The best cameras snapshots.


Instagram has brought out the cameras and instant polaroid to the taste of the day. Renting the perfect camera, is not easy given the growing number of manufacturers, brands, products, formats, paper present on the market.

With the purchase of a camera snapshot or a polaroid, it is necessary to take into consideration several elements. It is first of all necessary to look carefully at the features of the device.

For example, the compact OneStep 2 only has a flash control and a self-timer.

With some devices, you can edit the exposures (amount of light detected by the sensor), brightness, or zoom lenses.

You will also find more and more cameras lomographes that allow the user to change the objectives, to effects, tunnels, get photos saturated or high contrast.

More a device that has options, the better it is, but it is necessary to be sure of wanting to (and able to) take advantage of these last.

If, for example, you plan to take pictures at exposure multiples (multiple images merged into one) and edit them then a device with a lot of features will suit you best.

If it’s just photographing your friends during parties or holiday then a compact camera is more than enough.

Cameras hybrid.

Also ask yourself, if you prefer a camera hybrid, or a camera with film.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. With the hybrid digital it is possible to export your shots to a computer, and thus achieve savings in paper and in ink.

Most often, these allow you to add filters and effects to your photos.

Their major advantage is that you will not have to rely on one shot to capture the perfect image.

On the other hand, the photos extracted from your digital camera lose quality, even those smartphones first prize stand out best.

The big disadvantage is that the magic of making instant is more to go.

The format of movies photos.

Before you buy a device, consider the format of snapshot pictures.

The market is dominated by Fujifilm (Instax), which prproduct three types of formats, the Mini (Small and portrait), the Wide (Wide, landscape) and Square (Middle and square).

To complicate things, every camera is his type of film. We therefore advise you to think well to the desired format before choosing the camera.

The cost of impressions in the long term is also to be taken into consideration, because the more the format is, the more they will be expensive.

Some manufacturers, like lomography camera customisation and Leica, have created cameras that are compatible with the film Instax. Cameras Instax, them, accept the film Leica.

By contrast, the polaroid OneStep 2 uses its own film (i-Type (square), the quality of which is quite similar to the traditional film polaroid.

1. Leica Sofort .


The device Leica Sofort is inspired Instax Mini 90 Neo Fujifilm.

It combines the Leica lens and the technology of Fujifilm, which gives it a retro look and feel and modern at once

Its design is refined, minimalist and straight. The Leica Sofort is available in white, orange or mint green.

His objective, a 60 mm f/12.7 adapts to two focal lengths, you can adjust the brightness, flash, self-timer and play with the various exposure modes (macro, bulb, evenings, sports and action, long exposure, double exposure..). It also includes a small mirror for your selfies.

The macro mode allows close-ups close-ups, and even with basic settings, you will get beautiful portraits.

The Leica has its own film but it is also compatible with films Instax Mini.

It is a very good device on all points, a design and a goal of remarkable photos of very high quality, but its price is surprising. In fact, it costs two times more expensive than a Instax Mini 90 with features almost similar.

2. Instax Mini Play .

Fujifilm instax Mini LiPlay

The mini LiPlay of Instax is an excellent camera snapshot hybrid. It displays a sleek design, available in black, pink and white. With its 255 grams, it is very easily transportable.

It is a case all-in-one since it has the function of printer is capable of printing your photos in 12 seconds, via the application instax mini LiPlay. A single charge gives you a hundred print.

With the mini LiPlay, choose from different shots of different, in particular, to ensure the success of your group photos. It also allows you to customize your photos with frames or fancy even add filters.

Finally, if you want to add sound effects to your shots, it is quite possible via the QR code to incorporate into your photos.

3. Time Square Lomo .

Instant Square de Lomo

The Moment Square of the Lomo is the first polaroid camera to be compatible with both formats of the film Instax.

On his website, you can get the accessory Now Mini back, with which you will be able to take pictures in a small format.

We were most impressed with the Instant Square, it is its design. It is compact and foldable, thanks to a system of bellows. For the first time on the market of the polaroid.

In addition to the shooting mode Auto, control the flash, make long-time exposures (max. 30 seconds), multiple, increase them or reduce them.

You also have three distances fixed focal length, a tripod, a screw-in colour filters for the flash and a self-timer of 10 seconds.

It even has a remote control to take pictures remotely.

Now Square needs two batteries CR2. Therefore, it is not rechargeable, which is its main drawback.

The many features of this camera will appeal to photographers. It may very well suited to novices who want to produce photos like pros.

4. Polaroid OneStep 2 .

Polaroid OneStep 2

The monolithic design plastic Polaroid OneStep 2 gives a vintage style, although at the limit of the aspect of “toy” because of its key controls.

It is also very large and weighs no less than 460 g, without film, so you’ll need a bag to carry it.

With the Polaroid OneStep 2, you can use a film of i-Type or 600 (both created by Polaroid Originals) of colors or in monochrome.

The photos will be of large size, which has the advantage of providing more details.

The photos tend to lose their color and tarnish, but the pictures are meant to create a sense of nostalgia.. Know that this polaroid has a flash and a self timer.

The films are expensive, count 23,40 € (i‑Type) to 8 prints. However, the price of the camera itself is more in line with competitors.

5. Fuji Instax Wide 300 .

Fuji Instax Wide 300

In the Fuji Instax Wide 300 everything is great, its size, its lens (95 mm), the handle grip, and of course his impressions. Because of this, there is a lack rather of elegance and style.

Its controls are simple, it has 2 levels of focus, automatic flash and exposure settings, basic.

This device is most suitable for photos in landscape mode to selfies or zoom lenses, although it has a small lens for close-ups.

Once the framing and the color temperature are under control, your portraits can achieve perfection.

His negative point is the lack of a self-timer.

Two packs of 10 exposures Instax Wide cost 15,90 € on Amazon.

6. Lomography Camera Customisation Lomo’Moment Automat Glass Magellan .

Lomo'Instant Automat Glass

The Moment Automat Glass Magelan has a beautiful combination of black and orange. If you’re not a fan of its design, be aware that other colours are available (red, brown, green..).

The wide-angle lens of this device is 38 mm with aperture of f/4.5. Its wiring allows you to place the lens for close-ups and, supplied with the camera.

Also, the Sw is compatible with film Instax Mini.

With this camera polaroid, you will get very detailed pictures, as much for portraits as for landscapes.

In contrast, we found that close-ups are of lesser quality, as are the shots taken with a low brightness. The flash, meanwhile, is struggling to bring light to the photos.

This polaroid is perfect to take pictures a little more sophisticated.

According to us, its Bulb mode is its feature lighthouse.

With the Instant Automat Glass make exposures of 30 seconds and multiple overprints are endless, until you decide to print your picture.

It is likely that beginner photographers may feel a little lost at first. However, if you are looking for a camera snapshot, which provides functions to very technical and you think you can exploit, then the Automat is the device for you.

7. Polaroid Snap .

Polaroid Snap

The Polaroid Snap is a good compromise. For just over 100 € you have a quality camera of 10 Mp, which prints color photos in a minute.
Printing photos with the Snap is done on paper ZINK (17,99 €) which uses heat to create images. Each sheet contains micro-crystals that produce the hues cyan, magenta or yellow depending on the intensity and duration of heat and when combined, you get your photo. This process allows you to print at a more affordable price.

The Snap is economical and ideal for occasional use. It is ideal for students and fans of scrapbooking, for example.

8. Instax Mini 9 .

Instax Mini 9

The Instax Mini 9 Fujifilm sports a retro design and attractive, which comes in several colors (red, blue, yellow, pink, green ..).

It is a camera snapshot very easy to use, with which you will be able to take beautiful shots and selfies thanks to the mirror placed to the side of the lens.

Its capabilities are somewhat limited, since the Mini 9 has neither zoom nor flash adjustable. On the other hand, a lens that big plan is provided with the device, it allows you to get closer to the subject up to 35 cm.

Certainly, this Instax does not have the same technical characteristics as its competitors are more expensive, however, if you want to take photos of the quality and style is Polaroid, then it is by far your most affordable.

9. Instax Square SQ6 .

Instax Square SQ6

The Instax SQ6 is the first camera Fujimi in square format that is fully analog. It combines all the strongest elements of the range Instax. In addition to being attractive and powerful, it is at a very affordable price.

Auto exposure, self portrait mode, modes, macro, and landscape, double exposure, and modes of dark and lit all the shots are possible. Instax also offers three color filters. For SQ6, you need films Instax Square (from 9,90 € for a pack of 10).

Thanks to its design, a blend of retro and modern, this is undoubtedly the camera Instax the most beautiful from the Mini 90.

Thanks to a sensor in the flash perfected, the photos are clear and sharp, with the best colour reproduction we’ve ever seen in a camera snapshot.

If you want a camera snapshot that captures the colors as you see them, then the Instax SQ6 is for you.

10. Kodak Smile Moment .

Kodak Smile Instant Print

The digital camera Smile Kodak has a very nice rectangular design, it is compact and available in several colors : white, blue, black or red. It has a screen quite decent to the touch control. In addition, thanks to its LCD viewfinder, you can frame your photos like a pro.

The main feature of the Kodak Smile is that it acts as a printer instant. It can also print photos stored on a micro SD card that other taken at the time. IT has a good battery life and its rechargeable battery allows up to 40 impressions.

To add a little bit of crazy and color to your photo, select one of the many filters that offers the Smile. To print your photos, this Kodak does not use ink, the only thing he needs is a paper ZINK.