The best bracelets for the Apple Watch (2020).


The advantage of the Apple Watch is that it is also compatible with bracelets developed by third-party manufacturers.

Are you looking for a new strap for your watch Apple ? Without further ado, here is our selection of chic and shock of the most beautiful bracelets on the market.

1. Apple .


Apple is proud to offer a wide range of bracelets for its Apple Watch, available in many colours and materials, you have the choice between loop sport, Milanese bracelet, sports bracelet and strap buckle modern for most of class.

2. Noreve .

Bracelet Noreve Griffe 1 pour Apple Watch

Noreve is a company that terrace of which the master artisans fine leather manufacture by hand, not only beautiful holsters in leather for the iPhone and iPad, but also bracelets for the Apple Watch and they are sufficiently fine and refined to justify their price. Moreover, they always remain less expensive than the Hermes.

The model Claw 1 is available in 10 colours to suit every taste and to highlight the cuffs of its bearers.

Make sure you have chosen the right size before you add it to your shopping cart.

3. Lord .

Eternel bracelet Apple Watch

Lord is another French manufacturer that develops a wide range of bracelets, cowhide, full grain leather, fabric, nubuck leather, grain calf leather alligator strap, look glossy, there are also bracelets double round.

You’ll understand the choice not lack absolutely not ! The prices range from 49,90 € to 94 €.

4. Jörd .

Bracelet Jord pour Apple Watch

Jörd manufactures its own range of watches in wood. However, if you prefer to keep your Apple Watch, you can dress it up with one of the bracelets in wood of Jörd, they are designed for enclosures up to 44 mm.

The links of wood are lightweight and comfortable and available in different materials : wood, striped ebony, american walnut or koa. For more refinement, prefer the finishes dark.

Be aware that a set of small tools are provided so that the bracelet fits your wrist. If you are experiencing difficulties then do not hesitate to pass by the cat.

Note that sending to France is free !

5. Chok Idea .

Chock Idea bracelet en cuir pour Apple Watch

Chok Idea manufactures watch straps in a variety of styles. What is good with his range, is that it uses real leather.

The brand manufactures bracelets for sizes 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm, which means that it adapts to all models of the Apple Watch. This is perfect for less than 20 € !

In the same style of leather at an unbeatable price, there is the manufacturer XCool, the bracelets are available on Amazon.

6. Casefity .

Bracelets Casetify pour Apple Watch

Casetify offers plenty of bracelets, and for each series, some are even customizable with your own images.

The grounds include colors, simple, elegant, there are also very colourful, such as those with floral prints. For more discretion, opt for the stainless steel bracelet.

7. Wristouch .

Bracelet Wristouch pour Apple Watch

With Wristouch, as much as to say that you will have the choice, there is the most inconspicuous to the most tap to the eye. The bracelets links are made in the same steel 316L stainless steel as that used for the Apple Watch, which is therefore a pledge of quality and durability, but 4 times cheaper.

The minimalist design of its wristband sport (rubber) is more sought after than that of Apple. If you prefer leather, Wristouch in designs also (less than 80 €).

The shipping is free to France.