The best antivirus for your Windows PC (2020).


The PC are vulnerable to malicious programs (malware) and viruses. Thus, to ensure the security of your data and surf the net in peace, don’t forget to install an antivirus !

What antivirus to choose for Windows ? .

According to Tech Advisor, the best antivirus for Windows 10 are Bitdefender, Norton and ESET, but there are many options if those do not suit you.

Why install an antivirus on a PC ? .

An antivirus program protects a computer from malware and viruses and removes those already present on the hard disk.

Security on the Internet is no longer limited to viruses and malware, as now, it is also necessary to protect against the theft of personal data and the ransomware (software that blocks access to your computer so that you do not pay a ransom).

Note that the majority of hackers in modern times are “small” criminals who buy ransomwares and millions of addresses on the dark web, where the multiplication of attacks observed in recent years.

If you are reading this article then it may be that you have heard of ZombieLoad, a threat that targets Windows, Mac and Linux with an Intel processor. To protect yourself, you will need to update your computer and install a antivirus.

Malware : detect Zero day attacks.

The priority is to protect his computer against the installation of malware.

The antivirus should be able to detect “Zero day attacks” (“vulnerability zero-day”), where the malware are so new that they do not yet have a signature recognized.

The speed at which an antivirus can detect a new malicious software is essential for the protection of your PC. Some antivirus vendors say they have the means to identify in less than an hour, thanks to information collected in a Cloud by their users.

In addition to the grouping information, the new generation of antivirus turns to the behavioral analysis, and artificial intelligence to improve its performance.

How to choose your antivirus ?.

For our test bench of best antivirus for Windows, Tech Advisor is associated with and the laboratory SELabs, two independent institutions specialized in the analysis of software computer protection.

The tests performed are interested in the ability of the antivirus to detect known malware, but also the most recent that do not have signatures identifiable. The efficiency to remove viruses from an infected computer, was also taken into account.

The free antivirus software are they effective ? .

Yes, and you can find our selection of the best free antivirus software here.

The advantage of paid software is that they offer more comprehensive protection and additional features (firewall, parental control, protection against identity theft..) but if your budget is limited, then orient yourself, for example, to Panda Free Antivirus or Avira Free Security Suite.

Antivirus TotalAV

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Get complete protection for all your devices

1. Bitdefender Total Security .

Bitdefender Total Security 2019

Bitdefender is a software that allows you to protect all your devices Windows, Mac OS and Android from a single internet portal.

Regularly at the head of the lab tests that this antivirus, fast and efficient, detects new malware and ransomwares.

This software has a simple interface that integrates many useful features : default mode “Autopilot” (that takes care of everything and limit nuisance alerts), anti-tracker (for more privacy to your browsing data), protection of online transactions, verification of public wi-fi networks, VPN, password manager..

Bitdefender also checks for out-dated software still present on your PC and passwords, and too little complex.

In addition, thanks to its features Network Threat Defense, it can stop attacks before they occur.

Bitdefender is at the height of its very good reputation, this software will satisfy your security needs.

2. Norton 360 Deluxe .

Norton 360 Deluxe

Like Bitdefender, Norton 360 Deluxe protects up to 5 devices (PCS, Macs, tablets, smartphones) with a single subscription is less than 40 € for a year.

This software is part of the antivirus detect malware by analyzing the behavior of their programs.

Very thorough and discreet, it features several tools to optimize your computer (defrag, cleaning of folders and caches.. ). Norton promises 100 % virus protection with a expert that will help you remove all viruses detected.

In addition, when you use a network of public Wi-Fi, you can encrypt your data with a VPN included. Norton 360 Deluxe also offers 50 Gb of storage space on a secure cloud and generates a monthly report for a follow-up of his activities on your PC.

3. ESET Internet Security .

ESET Internet Security

At first glance, the main interface of ESET gives access only to a limited number of features.

At first only because, if you are interested in a closer look at the menu, then you will discover several tools such as the blocking of internet sites malware, of phishing attempts (phishing), spam detection, protection against botnets ..

The Home Network Protection ESET allows you to scan your network to the internet and the map. If you do not recognize a device that is connected, then this means that a third person uses your network.

Another interesting tool : the mobile application. It can filter SMS, calls, and an anti-theft device alerts you when an unknown SIM card is inserted in your phone.

Note that the data encryption and the password manager are only available for the version ESET Smart Security Premium..

4. Kaspersky Security Cloud .

Kaspersky Total Security

If you do not wish to be tracked, then Kaspersky Security Cloud will seduce you. In addition to antivirus protection, this software provides you internet surfing in all peace, as it prevents the sites too curious to hunt you down.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is simple and intuitive. In addition to its various tools (parental control, encryption of files, antiransomware, VPN, password manager..), this software includes free its users in Kaspersky Security Network. Thus, any suspicious file can be sent on a Cloud to be analyzed.

In the case where a software tries to connect to your microphone or webcam, you will be notified in real time via a notification.

Finally, know that Kaspersky Security Cloud also takes care of your PC by optimizing its storage space and in correcting problems detected on your hard drive.

5. McAfee Total Protection .

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection can be installed on all your devices without limitations and has one of the best virus scanners on the market.

McAfee has a tool that analyzes downloads and identifies the suspicious URLS. Associated with the anti-spam module, it protects you during your online browsing, as well as your email boxes. It also includes a password manager.

Among other functions, MacAfee has an encrypted folder in which you can back up all of your most sensitive data and keep it safe from prying eyes.

Throughout your subscription, you receive free support by chat or phone.

6. BullGuard Premium Protection .

BullGuard Premium Protection

Designed to enhance the security of internet networks of individuals, Bullguard Premium Protection protects all devices connected to your network internet.

This antivirus has some other interesting features such as identity protection, which detects if your personal information were posted online without your consent, or the Game booster that blocks all pop-ups and other interruptions when you play online.

It includes the ni function anti-ransom software, or VPN, which is a pity.. It is a pity that its interface is a little complicated with different types of scans, options, and settings.

7. AVG Ultimate .

AVG Ultimate 2019

Every antivirus program tries to differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on one aspect of their software. In the case of AVG Ultimate, it is the speed of the system.

Almost any aspect of Windows can be adjusted to optimize performance, and AVG Ultimate, you can do this very easily.

The software does not forget the security : it is with a good scanner to virus, it informs you in real time if risks are detected and managed to catch malware with a hint of artificial intelligence. Add to that the fact that there is even a system of analysis dedicated to USB drives and DVD.

And, its functionality TuneUp is to automatically improve the performance of your PC (uninstalling useless programs, maintenance, updates,..) !

AVG Ultimate offers an excellent quality/price ratio for families, since it can be installed on an unlimited number of devices. It also includes a password manager, and a VPN.

8. Sophos Home Premium .

Sophos Home Premium

Sophos Home Premium is an antivirus software at a lower cost, with many features such as the connection of several devices (up to 10), and the management software based on the cloud.

The advanced protection is complete and is done in real time, Sophos Home even has a module specialized in the software of a ransom.

Also, be aware that with Sophos, it is possible to block access to web sites. Which is rather handy if you share a computer with your children.

However, it is missing some key functions, such as analysis of the local network and the ability to destroy a file.

There is also a free version, more limited available for three devices.

9. Avast Premium 2019 .

Avast Premium 2019

Avast Premium 2019 has many advantages (protection of your webcam, file shredder, a firewall, a sandbox..), and its interface is very user-friendly.

A new feature has been added in 2019, the Mode Does not Disturb, it allows you to block notifications Avast.

However, we found that the proposals constants from the updates features (free of charge), intrusive advertisements on the mobile version, make it less attractive than its competitors.

To secure 1 computer for one year, it will cost 69,99 €, which seems high considering what is not included. You will not get a password manager, a tool for cleaning or service privacy AntiTrack.

10. Avira Antivirus Pro .

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019

In addition to protecting your computer against malware, Avira Antivirus Pro will scan your network and the devices connected to it.

We appreciate that this antivirus has a password manager, extensions for your internet browser, etc..

That said, there are a lot of features, such as VPN, which are not part of the package, and if you want to use, it is necessary to switch to Avira Premium.