The best antivirus for Mac (2020).


Virus on Mac : is it necessary to protect his computer ?.

Macs are widely considered more secure than the PC, to reason. The Unix operating system of the Apple products has many firewalls that allow you to restrict access to certain areas of computer security.

In addition, in comparison to the PC, the Mac only represents a small part of the market of personal computers. The creators of malicious software, pragmatic, therefore, are less likely to attack them.

Apple computers are not impervious to all the malware (virus, spyware, Trojan horses..). The latter has the purpose to hijack your private information or of taking possession of your computer for criminal purposes and financial.

It is therefore recommended to protect his or her computer, regardless of its brand.

macOS : how to choose the best antivirus ?.

Obviously, the effectiveness of an antivirus program is measured by its ability to protect your computer from malicious software.

We performed a complete analysis of each virus, some have taken 30 minutes other six hours. We performed on a MacBook Pro under macOS Mojave (i7 processor 2.8 Ghz, 8 cores, 16 Gb of RAM and a SSD of 512 Gb, of which about 400 are occupied). Your own scans may be faster or slower.

In order to compare different anti-virus presented here, we used a virtual machine in VMware Fusion, and have downloaded 26 samples of virus from a website of Mac security. Our goal was to see if the antivirus software would protect your Mac against malware, and in the majority of cases 100 % of threats have been detected.

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1. Intego Mac Internet Security X9 .

Mac Internet Security X9 de Intego

The best antivirus for Mac that we’ve tested is the one of the Intego Mac Internet Security X9.

Mac Internet Security X9 is easy to install, use and it performs a scan of your Mac in 30 minutes (hence it is faster than other antivirus from our selection).

More importantly, during our test, this antivirus Intego is able to identify and block viruses used. We appreciated the fact that the protection, scheduled and real-time was enabled by default.

For features, Mac Internet Security X9 in particular allows you to disable the detection of Windows viruses, which avoids many false alarms.

Before subscribing to a subscription (from 39,99 €), please do not hesitate to take advantage of its free trial version.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac .

Antivirus Bitdefender pour Mac

Antivirus for Mac Bitdefender includes many interesting features : VPN (limited to 200 Mb/day), anti rançomwares, extension for Safari to block phishing attempts,.. let’s Add that Bitdefender is easy to install, use and it scans thoroughly and quickly on your macOS.

Finally, with its application Bitdefender Central, and analyze your entire network.

3. Norton 360 Standard for Mac .

Norton 360 Standard pour Mac

With Norton 360 you get a VPN, a firewall, cleaning tools, and much more if you subscribe to the package of one year (from 29,99 € to 1 unit). If you need to secure multiple macOS/iOS/iPadOS then you will need to switch to its formula Deluxe, or Premium. This last is equipped with a parental control feature, an automatic backup 75 Gb.

Our first full scan was fast but the others have been more laborious, however the protection against the viruses, however, well done.

The antivirus is discrete on your Mac and, if you wish, you can schedule your scans or initiate them manually.

4. Sophos Home Premium for Mac .

Sophos Home Premium pour Mac

Sophos Home Premium is an antivirus software easy to use, detects and prevents malware to act with artificial intelligence.

It has a powerful anti-ransomware protection, banking services against malicious websites, filter parental, remote management.. and allows you to protect up to 10 devices.

Before you throw in a subscription to one or two years, take advantage of its free trial for a month !

5. ESET Cyber Security for Mac .

ESET Cyber Security pour Mac

ESET Cyber Security is a very good antivirus. That said, his speed is far from being its strong point and its protection against ransomware is a little below. However, it still has its place in this selection.

To be sure that ESET is for your Mac (and you), we recommend that you try its trial version for 30 days before paying the subscription for 29,95 €/month.

6. Airo Virus .

Antivirus Airo pour Mac

Airo is a relatively recent one, which specializes only in the protection against malicious software for the Mac. She emphasized that her program employs artificial intelligence which allows him to identify any suspicious activities and keep your protected from threats and virus.

Its interface is nice and it is easy to use. To complete the analysis, we have found it a tad slow, but it has managed to identify the malware present on our macOS.

The first year of subscription to Airo costs 53,99 € for a single Mac, count 75,59 € for 3 and 97,19 € for 5 Mac. For the protection of a Mac for two years, it will cost 80,98 € 113,37 € for 3 years.

7. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac .

Trend Micro Antivirus pour Mac

Easy-to-use Trend Micro that quickly scans your Mac and protects it against malware and email scams. Its advanced features are very appreciated.

However, we have found its full scan a bit random, it is hard for us to recommend this antivirus, all the more that it costs 34,96 € for a package of one year.

8. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac .

Kaspersky Internet Security pour Mac

Once you have selected the Kaspersky version adapted to your operating system, its installation and its use shall operate without problem.

Its complementary tools such as the parental control, its VPN, its protection webcam and online transactions to provide added value. Nevertheless, we question its malware detection, both at the time of scan system for its permanent protection. Several malware are able to find their way.

Note that this version (from 39,99 €) does not include password manager..