The best Christmas movies on Netflix.


Netflix : how does it work ?.

Netflix is a platform that pay-for streaming which offers a wide selection of series, movies, cartoons or even documentaries.

With the Netflix app available on iOS and Android, you can access this service from any device : televisions, smartphones, computers, tablets,. .

Three types of monthly subscriptions are available, the first month is free :

Essential to 7.99 €/month : on a single screen.
Standard 11,99 €/month : on 2 screens at once.
Premium 15,99 €/month : up to 4 screens at once.

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The Christmas movies not to be missed on Netflix.

Now let’s move to serious things and here are just for you, our selection of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

1. A Safari for Christmas .


After the departure of his son for the university, Kate Conrard decided to go for a safari with her husband. Unfortunately, his plans two fall into the water when he announces abruptly that he wishes to put an end to their relationship.

A blow that does not prevent him to go to Africa and enjoy his new life. She even makes an encounter that will disrupt his future..

Despite the many setbacks of the main character, A Safari for Christmas is a romantic comedy in which all the ingredients are gathered to make you spend a good time.

2. 48 Christmas greetings .


24 hours of Christmas, Mindy, Sammy, and Cam, three santa’s elves wander the 48 letters of wishes written by the children of the town of Minnedosa.

To repair their stupidity and save the magic of the season, they go into the city to collect the wishes of the more expensive small. They succeed, thanks to the help of Blake, a little boy, reckless of 10 years.

3. The Grinch .


The Grinch tells the story of a character’s green and hairy and hates Christmas.
Folded up in his cave on mount Crumpit, he can not stand to see the joy of the village at the approach of that feast of which he said he was allergic to.

While the inhabitants of Whoville are scared by the Grinch, the young Cindy Lou, she wants to discover what lies really behind this being that everyone describes as a monster. She falls in love affection for him and even managed to soften his heart grumpy.

Unfortunately, once again disappointed by the villagers, the bitterness of the Grinch starts all over again pushing it then to steal Christmas..

4. The Princess of Chicago (movie Netflix) .


Known for his love story with Troy (Zac Efron) in the trilogy High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens is now headlining the movie Netflix The Princess of Chicago.

It embodies not “the” but “the” role of a princess and a pastry is like trait to trait.

These two young women at once completely different and yet very similar decide to play to their similarity in physical and share their lives.

We grant you the story is not very original, but Vanessa is charming and endearing in this dual role. This film mixes humor, love and dream ; all the ingredients to spend a good time with the family.

5. The Chronicles of Christmas (movie Netflix) .


On the evening of christmas eve, Teddy and Kate wish to shoot the Father Christmas in full action, but also to sneak into his sleigh. The feast will be wasted because of an unfortunate accident that they are themselves caused. To redeem, they will not have other choice than to help save Christmas.

An extraordinary adventure that all children want to live.

A beautiful film full of humor to absolutely look at, especially during this holiday season.