The best connected devices compatible with Google Home (2020).


The speakers Google Home and Home Mini are a great way to stream your favourite music, to control your devices Smart Home and via the voice assistant to respond to your inquiries and orders.

To enjoy even more of the capabilities of these jewels of technology, we have collected some of the best connected objects currently available on the market and compatible with Google Home and Home Mini. Lights, chromecast, or thermostats, there’s something for all tastes.

1. Chromecast .


The Chromecast completes the range Google Home. Thanks to such a device, which is more compatible with Android and iOS, stream your movies and music, control your tablet, or connect your computer screen to your tv.

If you want to watch Netflix for example, then connect the Chromecast to your TV and a simple “Ok Google,” your voice assistant and send him the order to launch the application.

A Chromecast standard on average it costs 39 € and offers a quality video maximum 1080p. If you’re fond of 4K, and HDR, so we advise you to look on the side of a Chromecast Ultra at €69.

2. Wall mount Sportlink for Google Home Mini .

Support Mural Sportlink pour Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is a compact, but the aesthetic of which may be marred by its connections perceptible.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to hide these wires which exceed : use a wall bracket Sportlink.

It is a box that plugs directly in to your wall outlet and into which you install your Google Home Mini. At the rear, a fishing reel has been placed to wind the cord and hide it.

3. Basic Google Home .

Base pour Google Home

Thanks to this database, change the appearance of your Google Home and adapt its design to your interior or your mood by changing the color of its base.

Its magnetic tether system facilitates the makeover of your enclosure and the installation only takes a few seconds !

Google offers three finishes, coral, Metal/Carbon and Copper.

4. Portable charger-Kiwi Design .

Chargeur portable Kiwi Design

Despite its shape and its small size, the Google Home Mini is not a portable device. When it is disconnected from an outlet, it is no longer really useful, unless you have a portable charger, like the Kiwi Design.

The latter has been specially designed to accommodate the Google Home Mini. So, how does it work ? You just need to place your Mini to the inside of the charger and connect to it via its micro-USB port.

With a capacity of 7,800 mAh, you can travel with your Mini and use it for several hours. Just make sure you stay connected to Wi-Fi.

5. Philips Hue Starter Kit .

Philips Hue Kit de Démarrage

To be able to control your home with voice, devices Google Home are compatible with a wide range of products Smart Home. The lights connected are part of the most popular. Philips Hue is a recognized brand in this area.

It offers also a starter kit consisting of 3 light bulbs that are compatible with Google Home. Thanks to it, change the color of the lights to your housing and set programs of lightings via Google Wizard.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat .

Nest Learning Thermostat

Adjust the temperature of your home through Google Home it is possible. Nest Learning Google, for example, is a thermostat connected that adjusts intelligently to your needs.

It lights up when you enter a room and automatically decreases the temperature when you are away for too long. It adapts to your habits to save you in energy economy.

7. Etui clock Support Lanmu .

Etui Support d'horloge Lanmu

You have a habit of waking up every morning with your pregnant Google Home Mini ?

Turn-the now alarm clock vintage thanks to the support Lanmu. This creative concept takes the form of a clock, put in your speaker Mini to give it a retro look.

This case support Lanmu is available in blue, pink, and green.

8. TP-Link Socket connected WiFi .

TP-Link HS100

With the help of TP-Link, control your devices remotely via Google Wizard.

In addition, using voice commands and mobile application Kasa, you can turn on or off your connected objects, plan, schedule activation, and set a timer.

With its away mode, set slots in the day to automatically provide power to a lamp, for example, and give the impression that you are home.

The TP-Link H100 is compatible with Android or iOS.

9. Battery Ninety7 LOFT to Google Home .

Batterie Ninety7 LOFT pour Google Home

The drum Loft to Google Home turns your voice assistant in a portable speaker. Thanks to this latter, in addition to carry your Google Home everywhere with you, you will give him a new look.

This basic Loft offers six hours of battery life to your Google Home with a single charge.