The best blockers of pubs for the iPhone.


Most of the free sites that you visit every day owe their existence to the income that the pub provides. Nevertheless, it happens that some of the ads become a nuisance or even too intrusive thus making your browsing experience disastrous.

Fortunately, third-party applications, available on iOS, allow you to perform a partial blockage (or total) of the pop-up, videos, and banners, on your iPhone when you browse on Safari.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 best adblocker, free and paid, to put an end to the aggression, visual and restore peace to your device.

Note that you will need to configure the feature blocker content on your iOS upstream. To do this, take a look at our article How to block ads on an iPhone ?

1. AdGuard .


AdGuard is one of our favorites because of its free, its simplicity, but also because of its customization. This app offers you more than 80 built-in filters to get rid of different kinds of ads intrusive. You can even customize some of them.

The trackers, usually exploited to target your ads, and visitor counters are also blocked when using AdGuard. It thus enables you to keep away from malicious software and phishing attacks.

AdGuard says that thanks to the reduction of the pop-up iOS users should note a marked improvement in the autonomy of their battery as well as browsing on the net more fluid

To take advantage of features such as support for multiple DNS (Domain Name System) or the parental control, there is also a pro subscription 2.99 € per year.

2. Purify .


Purify is an adblocker that effectively protects your iOS devices. In addition to offering the standard functions of blocking and monitoring, Purify keeps you against the theft of data by reducing the traffic and usage of your mobile data half.

The loading of web pages is up to 4X faster, which is ideal for remedying a mobile connection or Wi-Fi slow.

For a navigation clutter-free, Purify does sort out all of the weeds without you having to worry and thanks to its use, optimize also your battery life.

As with the other applications, you can establish a white list but this time with a single click and directly from Safari. The goal for Purify is to facilitate your user experience.

This adblocker of quality is the price of 2,29 € on the App Store.

3. AdBlock .


AdBlock is the first choice for many users of iPhone and iPad since 2012. Where it really excels is in its ease of use. In fact, you can enable AdBlock by swiping your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

AdBlock refreshes its database from the latest information collected during the execution of the app, and this without the use of a remote server to avoid any intrusion.

Like many other blockers, AdBlock prevents trackers from monitoring your online activity and use your information to target the pop-up.

In addition, it offers a white list that you can continue to receive the pub site that you enjoy.

The other small addition, and not least, is that your settings will be synced between all your iOS devices via iCloud. Simple and effective !

AbBlock is the price of 2.29 €.

4. 1Blocker X .


1Blocker X is a very good blocker of content, it uses Safari natively which offers a superb efficiency. Thanks to him, customize your entire experience by blocking items that you might find annoying.

It is the first adblocker to integrate more than 115 000 the default rules that are distributed in several categories (banners, cookies, site pornography, trackers..).

1Blocker makes the loading of sites 50 % faster on average. The app regulates specific standards according to each country with the aim of improving the experience of blocking. This whitelist allows you to support some sites in keeping with their ads enabled.

This adblocker takes care of the privacy, none of your data is stored, and it uses no tracker. For more security, this app is compatible with the FaceID and the TouchID.

1Blocker has a cost but it’s worth every penny, 5,49 € per year.