW .

Nextbase 412 GW

Do not confuse this dashcam with the Next Basic Dash Cam 312 GW (1 in our ranking). This dashcam is 30 € more expensive because its videos are of the best quality Quad‑HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and full HD (1920×1080). His images, they are more detailed than the 312 GW.

The Nextbase 412 GW is also equipped with the GPS function. As to maintenance, use either its pad or its magnetic media.

7. Nextbase IN-CAR CAM 112 DASH CAM .

Nextbase IN-CAR CAM 112 DASH CAM

The Nextbase 112 has, as the 412GW, a magnetic bracket for attachment and removal without the effort of your car. This is very handy when you need to remove it to transfer your videos or take photos, for example.

This is the only camera in this comparison which has a resolution of 1280×720 pxls, which means that your images will be less accurate. But, thanks to its wide angle lens of 120 degrees, it is very easy to distinguish the license plates. The videos taken at night are of an acceptable quality.

We appreciate it especially for its ease of use.

Please be aware that this camera has no Wi‑Fi, or GPS. In addition, it will not be possible to view videos on its screen of 2 inches.

If you have a limited budget, this is the dashcam you need.

8. Garmin Dash Cam 55 .

Garmin Dash Cam

The on-board camera Garmin is very well designed and simple to use. To install it you just plug it in to the 12V socket of your car. Once in place, you can also control it using voice commands.

Unlike its competitors, the Garmin 55 is equipped with a warning system for collisions, safety distances, and the overlapping of continuous lines. It automatically detects any incident, and records simultaneously the impact.

An alert function “Go” has also been integrated to notify you when it is time to move forward.

If you don’t keep it plug in to a power source, then his autonomy will be 30 minutes, which is quite satisfactory.

Its resolution is 1440p thanks to it, your images will have made a very net, where the license plate be read easily.

The Garmin 55 includes a GPS and Wi-Fi, this will allow you to make the most of the application Garmin Virb (iOS/Android) for a remote control.

Cost of the dashcam.

There are dashcam for all budgets, since their prices vary between 20 € and 200 €. This being said, the models the less expensive ones do not offer the best picture quality. More dashcam have features, the more they are expensive.

The battery.

There is a dashcam that incorporate batteries. These last allow to save the record as soon as you turn off the engine of your vehicle.

You also get a few minutes to take photos.

The GPS.

The GPS functionality logs your position, shows the speed at which you ride, and the limit allowed on your route. In addition, the GPS data sync with the video. When you play the video, you’ll see the location, date and time of the recording.

The G-sensor.

The G-sensor or motion sensor detects shocks, acceleration, etc.. This sensor activates the camera as soon as your car starts and turns off its complete stop.

Mode parking.

This feature allows you to monitor your car and record the impact in the event of motion detection with G‑sensor. However, it is always better to have a camera at the front and one at the rear to cover most of the visual field. Otherwise, opt for a camera to dual-channel.


Not to drain too fast the battery of your onboard camera, manufacturers recommend to turn off your dashcam when your vehicle is at a standstill. The best is to leave it plug to the cigarette lighter, because for many vehicles, the electrical supply to the cigar lighter is switched off at the same time as the engine.

The Wi‑Fi connection.

Some dascham can connect to the Wi‑Fi. This allows you to watch your recordings from your iPhone or your Android, but also transfer your videos to your computer or your phone.

However, for a faster transfer, we recommend that you use the micro SD card of your dashcam.

The micro SD card.

Most of the dashcam are devoid of storage space and no micro SD card is not provided. Also, the majority of them does not support SDXC, which therefore limited to a maximum of 32 Gb of storage space extendable (4 to 5 hours of video).

So before you buy a micro SD card of 128 Gb, check their compatibility with the SDXC.


Accessories vary a dashcam to another. The onboard cameras are often sold with cables that are long enough to pass through the linings of the roof to the passenger door and reach the cigarette lighter. It deplores the fact that the manufacturers do not provide USB cable, this would have been welcome to use a USB power adapter 12V.