The best chargers portable solar.


You go to a festival or camping ? Do you plan to do a long hike ? The solar charger is the ideal companion for all your travels this summer.

However, if you are not sure of the time, so go take a look at our ranking of the best backup batteries.

1. RAVPower Solar charger 24W Solar Panel .


The RAVPower 24W foldable, waterproof and lighter than most batteries of the time.

You will appreciate its functionality “iSmart” that automatically detects the amount of optimum energy to provide your devices ‘ charging.

The RAVPower 24w has three USB ports and it comes with two cables micro-USB.

Please note that this charger is powered only by solar energy and that it does not store energy (unlike backup batteries are standard or a hybrid like the Floureon above).

2. Anker PowerPort Solar Charger .

Chargeur Solaire Portable Anker PowerPort

The PowerPort Solar Anker is equipped with the latest technology PowerIQ, which detects the load power of your devices to provide the best possible throughput (between 2.4 and 3A).

The charger can be used by 2 devices at the same time. Note that as the RAVPower Solar charger, it does not store energy.

Foldable, durable and lightweight (it weighs less than 500 g), the PowerPort Solar is made of solar panels into the polymer PET and a canvas in polyester.

It is ideal for the outside, make sure not to over-expose the charger to water.

If you encounter problems, do not worry, Anker you warranty your device for 18 months.

3. Syncwire 16W Solar charger .

Chargeur solaire Syncwire 16W

This solar charger Syncwire 16W can charge two devices at once, providing up to 2.4 A charging port.

Lightweight and foldable, it has buckles in nylon and snap hooks that suspend easily in the panel if you plan a small stay at the campsite or a ride in hiking.

It also has a zip pouch for storing carabiners and your charge cables (micro USB, Lightning, USB-C)

Syncwire also offers a model 24W composed of three panels.

4. Rleron 25 000mAh .

Chargeur Solaire Portable Rleron

The solar battery external Rleron features a compact and robust design. It has a capacity of 25000 mAh, it is the most powerful of our selection. It can load up to 5 times an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy and 3 times a iPad Pro .

With three USB outputs for a speed of 2.4 A, you can charge three devices simultaneously in contact with the sun or via the included micro USB cable.

So that you can gauge the state of the battery, look at his LCD screen, where is displayed the percentage. It is also equipped with three LEDs, thanks to which you will be able to enlighten you in the dark.

Note that for the purchase of the Rleron, a 24 month warranty is available to you.

5. ADDTOP Solar Charger 24000mAh .

ADDTOP Chargeur Solaire 25000mAh

The solar charger 24000 mAh Addtop is equipped with four solar panels. It has the ability to load 6 to 8 times an iPhone or a Samsung. The E-book and tablets, such as the Kindle or iPad, you can enjoy 4 full charges.

You have the option to connect to two devices at once, and its two USB ports are closed using a rubber cap waterproof.

The ADDTOP has a water-resistance rating of IP67, which makes it all the more useful during outdoor activities.

You also get a warranty of 12 months.

6. BigBlue 28W Solar charger .

28W Charguer Solaire Pliable Big Blue

The solar charger 28W Big Blue runs thanks to the power of the rays of the sun, at the instant T. This is not a battery nomad, you will not be able to store energy for later use.

Its screen tells you the amount of current received, and his side compact, you can hang it to your bag or your tent. Also, it has a pouch in which to put your device while its charging.

Finally, although it is not completely waterproof, it has an index IPX4, the protecting from any spills.

This solar charger Big Blue is guaranteed 24 months.