The best apps for stop smoking (2020).


Take the decision to stop smoking is easy, but sticking to it is another story. So, even though this can be complicated, remember that it is a personal victory and that there are good reasons to do so : health, budget, ecology..

In addition, there are mobile applications developed in understanding this period of transition and help you to overcome the small bumps of soft during your withdrawal.

These applications are good tools, however they do not replace the support of a health professional. So do not hesitate to consult a doctor or specialist services.

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1. Smoke Free .


Smoke Free is an application easy to use and quite complete.

You can download Smoke Free before you have stopped smoking or the same day. During the installation of the application, you will need to answer a few questions (number of cigarettes smoked per day, how long..), they will allow the program to measure your progress later.

On the home page of the application, also called dashboard, you’ll find key information about your judgment. This goes to the time spent without smoking, the money saved, not to mention improving your health.

Smoke Free includes four other topics : Schedule, Beliefs, Missions, Badges.

In the Diary, it is possible to note your daily cravings and feelings of lack (the barometer ranges from “not at all” to “haaaaaa”).

If you do relapse, you can save it and decide (or not) to change your stop date. In both cases, you access a page of tips to help you not to resume smoking.

The topic Assignments is also interesting. In the free version offered by the app, you will find challenges to complete in the 7 days preceding the stopping of the cigarette and, in the Premium version, the challenges continue for 30 days.

Smoke Free exists in free version (with ads) or paid (5,49 €) on iOS and Android.

2. QuitNow! .


QuitNow!, that would translate in French by “Stop now”, is an application that allows tracking of your daily challenge. It mentions the number of days you spent without smoking, cigarettes avoided, but also the time gained and money saved.

Initially all the counters are at 1 %, and then as they increase. On its home screen, you will find all the information mentioned above, as well as three tabs giving you access to your Goals and topics Community and Health.

The tab, Health is probably the most motivating, since you are explained the benefits of stopping smoking on your body such as your blood pressure, your sense found, etc

QuitNow! exists in free version (with advertising) or pay off (4,49 €) on iOS and Android.

3. Tobacco info service .


The application Tobacco Info Service has been developed by the INPES in order to guide and support smokers wishing to stop smoking.

It requires a registration with your email address and then creating your profile. The interface to which you have access will depend on your answer to the question “Where are you with the tobacco ?”. You have 4 responses for the choice : I want to stop, I stopped, I stopped, I resumed.

Depending on your choice, you will get practical tips to motivate you and as soon as you set a stop date, the app evolves. This way, you will be able to observe your progress, gain access to tips on how to manage his weight..

There’s even a tab “I’m going to crack” in which of the mini-games (Tetris, Simon, magic Number..), tips, and the option to call a specialist services. You can also ask your friends to record videos of support.

The application Tobacco Info Service, available on iOS and Android, is totally free of charge. However, to use it you must be connected to the internet.

4. Stop-Tobacco .


Stop-Tabac is an application that has been developed in collaboration with the department of Addiction, University Hospital of Geneva.

It is surely the most complete a health point of view as advice, information and support are delivered by health professionals.

Once registered, you will receive personalized messages to perform a detailed follow-up and motivate you to continue. You will also be coached during your entire period of smoking cessation.
Stop-Smoking gives you access to tricks and solutions in the case of letting-go, such as définir a “sponsor” to have the support of a loved one.

Stop-Smoking, is free and available on Android and iOS.

5. Kwit .


The application Kwit is inspired by cognitive therapies and behavioral, it is based on the game to help smokers to no longer crack.
The method, here, is to occupy the mind and give you goals to achieve.

Like other applications of withdrawal, its dashboard shows your progress, your evolution, and the money you’ve saved, or the condition of your lungs.

You are on the point of yielding to the temptation ? Shake your telephone and Kiwi will motivate you by sending you a message of encouragement.

This application is free and available on iOS and Android. For even more features, subscribe to its Premium version.

6. Smoke Watcher .


Smoke Watcher is a social network that offers a personalized and, if you wish, supported by a virtual coach (watcher), a health professional or a former smoker.

This service provides features allowing you to set goals and analyze your progress over time. Tools are also at your disposal to follow your consumption of tobacco and the money saved.

Thanks to this app, share with other smokers who, like you, want to put an end to their addiction.

If you are a user of the electronic cigarette, Smoke Watcher then offers a vape that is connected. Your consumption, your puffs, the battery and other detailed information will then be shared in real time on the application.

Attention, electronic cigarette compatible is the price of 59 €.