The best cleaning software for Mac (2020).


With time, your Mac accumulates unnecessary files, it is then becomes difficult to keep a Mac in top form. Fortunately, there are many tools to remove, recover space and refurbish your Apple computer.

In this article, we have selected the best cleanup utilities for macOS.

First of all, be aware that, generally, if an application is downloadable from the Mac App Store, this means that it has been verified and consciously tested by Apple. It is, therefore, qualified as safe.

However, it may have a few flaws, for example the application of Dr. Cleaner. A program supposedly designed to clean up Mac, but which, in fact, collected the data of the users. Apple has since removed ; we recommend that anyone using Dr. Cleaner to stop doing it immediately.

Before you use one of the four cleaning software of our selection, we recommend that you back up your most important data on a Cloud, a HDD external or an SSD, this will prevent you from deleting them by mistake.

CleanMyMac X .


CleanMyMac X MacPaw is a cleaning software for Mac very effective. This utility is a tool all-in-one. It includes, among other things, a performance monitor and a tool to uninstall malware.

Its very simple interface offers a rich palette of features, such as the thorough cleaning of your system. This will allow you to optimize your storage space by removing temporary files, reducing the size of the apps and correcting system errors.

It is also possible to analyze your folders Photos, iTunes, email attachments.. and erase unnecessary files.

With CleanMyMac X, uninstall completely applications, delete various extensions.. and most importantly, improve the performance of your macOS.

There is a trial version available, but it limits CleanMyMac X to delete 500 Mb of files to the maximum. To access more options, you can purchase its full version to 39,95 € for a Mac and for a year or opt for its final installation, at 79,95 €.

Be aware that the license may be transferred to another Mac, provided that the previous installation had been disabled.

MacPaw offers regular promotions, remember to check out their website to see all the good plans.

DaisyDisk .


If you’re more visual, then we recommend DaisyDisk. This excellent tool shows the contents of your disc in a colorful graphic and interactive. The files are classified in different groups : Applications, Library, System,..

Click on each color in the diagram, you will be shown the space occupied by a folder or specific documents.

A simple glance will suffice you to understand how is used your storage space.

If you want to get rid of a file is useless, then drag and drop it to the bottom left, then click on the Delete option. The deletion is final.

If, after your free trial of DaisyDisk you are convinced, then please do not hesitate to switch to the full version for 10,99 €.

MacBooster 8 .


MacBooster 8 is a powerful tool, it offers not only basic functions, disk cleaning (removal of duplicate records, search large files, recovery of memory space..), but it also scans for virus and malware. In this way, MacBooster 8 protects your Mac.

Note that this is a comprehensive program, however it may be a little too complicated for beginners. We therefore recommend that, to make a backup of your system before you start to delete files.

MacBooster 8 is available free of charge for 14 days.

If you are interested, then you have the choice between 3 versions, Standard, at 3.33 $/month (3,02 €), Premium (for 3 Macs) at $4.99/month with a help of a priority (the 4.53 €) and Lite (for 3 Macs) without support 24h/24 89,95 $ (81,75 €).

Parallels Toolbox .


Parallels has very many tools that can be used to perform various tasks on your mac (screen shot/one-area, blocked the standby, create a GIF, mute the microphone, record a video..).

Parallels Toolbox is 19.99 € a year, before you begin, it offers a free trial version of 7 days.

This program allows you also, let us not forget to clean your mac and free up some space (uninstalling apps, find duplicates). His tool Clean disk scans your..disk and provides you with the option to delete the unnecessary items, this will allow you to accelerate its speed of execution. The function Freeing memory is also going in this direction.

App Cleaner and Uninstaller .


App Cleaner and Uninstaller of Nektony is easy to use. This program, which does not take up too much space, done a good job of cleaning unnecessary files and other waste materials that remain after uninstalling software.

App Cleaner also allows you to remove carefully the applications from the startup, and identify which will be launched in the ignition of your computer.

The free version performs the most simple tasks. In contrast, with the Pro, delete the extensions system, the executable files and the applications. Finally, it exempts advertisements !

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