The best apps and games for children.


You think you lend your smartphone or tablet to occupy your child during long car trips ? To not take the risk that it modifies or deletes the document by mistake, install an app or a game intended for young children. Check out below the best of them, some of which are free.

You can also offer him his own tablet !

1. Minecraft .


Minecraft is available on Android and iOS, is a game said “sandbox” with which your kids will evolve in an environment of total freedom without goals and with unlimited resources.

They will be able to build the village of their dreams from A to Z, across the universe, interwoven and randomly generated.

It is played on smartphones and tablets, as well as PC.

2. Rocket Mouse .


Rocket Mouse is an application designed for very young children (18 months to 4 years old) whose parents want them to learn in a fun French and/or English.

Thanks to the small mouse and his rocket, your cherub will discover numbers, shapes, colors, parts of the body.. in the language of Molière and Shakespeare.

We loved the simplicity of this app, its graphics and its animations.

The fun and interactive Rocket Mouse will seduce you for sure and will delight your child. We also recommend for children over 4 years.

You’ll also appreciate the total absence of advertisements.

3. Marmath .


Marmath is an educational game for learning the tables of multiplication.

Its principle is very simple, when a computation is asked simply to touch the groundhog, which shows the correct answer to score points.
Attention, a period of time is allotted and you will have only three lives, so if you fail, you will be asked to read your multiplication table to no longer make mistakes.

This interactive application is a very good way to learn math in a fun way.

Note that Marmath does not contain ads nor in-app purchases.

4. Hoopa City .


Hoopa City is a role-playing game with educational values and fun. The children use their imagination to help Hoopa the Hippo to create cities.

They will have to build roads, houses, buildings, and more. To do this, thanks to new innovative mechanisms, the application makes a call to the reflection of your little ones. They will combine different elements to be able to unlock each level and be able to extend their field.

5. Pokémon GB .


Pokémon GB comes from a very simple idea and yet has experienced (and still experiencing) a huge international success. Nearly 65 million people are playing it.

It is beautiful, this Wednesday afternoon ? You, too, go in search of Pokémon with your children, and grab them (all) !

6. Youtube Kids .


As adults, the kids love the Youtube videos. Maybe even too much..

Google has understood this and has therefore created an app Youtube entirely dedicated to our dear toddlers. It filters all the contents that aren’t suitable.

However, we recommend that you remain vigilant when your children’s use of Youtube Kids.

7. Terraria .


Terraria is a very good game that will appeal to fans of Minecraft. You will be allowed to create worlds in 2D, for the construction of buildings, concoct potions, explore underground, and more.

8. Toca Life: Vacation .


Toca Life: Vacation is part of the wide range of games Toca Life.

In this game, your child goes on vacation. He chooses his space game, from the main screen : at the airport, to the hotel, to the beach, etc

Everything is interactive in Toca Life: Vacation, the suitcases can be opened and reorganized. The characters can be accessoirisés, dressed with clothes from the wardrobe or in stores.

Our testers have really liked the airport and the airplane, where they imagined themselves as drivers and stewards.

This game is for the children full of imagination. They will be hooked !
At only 2,99 €, no advertising or in app purchases, Toca Life: Vacation is well worth it !

9. Toca Dance .


Toca Dance appeals to both children and adults !

In this game, you can choose up to 3 dancers and give them the style that you want, among all the clothing and accessories. You can learn movements and dance steps by sliding your finger on their head, their arms, legs, feet.

Question music, you also have a lot of choice.

Once everything is ready : place the dance show !

10. Toca Life : Farm .


Toca Life: farm will introduce your child to the farm life.

It can go in the barn, the fields, .. where he milks the cows, feeds the sheep and lambs, and interacts with everything that surrounds it.

Our testers have loved to sow, to water the plants and make crops with the tractor.

The icing on the cake : they may even produce their own food with the help of a machine.

11. Sago Mini In The Car .


Available on Android and iOS.

Sago Mini Drive is a game without commercials, specially designed for children aged 2 to 5 years.

With this game, your child will criss-cross the roads at the wheel of his own car (in the shape of a shoe, pickles,..). It will choose between 6 destinations. By the way, it will be able to refuel and clean his car in a car wash station.

In Sago Mini In the car, there is no rule of conduct, as it is even possible to fly in a car !

12. Jetpack Joyride .


Available on Google Play and iOS.

A free game enjoyed by children as well as the largest. Equip your jetpack favorite, adventure, fight dragons, and all sorts of enemies.

13. Forestry – Forest Animals for the children .


Available on iOS only.

Forestry is composed of mini-games very fun and educational.

Your child will be immersed in the life in the forest, where it will build houses, will search for food in the woods, etc

This game is a good way to stimulate the memory and attention span of your child.

In addition, it is free and without advertising !

14. Lego Juniors Create and Cruise .


Available on Android and iOS.

This game is for the creators in the grass, between the ages of 4 to 7 years.

In Lego Juniors Create and Cruise, they will be able to build their own vehicle, use it for the transport of goods, and plenty of parts to get even more out of Lego bricks.

This is a game that is both recreational and educational.

15. Artie and the magic Pen .


Available on Android and iOS.

Artie and the magic Pen is perfect for learning, for children aged 3 to 6 years, to draw.

Its interface accompanies very pleasantly your child in his first steps creative.

16. Minion Rush : Me, Ugly and Nasty .


Available on Android and iOS.

With Minion Rush, get ready to jump, fly, dodge all kinds of obstacles, catch the bananas, ride the Unicorn Plush and challenge your enemies.

You can customize your Minion, unlock levels and new characters.

Even without the in app purchases, Minion Rush is a very good game !

17. Bob The Snail .


A game very fun making it appeal to the imagination of our young children, the youngest of them can also play there.

Bob the Snail needs the genius of your child. He must help Bob to find the exit.
For this, your child must actuate the different mechanisms that are in its path, and this, as fast as possible.

18. A packet of courage Lite .


On iOS only.

Take a glance at this beautiful book of family history “A package of courage Lite”. This adventure in interactive reading is responsible for educational activities and four learning games. They help develop logic, spatial cognition, the photographic memory of your child.