The best apps for programming on an iPad.


Although the iPad is not the tool of choice for developers, an expanding number of applications to encode, since the tablet iOS see the light of day on the Apple Store.

We have selected the 10 most interesting.

1. 1. Coda .


Originally designed for Mac, Coda (27,99 €) now offers a text editor for iPhone and iPad. It supports syntax highlighting for Apache, C, HTML, Go, CSS, PHP, Perl, Python, and JavaScript.

Coda also includes the management of local files, and remote protocols remote (such as SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and DreamObjects). You can also save and reuse the lines of code that you use the most.

The function AirPreview you will use, it, to preview your code from a Mac.

Download Coda from the Apple app Store.

2. 2. Buffer Editor – Code Editor .


Buffer (for £ 19.99) is a code editor that can connect to many remote services such as Dropbox, Github, iCloud SSH, SFTP, or even FTP servers. Buffer is perfect for coding without a computer. The application supports support Unicode, and Vim script.

Buffer allows syntax highlighting, and includes a system of auto-code completion for a variety of programming languages (ASP, AWK, ActionScript, Ada, Arduino, C, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, INI, Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Progress, Puppet, Python, R, Ruby, SQL..).

Note that if you added a keyboard to your tablet, even in Bluetooth, Buffer will detect it easily.

Download Buffer from the Apple app Store.

3. 3. JavaScript Anywhere .


Launched in 2010, is JavaScript Anywhere allows you to change the JavaScript code, HTML, and CSS from your iOS device. When you are satisfied that you have created, you have to import all to your Dropbox !

You can also use the project templates in Basic, jQuery, React or Bootstrap.

Free download JavaScript Anywhere from the Apple app Store.

4. 4. Mimo: Learn how to code .


Mimo is not an application for the programmers, but rather to become one.

If you want to learn how to code and that you have an iPad, then try Mimo.

Thanks to its many tutorials, and games, you will manage to decipher the programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Python, and to use them to create a website or an application.

Download (Mimo free then in-app purchases) from the Apple app Store.

5. 5. OmniGraffle 3 .


With OmniGraffle 3, create flow charts, scalable vector graphics or even artwork.

Draw shapes, lines, embed objects, convert texts, shapes, etc., You’ll also get an automation platform with JavaScript, and you will have access to an impressive number of keyboard shortcuts.

Download OmniGraffle 3 (free and in-app purchases) from the Apple app Store. It is available in French.

6. 6. Codea .


Codea (16,99 €) are mainly used for creating games and simulations. It includes syntax highlighting and visual editing via the Lua language.

Its rendering engine vector graphics, you can get a prototype of your project.

Thanks to multi-touch, touch, manipulate your code, colors, images, and interact with the accelerometer until you are satisfied.

Codea includes, among other things, the reference documentation, a built-in editor shader and a physics engine.

Download Codea from the Apple app Store, the app is available in French.

7. 7. Textastic Code Editor 7 .


Textastic (10,99 €) is a publisher of text, code and markup languages compatible with Textmate and Sublime Text 3. You’ll be able to do syntax highlighting of over 80 programming languages and markup.

Textastic has its own WebDAV server and can connect to the servers FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Dropbox or even Google Drive.

Please be aware that this application is not complete scripts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Download Textastic Code Editor 7 from the Apple app Store.

8. 8. AppCooker Prototyping and Mockup .


With AppCooker (32,99 €) build and test your ideas in applications for iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, and all this without coding thanks to its multiple tools to design graphics, vector shapes, icons and other UI elements.

If you want to preview your ideas we advise you to use the free app AppTaster that you will get a complete model. Its community can help you improve your creations.

AppCooker will export your backups and models through AppTaster in the formats Jpeg, PNG, and PDF. Storage services Dropbox and Box are also supported.

Download AppCooker from the Apple app Store, this app is available in French.

9. 9. CodeToGo .


Use CodeToGo (3,49 €) to create and develop code in many programming languages, including Ruby, Python, Java, and Perl.

Its interface is not the most pleasant, but it is relatively intuitive and easy to use. In addition to being able to back up your files on Dropbox you can also transfer them from and to your Mac using file Sharing of iTunes.

Once you’re done, you can test your code and see the results using the API

Download CodeToGo from the Apple app Store.

10. 10. Dash API Docs .


Dash is a web browser that gives you access to the documentation, even out of line, of more than 150 APIS, such as iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, tvOS, Swift, .NET Framework, ActionScript, Akka, AngularJS, AngularJS, Angular.dart, AppleScript, Apache, C++, Doctrine ORM, Dojo Toolkit, and many others.

Free download Dash API Docs from the Apple app Store.