The best apps for Android.


Cats, banks, transport, social networks .. Discover our selection of the best apps for your smartphone and Android tablet.

1. Cat .


A smartphone is used at all, even to communicate !

In recent years, many applications have been created to facilitate exchanges between friends, family, colleagues.. Our favorite ? WhatsApp and Skype.

WhatsApp is an app that allows you to send to his contacts, through the internet, messages, photos and videos. Everything is free, including the function to video call. You will also find these same features on the Messenger app, the messaging service giant Facebook.

Skype is another free application which, since 2003, offers the possibility to make video calls through the internet. Reference in the field, the brand has expanded its services to professionals and even offers phone subscriptions.

2. Photos .


For many, taking and sharing photos has become a daily activity. For others, it is just a occupation vacation. In any case, you’ll love Snapseed.

Easy-to-use, this application allows you to make professional alterations in just a few moments. Filters, blurs, cropping, white balance .. Everything is at your disposal and everything is free.

For the storage of your photos, we suggest you Google Photos. This application will backup your photos online (on a Cloud) which allows you to free up memory on your phone and access your photo albums from any device. In addition, as the synchronization of your albums with your Cloud is via the Wi-Fi, there is no risk of flaming your mobile internet plan.

You may also like the application FaceTune offers a range of filters and editing tools to the photoshop !

3. TV, movies and videos .


The Android have become the perfect devices for watching videos : on the one hand, their screens are enlarged and their resolutions hasugmenté, of the other their graphics cards and processors have improved. This perfect combination has been taken into account by the TV channels and platforms, online video since they have all developed their own Android application.

The most famous of which is probably YouTube , and if it is not already preinstalled on your smartphone or tablet, we strongly recommend that you download it. Dailymotion and Vimeo are two other very good platforms free videos.

For the catch-up TV, your options don’t .. Our favorite app is probably d’Arte, but there is also France TV, TF1 ..

Finally, if you’re willing to spend a little money (around ten euros per month), you can subscribe to a streaming service online like Netflix, MyCanal , or Amazon Prime Video.

Please do not hesitate to visit their catalogs of movies and tv shows before you select your subscription. You can also switch from one to the other depending on your mood, since these services are without commitment.

To watch your video platform preferred from abroad, see our guide of the best VPN.

4. Shopping .


As reported by the Fevad, the FFrench are more towards e-commerce, and three large winners of this increase in online sales are, not surprisingly, Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac.

For our readers in search of good deals (who isn’t ?), enjoy apps Groupon and The Range to get discounts on many services (hairdresser, gym ..) and restaurants.

You want to be sure that your cosmetics do not contain undesirable substances ? We then recommend that you download the application QuelCosmectic developed by the UFC That choose.

5. Music .


If you are using an Android phone or tablet, you can back up all your music (well, up to 100 000 shares) with Google Play Music. Note that to access this free service, you must register your credit card on the site, which could put off some users.

If you want to play retro, you can use the FM radio on your Android, otherwise we advise you to download the app to your favorite radio ! Radio France (Mouv’, France Inter, FIP,..), NRJ, Nova ..

For music streaming, the two leaders (to reason) are Deezer and Spotify. Both offer the choice to listen to music for free (with advertising) or for a monthly subscription.

Please do not hesitate to take a look at our article on the 6 best music streaming services.

6. Social Networks .


If you love social networks, there is a plethora of applications for you !

We advise you obviously to download the essentials of the industry : Facebook and Twitter, not to mention Messenger for Facebook that allows you to exchange instant messages, GIFs, and other video, with your friends.

If you are more pictures that messages, try Snapchat. We have actually created a guide to transform all users, beginners, pro face-swap !

Instagram (dedicated to photo sharing), LinkedIn (professional social network) and Pinterest (sharing hobbies) are other social networks to test. Attention, their apps are very addictive !

Finally, if you are looking for an e-mail to stay in touch with your colleagues, we recommend that you Slack !

7. Reading .


Do you like to read articles on the web ? Try the application Pocket. This allows you to save all the web pages that you want (blog post, articles, videos ..), so you can view them later, even offline.

You prefer to dive into iBooks ? Before you buy an ereader, try the app Kindle Amazon. Its interface is nice and you will be able to access the entire catalog of the american giant.

Finally, if you’re more of an audio-book, try Audio Books (free) or Audible (for a fee).

8. Productivity .


Our smartphones have become mini-computers in power that, if you wish, you can access all your document‘s occupationnels.

In TechAdvisor, we use Google apps (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google drive ..) to collaborate in the office and when we’re traveling.

Its competitor, the suite Microsoft Office, is also a very good choice and works on the same principle.

To learn more about the Cloud, check out our guide to the best services of storage to the cloud.

If you have a smartphone professional and that you want to connect to your computer to extract or transfer records, then AirDroid is for you !

9. Games .


One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of games for Android.

We have dedicated a whole article about the best games for Android.

10. Information and weather .


Some find that it is awash in information, others never have enough of it ! If you are part of the second group, you should download France Info. This application, very comprehensive, while remaining simple to use, gives you access to the radio and the chain of the same name, to articles, to news, live.. For information-oriented internationalthe, you have France 24.

The majority of the great French titles have developed their own mobile application, so if you don’t have the time to go through a kiosk, you will be able to find The World, Liberation, Figaro and all the other daily online.

Finally, to know if tomorrow we have to complain about the rain or the sun, then download the app Météo France !

11. Banks .


To avoid surprises, better check his bank account before embarking on a session of online shopping, for example. Now, the majority of the large French banks have their own app to allow their customers to check their online account : Banque Postale, Crédit Agricole, Société générale, Crédit Mutuel .. Check with your bank advisor.

12. Transport .


You have no sense of direction ? Google maps and CityMapper will change you life.

For city dwellers, simplify your daily life through the application of transit in your city : RATP (Paris), STAR (Rennes), TBM (Bordeaux), RTM (Marseille) .. And, in case you missed the last bus, download the app for Uber or Lyft to be able to always go home in safety.

Finally, before we go on vacation, take a look at the application SkyScanner to find the airline tickets the cheapests and to install to reserve your room on-site.

13. Employment .


Many apps are dedicated to job offers, but, before anything else, download the Pole Emploi. Once you are registered as a job seeker, you can use it to update your file, send supporting documents, check your benefits ..

In addition to the Employment centre, to explore, among other things, apps – LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Reed, Apec ..

14. Various .


Now that you have the essential applications for your Android, it does not remain you more that to explore the PlayStore.

In the disorder that gives Podcast Addict for Matt Egan, StarWalk for Ashleigh Macro, Fitbit (if you have a strap connected to the mark) to Simon Jary, Headspace for Christina Mercer (the French equivalent would probably be Small Bamboo), Dealabs for Marie-Laure, France Inter and Orbout ..