The best applications for carpooling.


For many French, the carpool became a mode of transport as a whole. Whether for getting to work, getting around town, or from the weekend, covoiturer allows you to make trips less stressful, cost savings, and meet new people.

BlaBlaCar .


BlaBlaCar is a carpool long distance available in at least 22 countries.

If you want to be a driver, you must publI your ad on the site, by indicating your destination, route, schedules, and the number of passengers you can take in carpooling.

To be a passenger, you simply select the ride that best suits you and book your place. You can also contact the driver for more information, and finally make the payment online.

Arrived at good port ? It remains only for car sharers to leave a review.

Now, it is even possible to select the option BlaBlaCar, when you are looking for a route on Google Maps !

You need to make a journey shorter ? You can use BlaBlaLines, for the moment this service is only available in the paris Area, toulouse and in the great Reims.

Download BlaBlaCar (Android/iOS) and BlaBlaLines (Android/iOS).

Wever .


Wever, developed by a start-up côte d’azur, is an application dedicated to daily trips.

Your bus is passed under the nose ? Visit the app to find a driver Wever. Your bus stop is on its way, therefore it does not need to make detours.

Most of the routes are free, and in exchange for its services, the driver will receive points and rewards (shopping vouchers..).

Wever is a solution daily is very practical and especially economic !

Download Wever on Android and iOS.



iDVROOM is a subsidiary of the SNCF. This service web and mobile, launched in 2014, is based on a multimodal system, that is to say that it combines car sharing and public transport.

20 % of all trips offered are from or to a train station, and parking spaces are available in the train stations of Ile-de-France.

iDVROOM is present in all regions of France.

Note to our readers, iDVROOM offers a carpool or 100 % female. This option is only visible from the website. Are you a student ? Be aware that iDVROOM offers via the pass student of the SNCF.

Download iDVROOM on Android and iOS.

Karos .


Launched in 2016, Karos is a service of short‑pooling (for short distances) multi-modal.

You are a resident of the paris Area and the holder of the Navigo Pass ? Be aware that Karos offers two daily trips.

In other words, Karos is the daily application ideal for the ile-de-france (the small and large crown).

Karos also has the option to Ladies Only, for a ridesharing among women.

Download Karos on Android and iOS.

WayZup .


WayzUp is another application focused on the carpool home and work. Present in 8 agglomerations (Paris, Lille, Toulouse..), WayzUp offers no less than 90 778 trips per day.

If you are a public transport user and hold the pass proper (Navigo, Pass, Pass..), save in the app, and covoiturez free of charge (up to two rides of 40 km per day) !

Download WayzUp on Android and iOS.

OuiHop’ .


OuiHop’ is the application of the hitchhiker generation.

You just miss your connecting bus, you decide to walk, but suddenly, it’s raining..Keep calm and call a carpool partner OuiHop’ !

No booking is necessary, just a registration and a chance..

With OuiHop’, privacy is paramount, the application will be careful not to communicate your phone number to any user, except with the agreement of your share.

Si you register as a driver, you earn points, shopping vouchers, and you can use the service free of charge.

You are a passenger ? Against 2 €, you are entitled to an unlimited pass for a period of 30 days.

Download OuiHop’ on Android, iOS.

Carter .


Carter is an application of carpooling specially developed for the Guadeloupe and the Martinique. In addition, it offers a service of private driver.

Carter is as well to the inhabitants of the west Indies (for their daily trips) as for the tourists.

The vehicles that use the application are location-based, and to perform journeys between women, Carter also has the option for Girls Only.

Download Carter on Android and iOS.