The best cables USB-C to Lightning.


The USB-C to Lightning is the new connector that can supply a load PD (Power Delivery, technology, fast-charging high capacity, which is much higher than the 12W passing through a cable USB-C standard.

Until now, Apple was the only brand to have the certification MFi (Made For iPhone) cable USB Type-C to Lightning.

This year, three of the most famous brands of of accessories for phones, Anker, Belkin, and Griffin, have finally released their own connectors certified for compatibility to iOS warranty.

Cables Griffin should even be declined in two versions : premium, a length of 1m80, and standard, with a length of 1m50 and 1m20. What give hard time to Apple.

Now, check out our selection of the best cable Lightning to USB Type-C.

1. USB cable-C to Lightning Apple (1m) .


The best place to provide you with a cable USB-C to Lightning is Apple.

You can find it in two sizes, 1m and 2m.

This regular cable, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, as well as with the Mac, you will take advantage of the quick charge. It can be used with the power adapters, USB-C Apple 29W, 30W, 61W or 87W.

2. USB cable C to Lightning UGREEN .

Câble USB C vers Lightning UGREEN

The USB cable C to Lightning from Ugreen measure 1 m for just 12,99€. It is equipped with the latest technology Power Delivery, allowing your iPhone or iPad to recharge much more quickly.

This rope is one meter has a connector C94 Lightning with a chip, original certified MFi.

It is capable of supporting the surge and it is very durable in the face of the twists, particularly through its sheath of nylon braided flexible and robust.

3. Anker Powerline II USB-C to Lightning .

Anker Powerline II USB-C vers Lightning

Anker is a brand that has quickly built a solid reputation for its products and charge cables are of high quality. The highly anticipated USB connector-C to Lightning, certified MFi, is the first of its kind for the company.

The PowerLine II measures 90 cm long and promises exceptional durability. It is able to survive over 12 000 bending and it is covered by a lifetime warranty. Powerline II is compatible with fast charging due to the standard PD. It is available in white and black.

4. Belkin USB-C to Lightning .

Belkin USB-C vers Lightning

Belkin is also adapted to the expectations of consumers and respects the technical specifications of the Apple brand, since it has obtained the certification MFi.

This cord is manufactured with resistant materials to ensure maximum durability. It measures 1.20 m long, it is ideal if you want to charge your iPhone in your car for example.

It also offers technology USB Power Delivery for the benefit of the quick charge. Your iPhone will go from 0 % to 50 % in 30 minutes.

You can get it in two colors, white or black.

5. ESR USB Cable C to USB Lightning .

ESR Câble USB-C vers USB Lightning

The cable ESR is two metres long and with a finishing of woven Nylon it is durable and very flexible. The manufacturing quality it also assures a good durability (more than 5 000 die/connections after the brand).

Thanks to its certification (MFi), it ensures a quick load, secure, and compatible with the iPhone 8 iOS or later.

In addition, it rapidly transfers the backed up files on an iPhone/iPad to a Mac, and vice versa, and any device with USB Type-C. This cable is available in colors silver or black.