The best cell phones basic.


Some users prefer to have a mobile phone basic for only for surfing the internet, make calls and send sms.

These phones are basic, can also be a substitute for a smartphone repair.

Buying Guide to mobile phones basic.

Prior to any purchase, it is important to identify your daily needs as a smartphone input range may very well be suitable for you.

Even though some models incorporate a GPS or a camera, most mobile phones basic only used to send sms and to call.

Be aware that their cpu is pretty slow (from 1 to 1.2 GHz) and they do not have a touch screen.

Their storage capacities are limited, however, most of these phones give you the option to add a microSD card.

In terms of connectivity, the entry level smartphones support 3G and Wi-Fi while cell phones are basic, and are only compatible with the 2G.

If you like video calls and selfies, go on your way because there is no front camera, and the quality of the images (480 x 800 pxl) is much lower than that of smartphones.

Finally, note that, quite often, mobile phones are basic, are sold with a package stuck, or with a prepaid card.

1. Nokia 3310 .


Notice to nostalgic to the early 2000s, the Nokia 3310 is back !

His version of 2017 isn’t perfect but we still love it as much.

The Nokia 3310 is equipped with a 2.4 inch display and a physical keyboard big enough.

For storage, you get 16 Mb, expandable by microSD up to 32 Gb.

The strong point of this model is its battery. The phone has a battery life of one month, which will allow you to play long hours at the legendary Snake game.

We regret, however, that it does not have a Wi-Fi connection, and that it is not compatible with micro-SIM cards.

2. Cat B25 .

Cat B25

If you need a phone to accompany you during trekking or operations daredevils, then the Cat B25 is the one you need. It is a robust device which, thanks to a rubber coating, is resistant to falls on hard surfaces.

In addition, its IP67 rating makes it waterproof to an immersion of 1 meter of depth during 30 minutes.

You will enjoy the easy maintenance of its screen of 2 inches, its dual SIM capability and its speaker to converse in hands-free kit.

You will also find the CatB25 on Darty and Cdiscount.

3. Nokia 8810 .

Nokia 8810

The new 8810 Nokia is also known under the name of “phone-banana Matrix” for its slightly curved shape and its use by the character Neo in the Matrix movie.

Its design is a little unusual because it has a color screen of 2.4 inches, occupying the upper half of the device, and a keyboard that is protected by a slider (slide).

To complete its image, there is even a model yellow banana and if you prefer the next Matrix, so opt for its black version.

The 8810 is compatible with 4G and its storage does not exceed, unfortunately, not the 4 Gb but it is expandable up to 32 Gb via a microSD card.

What are its main strengths ? Its location dual SIM, the battery life 25 day standby time, the ability to sync its contacts, calendars Gmail/Outlook, and create a hotspot via its connection to 4G LTE.

4. Nokia 105 .

Nokia 105

If you are looking for a phone very simple to only send SMS, make and receive calls, then your best option is the Nokia 105.

Its screen of 1.8 inch is big enough and bright and the keyboard type island (separate button) it facilitates the dialing and text input.

Side storage, it has little to offer, only 4 Mb, which is just enough for your directory.

5. TTfone Lunar TT750 .

TTFone Lunar TT750

The TTFone Lunar TT750 is perhaps not the first basic phone that comes to mind, but the company has managed to make a name for himself in recent years with inexpensive products and primarily intended for the elderly.

For a better visualization, large characters are used on its keyboard and its screen has a bright and clear display. It is also equipped with powerful speakers so you won’t miss any message or call.

In addition, TTfone has installed an SOS emergency button, which can also serve as a warning if the owner of the phone falls, for example.

Thanks to its design clamshell, the keypad of the TT750 is protected and the numbers cannot be dialed by accident.

Note that the Lunar is accompanied by a docking station that also allow its recharge.