The best chargers usb power (2020).


Phones and tablets to recharge more quickly, but it is rare that an outlet that is capable of supporting these speeds edge is provided with the purchase of a new device. And, if this is the case, many are those who continue to use their old charger 5W, yet terribly slow.

Also, be aware that the softness of a load is not a fate because it is likely that your smartphone, for example, can be reloaded much more quickly, you just lack the charger proper.

In this article, we have collected the best mains USB, to one or more ports, for a quick energy boost to your phone/tablet.

These latter, that can plug directly into a wall outlet, are extremely practical if you have several USB devices to charge at the same time.
It frees up power outlets and having an adapter for each mobile device.

Models the fastest integrate with the technology Quick Charge 3.0 18W, but they are not worth the money, if the device runs out of battery is also compatible with.
Even if it is not, be aware that there are products that can provide up to 12W of power, which is significantly faster than your charger 5W.

Note that the wall outlets and USB are not powerful enough for a laptop and some game consoles. To do this, you will need a compatible model, Quick Charge 4/4+ or Power Delivery, which can deliver up to 100W over USB-C.

Finally, there is no need for you to worry about the amount of energy that your mobile devices will accept because they will only take what they need.

1. RAVPower Charger, USB ac 6 Port 60W .


We love the RavPower 60W 6 Port Filehub, because it is a solution to multi-USB interesting and affordable. It’s a gadget all-in-one, which thanks to its 6-port and its application, allows to make the full of energy but also to save/transfer data (between your smartphone and HDD).

It has a USB output-C PD up to 24W, three of them are standard USB, two of which are of 12W, and finally a fifth is a Quick Charge 3.0.

Be aware that the port for the data transfer can recharge your small devices at a power of 7.5 W.

A power cord of 1.5 m, as well as a warranty of 18 months are offered to you.

2. Anker Powerport PD +4 65W .

Anker Powerport PD +4 65W

With the charger, Anker Powerport PD +4 65W and the Power technology IQ, recharge your gadgets USB-C at speed large V. It has a sleek design that easily has its place on your desk.

You can connect 4 devices at once, who will share equally in the energy. USB output-C, alone, delivers an impressive power of 45W.

3. Anker PowerPort Speed 5 PD .

Anker USB-C Chargeur Secteur USB PowerPort 5 Ports

The Anker PowerPort Speed 5 PD is a multi-port, which simplifies things by concentrating only on the load.

It has five USB outputs in total, four of which are USB-a and USB-C, the latter is a port Power Delivery to a maximum of 30W.

This is enough for laptops USB-C, such as a MacBook, but some will require a greater input high, so make sure you check the specifications of your PC before you buy it.

The four USB outputs remaining share has a maximum power of 30W and use the technology IQ in order to find the best way to share this energy, but each can function independently for up to 12W.

We love the simple design plastic black PowerPort Speed, with its rounded corners.

4. Syncwire USB Charger Multiple 4 Port .

Syncwire Chargeur USB Multiple

For travelers, there is nothing better than the ac charger multiple USB Syncwire. It has 4 ports and in the box is 3 adapters, one English, one european and one american.

This device multiport eliminates the need for mobile users to transport adapters separate.

Note that this decision is incompatible with the fast charging and the standard PD.

5. Anker PowerPort 5 (40W) .

Anker PowerPort 5

The PowerPort 5 has five USB outputs that share up to 40W. This means when they are used simultaneously, each will have a power of 8W.

Its design is a little more massive than the 60W, but this model without embellishment, the elegant look, attracted by its price.

6. AUKEY USB a C Charger, with Power Delivery 3.0 27W .

AUKEY USB C Chargeur Secteur avec Power Delivery 3.0 27W

USB wall charger-C 27W with the Power Delivery of Aukey is an adapter to a single port. It is enough to power a Nintendo Switch, some laptops USB Type-C and it is more than satisfactory for smartphones and tablets.

It is compact, and as you might expect, it has all the protection necessary to fight against overheating, short circuits, etc

7. Anker PowerPort +1 (18W) .

Anker Power Port + 1 (18 W)

The Anker PowerPort+1 is a fast charger 18W, safe and slimmer design. If your smartphone is not compatible with Quick Charge then he will receive a maximum power of 12 W.

8. AmazonBasics – wall charger 4-port USB 40 W .

AmazonBasics - Chargeur secteur USB 4 ports 40 W

Do not neglect the range Amazon : this wall socket, 40W, to the design although a bit rustic, has a very good ratio quality‑price and it is fully functional.

With 4 USB outputs standard that can operate independently at 12W each, and used at the same time, you get all the 10W.

It is a device which is simple, efficient, but inconsistent Power Delivery and Quick Charge.