The best cleanup software for PC (2020).


With time, various unused applications and old files accumulate on your Windows and eventually slow it down.

To address this issue and give him a second youth, you can clean your PC without having to use a software, however, it is preferable to use a so that said computer is rid effectively of all files cumbersome.

To reset your PC to new, here is a selection of the best cleaning software.

1. CleanMyPC .


Created by MacPaw, CleanMyPC is a cleaning program Windows free very reliable that offers several features. This utility will delete all the unnecessary files without adversely impacting the operation of your PC, and ensuring a proper maintenance.

In fact, in order for your computer to be faster and reboosté, CleanMyPC analyzes all of your PC, empty your recycle bin, will check your extensions and sorts your registry to streamline your user experience.

In order to free up space, it uninstalls the files and folders that you never use.

Thanks to its function Uninstaller Multiple get rid also of several applications at the same time.

CleanMyPC has a free version, if you want to subscribe to a single PC, then the subscription is at the price of 39.95 €/year.

2. Advanced SystemCare from IObit .

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare from IObit is a great tool all-in-1 that optimizes the performance of your computer.

Its free version offers a real-time monitoring of your Windows so as to prevent any problem. It also gives you the rate of use of your RAM and CPU.

His analysis of the system allows it, to identify all the delays, all the threats of spyware, and all files or old registry entries.

Its Pro version offers tools for optimization with improved and more powerful. It applies in particular to the automatic cleaning of the registers, analysis of malware, defragmentation of hard disk data, or even accelerator Internet.

3. AVG TuneUp .

AVG TuneUp

In addition to its anti-virus software, AVG offers a program to enhance your Windows AVG TuneUp and like other utilities, it has a free and paid version.

The free version only allows you to run a system scan to identify the registry problems, junk files, cache, tracking cookies, startup programs, etc

For the benefit of more options, it will be necessary to count on its Pro version. In addition to the analysis, it provides an automatic maintenance in real-time, a cleaning of your hard disk in depth, tools, Internet accelerator, or even the sleep of the unused programs.

You will enjoy the ease of its interface, with its check boxes and drop-down menus.

AVG TuneUp Pro is at 44,99 € per year.

4. CCleaner .


CCleaner is the cleaning software for PC the most popular. It is letting go, and optimizes your Windows system with a single click.

With its free version, delete your cookies for internet browsing more secure, you should remove the unnecessary files to speed up your PC and arrange for your records to regain its fluidity of yesteryear.

The professional version, in addition to the features mentioned above, monitor your PC in real time, performs automatic updates, and planning a cleaning. CCleaner will also disable the unused programs to ensure a faster startup.

After its 14-day free trial, CCleaner Professional costs $ 19.95 a year for a PC.

5. Norton Utilities .

Norton Utilities Premium

Symantec, the company that created Norton Security Antivirus, is known for its antivirus. It counts among its solid programs the highly effective Norton Utilities which offers tools for rebooster your PC.

Thanks to an automatic setting, your computer will be rid of the duplicates and applications deemed unnecessary, because of this you will enjoy a little more space on your PC.

With its function Complete System Cleaning, de-clutter your computer in one click. Norton Utilities is also responsible to delete links to programs broken, update the registry and get rid of files potentially sensitive. In addition, it also recovers your files, photos and videos deleted by mistake.

Norton Utilities is 39.99 € per year.

6. WinOptimizer Ashampoo .

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9

WinOptimizer provides many of the features of cleaning, in particular the optimization by 1 click.

This program relieves your hard disk, removes unnecessary files, manages shortcuts broken and will erase your history and browsing cache. And, its energy manager adjusts the resource requirements of your PC in order to extend its range.

With WinOptimizer, permanently delete your sensitive data, protect it via a password or encryption. Its full version is 29,99 €.

7. OneSafe PC Cleaner .

OneSafe PC Cleaner

OneSafe is another effective software that addresses system errors and protect your browsing on the web (input of data bank, identification numbers..). It also removes invalid shortcuts, duplicates, files, bulky, etc

Its the free version, you will examine thoroughly your computer to optimize it for a gain in speed and to configure its startup.

To enjoy more features, such as the ability to recover files deleted by mistake, delete duplicates, or to permanently delete confidential data, then you will need to buy its full version.

8. System Mechanic from iOLO .

iOLO System Mechanic 18.5

For a faster PC, there are also iOLO System Mechanic. Its interface is simple to use and has a wide choice of options.

Thanks to its technology LiveBoost, System Mechanic ensures that your processor, your RAM and your hard drive are not over-exploited by programmes that are too energy-intensive.

LiveBoost offers mode Ultra Performance to remove non-essential programs and the Stamina mode to reduce the power consumption of your PC.

His tool called PC Cleaner helps you to automatically erase the clutter from your browser, including your HDD, and your instant messaging software (Skype, Yahoo! ..).

For more privacy, use the Privacy Cleaner to leave no trace of your activities on Windows.

iOLO System Mechanic is in English and costs 39,96 $, that is 36,31 € per year.